Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


7. 'Charlotte just get out!'

Charlottes P.O.V

'Wait Charlotte' louis stood whipping his hair aside and moving towards the headboard of the bed further and further away

'What?' i tired to move closer but it was like a repelling magnet

'I dont know if im okay with this' Louis spoke

'louis i said i was sorry neither of us wanted this to happen'

'Well im not mad at you im mad at Harry more'

'Lou? Id actually be better with it if you were equally mad at us both i mean-'

'Are you going to give me that crap that you had just as much sex with him as he did you?'

Louis voice rose to the occassion 'Im actually not sure thats true'

'Charlotte just get out!'

'Lou please'

'I think it would just be better for us both if we had some space'

we both just sat there in silence for a minute

 'We have an expiration date dont we?'i said quietly

'Yeah..Yeah we do, Bye Charlotte' i stood up squirming into my tight dress leaving most of my belongings behind without knowing I stepped out onto the porch where Harry still sat in his full suit gazing at the stars

'You guys broke up?' Harrys voice startled me

'I sense gladness in your voice was this your objective the whole time?

' 'Not glad just...just not un-happy'

'Give me your car keys' i held out my hand as the cold sharp edges were placed in my hand 'Where are you going?' 'Home, as in Holmes Chapel home' i need to think in my empty basement', i climbed into his car and started the engine 'Dont disappear on us' Harry said

'Dont worry i will!'

'If i dont hear from you in a couple of days im calling Amy-Louise, bye love'

'Yea!' i laughed 'Bye ass-face' i pulled away onto the highway, trying to keep my hands from shaking as i steadily drove down the roads, i kept wiping my tears from my red cheeks.


Harry's P.O.V


The best part of walking into your house when its cold is the greeting of the warm blast of air on your face, but this time i was greeted by Louis' fist in my nose 'DUDE? WHATS YOUR PROBLEM' i pressed my nostrils together and tried to stop the bleeding

'Why did you do it? just to make my life hell? huh?

'I have never tried to do that to you!'

'Yeah neither have i, you always bring girls here, when you get loud i leave, i always have i meet up with zayn usually assuming hes screwing some stupid blonde bimbo just like you!'

'Stupid bimbo's? did you look at your girlfriend tonight? I stood up just in time to have another punch to the face, i swung back making contact with his ribcage, this went on for a while classic fights between friends, cut lip, torn shirt, bleeding/broken nose. Well thats what louis looked like, he might aswell have killed me, injured ribcage, broken nose, but i was determined not to let it ruin anything about this fight

'Dude i have always been a supportive bro, doing whatever i had to not to screw up your relationships, but then you do this to me, why... i just want to know!' I didnt want to say anything, the reason i did this was because i love her but i dont want to hurt him ' i dont know'

'You have to know since the day you have tried to do this to us'


'im sorry what did you call me'

 'I called you a nosy prick, and thats not all, your lazy annoyingly loud you eat almost as much as niall and you never shut up about how you wanted to find 'the one' Charlottes not her!

'Dude your only 18 and so is she but i mean shes everything im looking for'

'Youve known her 2 months'

'Dude i dont think you remembered you guys talked on the phone for 2 hours every day, you had to pee almost every time, guess who talked to her then, yeah ive known her personally for 2 months but ive known her for 2 years' i stared at him unsure if i could match my feelings for any girl with another one, now Louis had charly 'But you just dumped her!' 'Oh my god! i cant believe i did that!'

'Relax' i stood up 'ill go find her and bring her back'

'Hey Amy-Louise can i come in?'

'No what the hell did you do this time? she locked herself in the studio this time instead of the basement she has taken her paintings and now All of the food!'

'Can i just get up there and talk to her?'

'Fine but if you make things worse ill kill you' she moved aside and let me though, i sprinted up the stairs but stopped when i heard muffled crying and sniffling behind the bathroom door.

'Charly?' i pressed my ear against the door

'Charlotte is not here' sniffle 'leave a message after the beep'

'Charly i want to apologize' the door squeaked open 'An apology only means something if you mean it' she slid out the door closing it behind her 'and i know you dont mean it; 'I do'

'Prove it' she gave her classic smirk and stared up at me

'Well go on?' I took her face in my hands and pressed my lips against hers

'Woah' she pushed her hands into my shoulders slamming me against the wall

'Harry no!'


