The Unknown Tamer

The ancient Kingdom of Limor floats calmly, suspended in the grasps of gravity, where the supernatural roam.
As the new century begins so does the Cryonia; the traditional migration of dragons across Limor. Thousands of dragons are due to fly towards the land and the new apprentice needs to be found; immediately. It is the job for one man to guide these magnificent creatures to the Other World. But when no man possesses the power to alight the Stone of Eyes, who does the burdensome task fall to?


1. Free-Falling

I was walking cautiously beneath the canopy of the pine trees that were alarmingly tall and wide. Any sense of direction that I had had before, if any, was now lost in the thousands of leaves free-falling onto the muddy ground.


I stopped abruptly. Then, I turned.

The voice had sounded hazy but vaguely familiar. My mind could not seem to recognise the owner of the speaker whose voice had resonated in the vast forest that seemed to extend with every step I took forward.

I squinted and scrutinised until I was reassured that no one was nearby. No human, no supernatural beings.

Minutes seemed to pass until I redirected myself towards the undergrowth looming before me darkly. I was unsure of myself now, where in Limor was I going to? This place seemed like nowhere I had ever been before yet I knew that I was still safe inside the cocoon of my Kingdom.

Maliciously, the tangle of thorns and branches lashed out, grabbing my ankles excruciatingly as I tripped headfirst into the deep opening within the earth.

Time became inconsequential. Adrenaline coursed through my veins.  

I was unaware of how long I was dwindling for or when it would stop but I felt unusually content with the wind rushing past and caressing me as if to evaporate my fear.

Just then, I saw successions of colour flying by. I allowed my thoughts to wander while my body was unable to.

Sleep prevailed, and as my heavy-lidded eyes began to close automatically, I saw a stone.

A stone, you ask?

What significance could a stone have?

That is precisely what I was thinking as the darkness consumed me ravenously.

At the last moment, however, I realized that the stone had something lodged into the centre of it.

It was an eye – staring directly into mine.

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