The Unknown Tamer

The ancient Kingdom of Limor floats calmly, suspended in the grasps of gravity, where the supernatural roam.
As the new century begins so does the Cryonia; the traditional migration of dragons across Limor. Thousands of dragons are due to fly towards the land and the new apprentice needs to be found; immediately. It is the job for one man to guide these magnificent creatures to the Other World. But when no man possesses the power to alight the Stone of Eyes, who does the burdensome task fall to?


2. Blinding Pulses

The Church bells rang deafeningly for a solid two minutes, as usual, calling all Limor denizens to attention – allowing none to disobey the Elders.

It indicated that there was little time until the daily reading at the Lexicon.

Since a young age, it was something that I whole-heartedly abhorred. It was, as I believed, an unnecessary addition to our already heavy traditions. However, it was decidedly not my place or rank to voice my opinion.

I sighed wistfully at the thought of a tradition free realm.

 Outside the curved, white windows I could vaguely see the dawn light dissolving into the moss-coloured clouds of Limor that floated lazily, unconcerned with the measly specks that resided below.

It was a blissful day.

Perfect. Not one soul could fault it.

Yet, surprisingly, that was what infuriated me; Limor was a faultless heaven, allowing not even a hint of ugliness to seep through its steel mask of brilliance.

I was lost in thought until I felt a fleeting touch on my shoulder. Turning, I saw two gangly legs leaning on a chrome counter behind me.

“You know it’s wise not to try and sneak up on me, Yves. I could end up slitting your throat in defence,” I said, laughing.

I was met with a wide, lopsided grin.

“Oh Zendi, we both know how much of a lie that is. You wouldn’t even be able to swat a fly with your appalling co-ordination,” Yves replied.

Yves had been my best friend, brother and adviser since the moment I was let loose on the world. It was hard to imagine life without his sea-green eyes forever mocking me at all my attempts where sport was involved.

I huffed indignantly and made a show of ignoring him while I continued with digesting the rest of my breakfast.

I had managed to finish most of it before Yves had arrived and so within the next half hour, we were both walking at a slow pace down the winding path from my house to the village hall which was only a short walk from where I lived and neighboured the Academy.

For those of you who do not comprehend, I will explain. The Lexicon was a large, imposing tower that, since the dawn of Limor, had withstood years of war and bloodshed, even sheltering warriors at some point. The stone walls had been created using the finest rock and, as inanimate as it was, emitted an air of authority, power, and unrivalled history. 

It was here the Elders decided that the readings should be executed on the ‘sacred ground’ and ‘under the watchful eyes of the powers above’. It was all bollocks to me.

But as that daughter of the Commander I was expected to think otherwise. Papa had always had neutral views on Limor, its traditions and its rulers. Lately though, I was beginning to wonder whether Papa was ultimately in the same position as me.

When we reached it, the Lexicon was bustling with throngs of people trying to attain a seat in which they had an unparalleled view of the Speaker. I held on tightly to Yves as we wound our way through the crowd.

A silence followed shortly thereafter, covering us like a blanket.

“Welcome Limorians,” a deep, staccato voice said. “Today we begin with tales of the kings that are long since dead but still remain…”

And that was how the reading began.

As usual, I was allowing my mind to drift into an abyss that had been tugging at the isolated angles of mind.

I saw recurring pulses of red and green that were insistent and bright, burning the back of my eyelids. The iris, that contained a myriad of colours that seemed almost impossible to contain, was enlarging at different times often becoming lost behind the pupil.

I recognised it immediately as I had for the last few weeks since my dream. It was the eye that had been lodged into the rock.

And it was while Yves ushered me from the Lexicon that I realized I felt compelled to recover whatever secrets the eye and the dark rock held.  

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