'Kissing is like whatever at this point were past but youve got to leave'

'Charly i cant help it' i grabbed her by the neck and kissed her more passionately than any other girl

'WOAH GUYS!' 'AMY-LOUISE!' we both shrieked as the 15 year old stood with her jaw dropped

'What the hell are you doing i though you had your fall out in Australia?'

'You told her?' i whipped Charlotte around so her face was dangerously close to mine.

'Shes my sister we tell each other everything'

'Shes 15!'

'Yeah i know how old i am now listen i am not locking you up in here until you figure out what is going on and god help me if you have sex again i will not feed either of you!' Amy-louise said and pushed us into the bathroom '

LET US OUT!' we both banged on the door

'Not until you figure out your problems and stop with the pointless love triangle its so predictable, its really obvious shes still inlove with louis' Charlotte curled up in the corner avoiding my gaze

'your still inlove with Louis'

'How can i not be?'

'What is it about him that makes you want to destroy any feelings other than friendships between us? is it the biceps? the humour? his carrot pajamas?' i chuckled

'What is it about louis really?'

'Its everything, i cant even describe it'

'Yeah i know how you feel its just not something you can label'

'You? You know what i mean' I sat next to her and pulled my knees to my chest too

'Yeah its when you first meet someone that you remember every single moment that happened, you keep replaying it in your mind and then you just stare into each others eyes' i moved closer facing her directly

'until you cant take it anymore and you have to do something about it with all your heard for them to feel what you feel, to know what you have to know-' i let my lips take over 'Harry please!' she stood up quickly

'I hate to say this but Amy-Louise was right out fallout back home it was our home and defiled it'

'What how was it all me?'

'Harry you know i...' her voice trailed

'Yeah i know if i hadnt gone two years who knows where we would be right now, somehow it all comes back to that, that deciding moment when i told you i was going for it'

'I was so happy and then i knew i was losing my best friend to a new family, ive heard everything about these boys and im not even sure its true because all of the website information about you i heard is all a lie'

'like what? what can you pick from the pile that is a lie'

'Well half the fans think your gay second ive heard that if you hadnt gone to the x-factor you'd still be a vigin'

'how was that one a lie'

'you know if you'd stayed we would be together now'

'Really is that what you think?' i stood and met her gaze and took her in my arms

'Yeah but you lost your chance 2 years ago, we have to go back to how it used to be'

'Charly you know we cant do that'

'WHY NOT!' 'BECAUSE IM IN LOVE WITH YOU CHARLOTTE CANT YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD' she walked across the bathroom and banged on the door

'Amy-Louis let us out we have come to a conclusion'


'Our friendship has come to an unofficial end, while i figure out my feelings for his flatmate'

'Im sorry guys' Amy-Louise said as the door opened, Charlotte pushed past her and walked down the stairs

'Charlotte, where are you going?' i shouted after her and she stopped and looked up at me with perky red eyes 'I left my purse at your house' after that i didnt see her for a while, but it was at my own expense

Charlottes P.O.V

I sped down the highway and the local streets until i reached Louis and harrys flat, i knocked on the door and it swung open

'Louis?' i heard a few moans coming from the floor by the couch

'Harry is that you?' louis head popped up from behind the couch


'Oh my god Lou what happened?' i looked at his broken nose and blood surrounding it

'Harry happened he was a little shaken about us breaking up'

i helped louis to his feet and moved him onto the couch

'Hold on' i rushed to the kitchen and took a towel soaked it in warm water and came back to the couch patting around louis' nose.

'i think its broken'

'Yeah i wouldnt be surprised Harry knows how to fight

'Louis im really really sorry'

'I know'

'i really want to sat that i-' silence with a kiss its happened many times, i really cant run my mouth can i?

'Hey wheres Harry?' i picked up my phone and dialed his number 'you know his number by heart' Louis teased

'Shut up....great voice mail' i stood up pulling Louis with me.

'Where did he run off to this time?'

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