Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


1. 'Go on a date with Louis'

August 2010 Charlotte's P.O.V

I brushed though my dark wavy brown locks, straightened and parted to the side, its a usual routine for my early mornings!

I walked down the stairs pulling on my favourite blue varsity jacket over my black strappy t shirt. I slid on my black high tops over my light blue skinny jeans - im not the kind of girls who would go around in short skirts and tiny tops or go out shopping all the time, id rather spend my weekends playing on the Xbox arguing with the tele with pizza and in my baggy clothes all day and maybe get some friends around to join me.

I shot out of the door jumping into my car and sped off, hitting the breaks and screeching to a hault in the school car park.

I jumped over the side of my blue convertable and into the school building sliding into my seat in the back of the class without being noticed

'Just made it' Harry leaned across the gap between our desks

'I know, i slept in this morning and burned myself on my straighteners'

'i see that' he lifted up a piece of my wavy brown hair i missed 'Oh

great' i pulled my hair back with my hairband and quickly tied it up 'Mr. Styles do i need to tell you again to stop talking?' our teacher yelled and Harry giggled and looked at me hiding behind the book in front of him 'Hey Charlotte, ive decided im gonna do it' Harry whispered when our teacher turned his back 'Your really going to go audition for the x-factor?' i couldnt believe it, he is finally going for his dream, as for me i was still working in a small cafe with no hopes no dreams the only thing i really enjoyed doing was playing Netball at school and running, i really enjoy P.E After school i was positive that Harry would do amazing and i wouldnt see him for years, so i said my goodbyes and told him that it wouldn't be long before i saw him again.

February 2012

'Haha, Harry its been like two years, what happened to it wont be long before i see you again?'

'Hey have i ever missed a phone call? hm? Best friend of 17 years?'

'No but i wish i had met the rest of your friends, you know the ones who you became famous with maybe?' i laughed and i heard a voice in the background


'Yeah i know, were coming home soon to meet them, i have to go now Charlotte'

'Bye love'

Harry hung up the phone and i stood from my bed and went outside into the garden to practice some netball shots and some training drills we have been taught at practice.

Then my phone started to ring on the table in the garden, i dropped my netball and walked over to the side.

'Harry what do you want?' i picked up my phone and ran over to the netball and did some one handed shots

'Charlotte please tell me your not surely playing Netball...again'

'Oh sorry if i love playing Netball, nevermind what did you want?' i said and walked away from the netball court and sat on a grassy patch in my garden

'Well were coming back in a few days and i wanted to ask you something'

'What would that be?'

'I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with....Louis'

There was a slap in the background 'Harry stop setting me up on dates with your friends its weird...NO OFFENCE LOVE!'

'C'mon Lou you guys are perfect for each other'

'Uh Harry i have to go ill talk later' i pulled the phone away slowly dropping my phone in my lap 'UGH!'

17 Years. I have had a crush on him for 17 years and hes setting my up with his #1 bromance? i mean it wasnt a crush big enough to get in the way of our friendship but i have always wanted more ya know?

Then my little sister Amy-Louise walked into the garden 'CHARLOTTE I NEED HELP WITH MY ART HOMEWORK' Amy-Louise is my 15 year old sister

'Amy-Louise do it on your own, you know im not the best at art'

'No please i need help i dont care if your bad' she walked towards me and saw my frustrated face 'oh god what did he say this time' she knew i had been on the phone with harry

'He tried to set me up with Louis'

'Come on you cant blame him you ended two of his past relationships cause you guys were close, this gives him an excuse to still talk to you every night but not in a weird way.

'Oh yeah' i was so close to my sister Amy-Louise even though we had a 3 year age difference, well 2 and a half but we say 3 . 'Hey maybe you and Louis wouldnt be such a bad couple i mean harry seems to think you would be good together who knows?' 'Ive never met him'

'Just a thought' she said and walked back into the house

Louis' P.O.V

'Shes really great' Harry stood over my head on the new couch in our apartment

'Then why dont you go out with her?' 'She was never interested' Lie. 'Listen shes smart loves P.E funny sweet'

'Ive heard it all before Harry' i turned up the volume to the tele trying to drown him out, but he jumped all around the apartment

'Shes really gorgeous, tall, loud confident, laid back loves Netball and stuff like that shes perfect'

'Harry no offence but she sounds like your type than mine mate' that time i was lying she sounded amazing but it was too late and i couldnt tell Harry that.

'C'mon you guys are so similar its crazy'

'Mate you know i don't like being set up!'

'I know, but its just crazy!'

'Yeah i heard you the first time'

Charlottes P.O.V


It was 11:45 the next morning i slept for 4 hours, i was really excited to see Harry again after 2 years, ive missed him loads I moved slowly out of bed into the bathroom and took my standard 20 minute shower while Amy-Louise started banging on the door once i was out and drying my hair. Normal morning.

I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in my towel, and pulled out my blue tshirt which read 'come at me bro' and white skinny jeans, i pulled on my clothes quickly and applied a small amount of make-up!

i shoved on my socks and put my converses on over the top and grabbed a black Jack Wills Jacket, Harry got me a few years ago, i cant believe it still fits


Then my phone rang

'Hey Harry'

'We are almost there'

'Really how much longer?'

'Well actually im here, but im visiting my parents first so do you wanna come over and meet everyone?'

'Yeah sure, ill uh see you in a few' i shot downstairs running into Amy-Louise on the way

'Hey watch where you're going!' 'Sorry ill send Harry your love' i pushed past her leaving her standing on the stairs utterly dumbfounded, but i didnt care. I jumped out the front door, and ran down the street to Harrys, once i got there i rang the doorbell 'Hey Charly come in' Charly is my nickname i sometimes get called

'Hey Anne Long time no see' i gave her a quick hug and stepped into the lounge where i heard wonderful voices of 5 teenage boys.


I stepped in kicking off my shoes walked into the lounge 'HARRY!' i jumped forward blocking the T.V from the boys vision and harry jumped up too 'You look so much older than the last time i saw you!'

Holding him was like time stood still, it was like he was still 16 and in my arms

'Are you kidding' he said and i moved away 'look at you'

'Yeah its been two long years love' i hugged him again, i missed him so much

'Harry i hate to break up your reunion but we cant see the tele' A short blonde boy sat on Anne's old couch

'Oh sorry, guys this is my best friend Charlotte, but we normally call her Charly' Harry moved me over and onto the couch sitting opposite to me in his favourite comfy chair

'Hello' i chirped

'Charly, thats Liam Niall Zayn and that is Louis'

I looked over to who he identified Louis, he was tall, handsome light brown hair flipped to the side, he was muscular and altogether pretty damn hot.

'Hey' he said shyly and stuck out his hand and then sat next to me

I took it hesitantly, everything slowed down around me his beautiful blue eyes 'Hi' i said back

Is this what Love at first sight feels like?..

Or am i just being an idiot?

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