Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


13. I love you....

Charlottes P.O.V

Two weeks later i rubbed my hands together, i was nervous

'charly i know the last visit well you know...' liam stuttered to comfort me 'and atleast now we know that well you know you...'

'Basically what happened the last visit wasnt your fault and we cant let Harry know about the baby' oh right thanks for reminding me my fake baby

Since two weeks ago when harry freaked out on us and Louis announced that i was 'pregnant' everyone had been treating me differently.

Niall was the only person to see Harry, he was the only one Harry wanted to see, it was frustrating the way the last two weeks had gone for me it was like i couldnt control my own thoughts anymore like someone was looking over my shoulder telling me what to do, and what that person was saying was to stay away from louis

The boy i once was so ready to marry sat on the far side of the living room floor leaning against the wall, im not sure if marriage was the right choice i mean im still a teenager, and harry is no better were still not allowed to see him, we all hope Niall hasnt let the baby story slip yet.

 'I just wish i could see him' i hit my head against the plaster wall repeatedly

'Yeah we all do' Louis hidded 'sorry that was mean...i just meant..'

'Hey Dani can i talk to you for a second?' i stood and walked to the hall where Danielle followed

'Need advice?'

'Yea! its so good to have someone i mean like a girl who understands i only have my little sister but i cant tell her this, i havent told her about harry' i tried to calm down but kept breathing heavily

'Well what exactly do you need advice on? i got plenty' she smirked and then burst into her loud danielle laugh 'should i marry Louis?'

'If you have to ask i think that say it all' my smile dropped completely and we both stood in silence 'i want to, hes the only person ive ever thought of in that way, but i dont know, im 19?'

'Well charly, i think its a decision you have to talk to Louis about before you make the decision on your own, if you want to marry him you have to be one person'

'Okay but he'll just say he wants to settle down hes not the kind of guy to really stop me from doing something crazy and stupid like this, and the last few weeks weve been like strangers not talking and climbing into bed apart without looking at each other'

'I are you know..your having his baby unless you plan on raising a child by yourseff hes going through the same as you'

'i dont plan on raising a child on my own im 19! i just need time to be a kid!'

'Louis will make you feel two again' i smiled louis always made me feel better on the inside

'Yeah he will' i smiled

'I know that smile!'


 'I missed that smile in you, the youre in love' smile that Liam gets when he sees me and the smile Louis gets when your name is mentioned, the same smile i feel across my face every time i hear liam on the radio, its that look of love that really tells you what to do' danielle sat across from me

'Its just, that thing me and Louis have, what i thought Harry and i had what i know you and Liam have, i want that i just want to be able to see that same persons face every time i want to' she helped me to my feet and walked me into the room.

'i think you should tell him you still love him' danielle walked over to liam and cuddled with him i wanted to do the same but i couldnt

'Hey lou

'hey' cold and silent i hope this will change 3 days later

The music pumped in my ears

'okay we have Louis Tomlinson here tonight would you mind coming up on the stage and singing for us?' louis waved it off

'No lou for me?' i whined

'FINE!' he hobbled to the stage

'this is for my baby charlotte'

'If i dont say this now, i will surely break as im leavin' the one i wanna take Forget the urgency but hurry up and wait-' Louis stopped singing

'hey charlotte come up here i have something for you' I staggered up on the stage and louis pulled a ring out of his pocket 'now that you have the ring' he shoved it on my finger

'can we go and get married?'

'Okay!' i jumped on him and we both tumbled to the floor running out of the club and into his car Louis drove the whole night, slowly leaving his drunken state of mind i napped in the front seat about our past Dream: Charly, thats Liam Niall Zayn and that is Louis'

I looked over to who he identified Louis, he was tall, handsome light brown hair flipped to the side, he was muscular and altogether pretty damn hot. 'Hey' he said shyly and stuck out his hand and then sat next to me I took it hesitantly, everything slowed down around me his beautiful blue eyes 'Hi' i said back i smiled rolling in the passenger seat 'you walk in my way oh god its so frustrating so why do i disappear when you come near me it makes me feel so....OH MY GOD!' Louis jumped as he saw me in the doorway and he clutched his chest 'Oh my god you scared me' he kissed me on the cheek

'i thought you werent going to be home til tonight'

'What were you doing'

'I was practicing'

'for what?'

'i was going to sing to you i just wanted it to be perfect' he smiled

'Aw lou i thought you didnt love me anymore'

'Who said i ever stopped?' louis took my face and kissed me

'i missed you'

'Having a good dream there?'

louis voice woke me up 'crap!'


'Harry we just left him again last time he tried commit suicide' louis pulled over

'Should we go back?'


The boy with curls looks around ten and hes gripping a brunette girls hand both of them laying on the couch snuggling together, a few other children are in the painting laughing eating cake and staring at the television, but its easy to see the two that are asleep are the main focus, they both look dead tired and are happily sleeping leaning against each other.

'Harry?' louis burst through the door

'Where did you go?' harry paced through the living room door where liam and dani were on the couch

'Why were you worried?' 'No i was uh...' harry rubbed the back of his head

'Spit it out' danielle screamed smiling big 'sorry' 'I thought you were going to get married and i was just...'

'Upset?' i asked

 'No, charly gosh no, the months in rehab werent for nothing i was wondering if it was too late to come to the wedding?' a smile creeped across louis face and embraced Harry with warm open arms.

'Harry ive always wanted you to be my best man'

'Thanks Boo!'

'But one thing...' i pulled apart their hug

'weve been planning to elope for a while lets go now!' Harry ran into my arms crying

'I love you charly'

'I love you too Harry, hey my stomach kind of feels like its moving'

'Its the baby!' dani screamed was i actually pregnant?

2 days later Positive, the little pink word, one word, one word that is going to change my life, i was actually pregnant, i guess it wasnt a lie then! my life was moving a bit too fast, pregnant and married at 19? how many people do you know go through this like this at my age and dont care? because they have everything they ever wanted infront of them! I jumped out of the front door forgetting to put on my coat tightly gripping it in my hand, i ran down the street low and behold sitting infront of Harry's driveway was a big black escalade, i could tell they were here and inside for a while from the big fading footprints left on the doorstep I rang the door bell All those moments of true love..none of them could EVER compare to this one right here, The marriage license signed by us both, the crooked ring on my finger and the cheesy 'i love you' graving on the inside, it was MY happily ever after The one i had never dreamed about but always wanted, i was in paradise, and i never wanted to leave!



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