Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


5. Going to find harry

2weeks later

Charlottes P.O.V

'Liam did you call him?'

'No i just figured he'd show up for the interview tomorrow!' Liam screamed at me

'Why did he leave anyway?' My head shot around and louis and i stared wide eyed at each other 'oh thats what this means' Niall held out a note in harry's handwriting

'I am the white walls that soak up all sound when you cannot sleep, i am the peach in the starfish on the beach that wishes the harbour wasnt quite so deep, if you cut me i suppose i would bleed the colours of the evening sky' 'the thing about the harbour at the beach and sleeping thing those are all of your paintings, there memories right?'

'Sorry of there lyrics to a song' i laughed 'its our song. well not literally but well you know what i mean'

'oh god we have an interview tomorrow we might just have to do it without him' liam paced around the room 'Liam calm down' i sat on the couch next to Louis 'How are you so calm' we both shrugged Suddenly it was all so clear 'Oh my God!' i sat up 'What?' 'I know where he is'




'Harry ive pounded 3 coffees waiting for you and thank god your here' i stood up and wrapped my arounds around him i waited for his flight it was delayed 6 hours and i waited at a small cafe on the harbour 'Come on babe lets get to the hotel im pooped' Harry picked up both of our suitcases and pulled them up the stairs into our hotel room 'Harry you'll hurt yourself' i laughed at him trying to carry everything and i opened our door slightly

He kicked it open and threw our suitcases 'i cant believe mum said we could do this, i dont mean like its a couple cause its not uh i just meant' he stuttered cutely 'Hey this is my neck of the woods darling' i pinched Harrys cheek. it was Sydney, Australia my home land as he would say, i didnt grow up here but this is where i spent my summers and took art glasses and netball training sessions 'Oh theres only one bed' i said quietly 'im gunna go complain' i began to turn away but he took my wrist 'Dont its fine' he smiled his big harry smile and jumped onto the bed pulling me down with him 'Harry stop!' i laughed 'Lets listen to some music'

Harry picked up the remote for the stereo and turned it up full blast The Song: I am the red rose the flowers on the blankets on your bedroom floor- 'Harry we never bought tickets to go back home when should we leave?' i laid on the bed with Harry's arm around me, he pulled me tight into his chest

'Who cares?' he laughed big and fake but lead us both into laughing

The song: If you cut me i suppose i would bleed the colours of the evening sky, You can go anywhere you wish cause ill be there where ever you are' 'Harry promise we'll be best friends forever' i held up my pinkie 'I kinda thought we already were!'he took my little finger away 'Im gunna change and go to sleep' i stood up smiling the song: I am the white in the walls that soak up all around when you cannot sleep I am the peach in the starfish on the beach that wishes the harbour wasnt quite so deep After around 10 minutes of clawing through my suitcase 'dammit i forgot clothes to sleep in' 'Here put these on' Harry threw me a t-shirt and joggers at me 'Aw thanks' i turned around and pulled off my shirt 'Hey when did you get that?' Harry felt the skin around my butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder blade 'A few weeks ago dont tell Amy-Louise she will blab about it, but look closely there are lyrics on the left wing' thing letters on one wing read 'we were young and restless we needed to unwind'

'Summer of '69 my favourite song' harry smiled at my back for a while but then i slid his shirt over it, i pulled off my skirt and put on the joggers 'What do you think? i slugged around in his clothes which were way to big for me and i jumped into the bed 'Pretty sexy' he laughed and took off his shirt and climbed in next to me 'you laughing at me? you laughing at my abs? cause im working on it' 'No im laughing at the though of your girlfriend seeing us right now' i could see some mad jealousy in her eyes 'Oh god i told her and she god so mad! she would kill me' harry's phone ran 'speaking of the devil,

Hello?...Yeah...No why would i share a bed with her?' he pointed to his phone and made a stupid face that made him look like a walrus I had to hold back my giggles 'sorry about that' he hung up the phone 'and off' 'psst' i nudged harry's side 'harry you awake?' 'Yeah i cant sleep you?' 'No i can sleep i just choose not too' i hit his bare chest 'fine be that way...come over here; harry pulled me into his chest but i inched away 'I dont want to cross any boundaries' 'Come on ive known you my whole life, just come over here, let me be the white walls that soak up the sound when you can't sleep' harry was clearly proud of his song lyric quoting

'Harry dont smirk at me like that'

'What? how did you-?'

'It may be dark in here but im not blind' i curled up against his chest and let the sound of his heart beat put me to sleep You cant imagine the joy of waking up to Harry Styles in Australia




'charly where is he?'

'hes back home'

'What are you talking bout where at his home?'

'No i mean "our" home! thats what we called it, its a hotel back in Aussie where we spent our summers'

'We have to go and get him'

'No offence Nialler but i think Lou and Charly should go alone, they know him best and look at them' Zayn motioned towards us cuddling on the couch

'No Zayn let Charlotte go on her own' i was about to protest but then 'we cant do interviews and concerts with only 3/5 of one direction; 'Fine i guess i can go on my phone, but since no one is coming lou can you drive me there?' 'Of course' 'Hold on lemme grab something' i quickly ran upstairs to Harrys room and pulled out his shirt and a pair of joggers 'I need something comfortable to sleep in' louis laughed and helped me in the car



'But i like it here, cant we stay a while longer?'

'No we cant i love it too;

'But-' 'Were not going away forever its just for now babe'



Louis' P.O.V

I helped her out of the car and into the airport

'Hey lou look at me'

i turned and looked at her with a blank expression

'im not going away forever its just for now babe'

 she turned and walked to the counter picking up her ticket and jetting off on a plane to Australia Maybe we weren't one of those couples to kiss good-bye at least not yet, Charly turned around and ran back kissing me one last time 'ill be back' she smiled from ear to ear and ran back to her gate The black in the book the letters on the pages that you memorize. and i am the orange in the overcast the colour that you visualize'

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