Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


4. He Just walked out of her life

3 Days Later

Louis' P.O.V

Drops of water dripped from the bleeding skies, each drop raced to hit the pavement, im not sure why eventually they all just disappeared, its what happens when you rush things, they disappear.

'Im a little worried about Charly' i sat on the couch 'Yeah she just like disappeared i wonder if shes okay' niall didnt seem as worried as me but he was still worried

'Whats the deal with you two anyway?' Liam looked at harry 'Tell us everything im bored' he flopped on the couch only to be pushed off by Zayn 'And im sure Louis wants to know too hes not as bubbly or charming' 'I Dont really want to get into it' harry flipped through the channels 'its a LONG story' 'Tell us anyway' Zayn pleaded 'Fine i guess i can tell you but its 17 years long....' 'Hang on i gotta get food' niall stood up and ran towards the door

'Cant you wait?'

'Not for 17 years!'

3 minutes later

'Okay so we were about 1 when we met and i liked her the first minute i saw her, she had a blue ribbon in her hair and a cute little Australian accent'

'Wait shes Australian?'

'Yeah she was born in Australia and both of her parents are from Sydney and if you listen closely you can hear that, her accent is way different in the cutest way'


'Sorry so i thought i liked her when we were little and her main dream was to be a dancer, she still dances but its not her career, she also loves Netball with her friends and she also enjoys painting but she wont say shes good at it, i knew that she was going to follow her dreams thats why i went for The X Factor'

'So what happened 3 days ago?'

'She said i screwed up her feelings by telling her i was in love with her because well...shes kinda falling for louis' harry motioned towards me, making me feel like i wanted to run out there and tell her to be with Harry but i wanted her too.


Charlottes P.O.V


I dropped my paint brush letting it hit the hard wood floors of the basement, it was a nice big open space to myself 'CHARLY ARE YOU GOING TO EAT ANYTHING' Amy-Louise banged on the door 'GO AWAY IM BUSY' i yelled it had been 3 days i have 12 new paintings but they werent anything i could show anyone they were too personal Ill admit i was tired and hungry and a bit cold but i needed to keep working Louis P.O.V 'Im gunna go over there' i stood up 'Wait if i know anything about her she will be fine she will paint 20 things play netball eat ice cream then will be fine' harry tried to calm my nerves 'I just want to check on her' i went towards the door and around to hers A short brunette opened the door this girl wasnt Amy-Louise or Sarah all i knew was i had around 25 girls blocking my way to Charlotte 'Can i speak to Amy-Louise?' she pushed her door open and Amy-Louise ran to the door 'Oh thank god your here shes holding up down in the basement and she wont come outside or eat'

'Can i go down there?' 'No she wont let anyone through the front of the basement, but there is a back door' and she handed my the key 'Thanks' i walked around the back of the house and slammed the door in the girls faces, before walking down some stairs to the basement. I opened the door quietly, i swung around the door frame but it was empty i looked up at the ceiling and pulled down the chord revealing the splatter painted staircase 'Charly? Are you here?' i called down the stairs but the only response i got was a quiet moan I walked down the stairs, before i spotted her and saw the most beautiful room i had seen, every painting looked familiar. 'CHARLY' she was curled in a ball, she was a heck of a lot skinnier She raised her head slowly i stopped in my tracks, her lips were dry and cracked as if she hadnt eaten or drank in days. Her dark hair was in a messy ponytail uncaring ponytail, and she was coated in... What was that? Red Paint. Judging by the smell and the way it was stuck to her cheek, Charlotte was covered in red paint.

'Louis?' she asked she started to sit up but falls back down with exhaustion 'Oh my gosh' i whisper rushing over and moving her into an upright position, seeing as she is too weak to sit on her own. I pulled her to my chest and held her tightly 'What have you been doing to yourself?' i say softly tracing my finger along her cheek tilting her face up so she can meet my eyes 'Im just...Im so confused Lou' she says quietly 'i..i dont know what to do Harry has been my friend for as far back as i can remember and ill admit it, i may have... i may have felt something for him..not..not too long ago...' i ran my fingers through her hair waiting for her to continue

'Oh charly' 'Im not first i was happy, id finally been told my best friend cared for me as much as i cared for him... but then i was upset and depressed..i used to have feelings for him, and i spent all this time trying to hide it and then he goes and....oh gosh harry is so stupid sometimes! he is just so so stupid, and i was angry, gosh i wrecked so many potential works because how made i was and now im scared...just scared of what will happen' Charly sighs and her voice cracks 'What do you mean you wrecked potential works love?' i breath dragging my eyes away from her for a minute and studying the basement around me then i realize. There are over 10 lightly delicately painted gentle brush stokes and amazing detail, each one had so much work and time put in and alot of thought. And in all of them i see two familiar figures are placed Charlotte gently pushes me off her so i can look at each picture slowly i make my way over to the first one

The boy with curls looks around ten and hes gripping a brunette girls hand both of them laying on the couch snuggling together, a few other children are in the painting laughing eating cake and staring at the television, but its easy to see the two that are asleep are the main focus, they both look dead tired and are happily sleeping leaning against each other. 'My tenth birthday party' Charly says sadly 'harry and i tried to pull our first all nighter day, we ended up falling asleep before we could even do the presents' i bit my lip and moved on, in the next one the two children look the same age, but its a different year time there are the beach Harry is lying down covered in sand and Charlotte is standing next to him with a shovel 'Summertime, we went down to the beach and i buried him in the same we spend a long time trying to dig him out and even after that it took days to get all the sand out of his curls' The following is of the two seemingly a bit later, they were both wearing awful sweaters and eating cookies, Charlotte is grinning from each to ear and Harry is showing off his mouthful of cookies 'This was christmas before high school, we spent the entire time eating cookies' Charlotte manages a small giggle and i met to turn her sad smile, And i continued to the next one It was Charlotte and

Harry in year 9, harry was asleep whilst charlotte is holding one of his hands and painting his nails hot pink. I skim over the next few, they are all of Charlotte and Harry, its as if she is trying to relive every one of her favourite times with Harry through her art, there are beautiful moments where the two of them are caught laughing at something or grinning at each other and there sweet moments where they just seem to be enjoy each others company, i walk around the basement my eyes glancing over each one. 'Why would you wreck them like this?' i ask 'Like i said i was confused' charlotte replies Each of them has had angry red paint splattered over it.

'Dont worry about it, please dont stay here come with us were all worried about you' i pause and lean down kissing her forehead 'im worried about you 'Louis' she whispered placing her hands on my neck and pulled my down her lips meeting mine 'Charlotte-' Both of us pull apart at the sound of the voice our heads turn to see Harry standing in the doorway, his jaw is slightly hung open and his green eyes are wide.

'Harry i-'

'I just wanted to apologize....clearly your very torn about this' Harry turned away his curls bouncing lifelessly as we walked out of the basement Charlotte stood tears streaming down her face, she was crumbling in my arms and before long she was on the floor, but this time i couldnt help her, i knew only one person could!

And he just walked out of her life!

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