Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


11. Busted!

Charlottes P.O.V

It was around 12:30 that afternoon and lou was stll asleep, i was still confused in my head and i wanted to think it through so i thought like this: My best friend is in love with me, i love his best friend and he loves me, we arent supposed to be together....cereal is tasty.

I poured myself a bowl and listened to Louis stumble out of bed and into the shower, from the kitchen i heard the lyrics above the running water 'WELL I KNOW THIS LITTLE CHAPEL ON THE BOULEVARD WE CAN GO-O-O...' i laughed climbing the stairs with my bowl in my hand i walked into the bathroom quietly, louis still singing

'HEY BABEH I THINK I WANNA MARRY YOU!!' louis belted through the last line as i peaked through the curtain

 'hey charly' louis brushed shampoo running down the side of his face as he pulled me in fully clothed and holding my cereal

'LOUIS! My cereal'

'Oh thanks' he took a bite and returned to his singing pressing his naked body against mind every time he said the line 'i think i wanna marry you'

'Lou im still wearing clothes'

'We can fix this issue' he giggled i laughed as he put shampoo in my hair

'lou stop i have to be at work in 20 minutes' i rinsed the shampoo out

'Its fine, i have to be at the studio in like..' he looked at the clock on the wall

'10 MINUTES AGO' i quickly jumped out and he ran into my room pulling on clothes onto his body

'so convenient having clothes here'

'Yeah' i said drying off

'i love having your boy smell hogging my drawers' he laughed and gave me a kiss

'But hey is it wrong i wanna spend the rest of my life with you?' That was a shock to me, but its weird i had been thinking that too.


Louis P.O.V


I checked my phone on the high way Niall 4 missed calls Harry 3 missed calls Liam 8 missed calls Zayn 2 missed calls Paul 1 missed call

'Where have you been' Niall screamed

'i..i was out?'

'Dude you were with a girl you can tell us' Zayn stepped to the microphone and i froze

'Id rather not' i put down my jacket and walked into the booth and stood next to harry and took a headset

'You smell like acrylic pains and perfume' harry was smelling my arms

'You were with Charlotte' Zayns jaw dropped and liam stared mouth open.

'How did you pick her scent off me, i showered' i was amazed how harry knew exactly what she smelled like

'Lou we talked about this, how long have you been seeing her after she stopped coming around'

'3 months'

'LOUIS!' they all looked at me in disappointment

'QUESTION!' my hand shot up and i walked to liam who hadn't said a word since i walked through the door

'if i told you, you werent allowed to see Danielle anymore would you actually break up with her or would you see her without telling us?' Liam blushed bright pink


'Yeah but you said the same with Hannah and Eleanor did those work out for you? no its going to be the same with this chick' harry's statement was disturbing.

'Harry that 'chick' that im in love with happens to be your best friend'

they were all silent

'guys im sorry' i walked out


'Go away guys' i turned around to find paul holding my jacket

'oh thanks'

'Louis dont do this for a girl its not worth breaking a band we love you all so much' paul is really sweet 'but paul if someone was keeping you from Clo would you try and stand your ground to be with her'

'Yeah i would but when your career was a stake losing your bestfriends i think you have to let it go'

'Thanks but i cant, ill be back' i took my jacket and drove to where chalry worked i heard her from across the small room at the receptionists desk and held the phone to her ear

'yeah 7:30 okay anne'

'Who was that'

'oh hey lou, that was Anne harrys mum she wants to have a family dinner with hers and my family its going to be my parents and the boys Amy-Louise and Gemma everyone you know'

'Alright, so fancy lunch or love in the closet and then deli sandwiches'

'What do you think' Charly took my hand then lead me to the closet 'Im glad we got to spend our day together'

'Hey even if its boring im happy to always be with you'

'Have you ever thought of us getting married someday?' i spit some of my drink

'You mean like us?'

'Yeah us' 'is that a way of proposing? no ring or down on one knee no long speech?' i giggled as he got down on one knee

'Charlotte i love you and always will, will you marry me?'

'Of course you idiot' i jumped on him 'i love you lou' i pressed my lips against his 7:30 Louis and i spent the whole day together holding hands under the table, i spent rest of the time laughing and talking to harry like we were 16 again.

'Hey charlotte? do you think maybe we could go on a proper dare some time just us?' i looked at louis and he shook his head slightly, we hadnt told anyone anything Next i looked at Amy-louise who had a disproving look, i mean i havent told anyone yet ive only told Amy-louise, i tell her everything, but the encouraging looks from mine and harrys parents made me say something stupid

'sure?' harry kissed me on the cheek and i looked at louis with a panic look on my face, what have i done? '

what was that about?' louis and i stood on the other side of the bathroom

'Sorry i panicked, i didnt know what to say with our parents watching us'

'Charlotte you cant do this, we need to tell people so your issues with Harry will go away!'

'not tonight, our parents love the idea of me and harry being a couple, lou i promised you i would marry you' louis and i went back into the room and took our seats The next night harry and i went out it was awkward

'sorry this date was bad i like you i really do' harry drove me home and i found Louis on the couch in my house

'Louis lets go!'


'Were going to do it right now' i pulled louis out making sure Harry was gone 'Wait dont you want to have everything at your wedding the dress or friends in other coloured dresses'

'Lou as much as i would love to see Niall in a dress ive had it! i cant take people thinking this isnt going to last, i need you in my life, i want to spend the rest of my life with you starting right now, were getting hitched!'

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