The Unknown Tamer

The ancient Kingdom of Limor floats calmly, suspended in the grasps of gravity, where the supernatural roam.
As the new century begins so does the Cryonia; the traditional migration of dragons across Limor. Thousands of dragons are due to fly towards the land and the new apprentice needs to be found; immediately. It is the job for one man to guide these magnificent creatures to the Other World. But when no man possesses the power to alight the Stone of Eyes, who does the burdensome task fall to?


3. A Peculiar Encounter

That night, I was unable to sleep without feeling watched. Once my eyes closed, the eye, surrounded by all its obsidian glory, would pop out again seemingly innocent until I fell into a large, gaping hole. 

I could feel the sheer intensity of the gaze that bore into my back and lingered upon me, yet every time I turned to survey my bedroom, it was surprisingly empty.

But that did nothing to ease my discomfort. The hours trickled by agonisingly and I clawed at a thought to keep me rooted and sane before my mind lost itself to its exaggerated imaginations.  Yet however hard or long I tried, they refused to stay and keep me occupied for longer than a minute at a time.

Oh, what was wrong with me, I thought angrily. How crazy am I that I keep on dreaming about a stupid eye.

There was no point in talking to myself; at least, I might as well try talking to someone real. That is when I unexpectedly realized with a burst of elation that Father was most likely to be up and preparing for work. I believed so as the sun was timidly peeking over the distant skyline in the distance. It would not be long before the dawn bell rang.

Again, I thought, another blasted, beautiful day. I saw no reason to carry on dwelling on that though, it was never going to change but maybe my visions could if I asked Father.

Slowly, I put on a robe and a fluffy pair of slippers, exiting my room while thinking wistfully of the outcome of what my conversation with Father would bring. If anyone could help me, it would be Father, wouldn’t it?

The lengthy hallway was decorated minimally – there were only a few stray portraits that hang lifelessly on the lime-green walls. The portraits varied in size, some only slightly larger than my hand while others loomed over me worryingly.

 I cleared my mind of the terrifying size of them and focused on the green behind that was extremely calming. It was a long walk to the more populated wing of the manor and I needed something to think about.

I looked at the wall once again and focused on it. The colour remained the same, no faded patches and no splashes of a trespassing shade either. It was nauseatingly flawless.

I needed a flaw, my mind needed it, my body needed it… Every part of me needed it. I needed to believe that nothing always went right. If I had that, then I probably wold not lose my sanity in the coming years.

Abruptly, I knocked into a large, turquoise vase that wobbled furiously as it tried to regain its balance unsuccessfully. At the last minute, my hands shot out and grabbed the base holding it in place for a solid minute until my shaking subsided. That was disturbingly close.

What if I had broken the most valuable object that my parents regarded as a token of their relationship? What if…? What if…?

The questions circled my mind and as hard as I tried to shake them off; they refused to ebb. It was my own damn fault, had I not been thinking about Limor’s damned perfection again, I would not be in this position.

I scowled unattractively in the dark and as if by magic, the lights that trailed the hallway all turned on –bright and luminescent.

“Ria? Is that you?” The voice was gruff and slurred with sleep. The silhouette itself was large and clearly belonged to a male which immediately eased my discomfort.

“Good morning Father,” I said with fake enthusiasm. “You know what the Speakers say – the early bird catches the worm.”

“But..R-Ria, what worm? You are never awake at this time; it is far too early for you.” The latter part came out as a mild accusation and I knew I had to redeem myself if I was to ask him such a bizarre question.

“Well Father, there is a first time for everything,” I say smiling. My eyes fell to the ground, I could not look him the eye while he processed what I was about to tell him. He’d think his own daughter was crazy! No, no, I could not look him in the eye, even while it was shadowed, and see his undoubtedly surprised reaction.

“There was something that I’ve been thinking for a while… Nothing important. It is just this peculiar dream, and I w-was – well, I was wondering… whether you’d be able to tell me about it…” I allowed the unfinished sentence to hang in the air. I most certainly did not want it to hang in the air. But, at this moment, I had no choice but to.

His eyes narrowed. “It is not like you to be so hesitant Ria. If this is bothering you so much then come and speak to me in my study.”

Father turned briskly and began the short walk to his most prized room. It was filled to the brim with books that carried that warm, musty smell of knowledge that just made you feel compelled to never leave the room again. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

The walls changed shade as we silently passed the different sections of the manor. When we neared the burgundy area, my heart clenched tightly and I felt a dryness slowly creeping up my throat. I couldn’t do this. My Father and I had never connected on a private level:  he was the Commander and I was another simple civilian; he was a public figure and I was another person who supported his undertakings; he was my Father and I was his daughter. Yet the blood never ran a deeper layer, we were simply related.    

Before I could process it, I was sitting comfortably in the plush, leather chair opposite his own with his never-missing-anything, piercing blue eyes penetrating my skull.

“Well?” he asked. His eyes were interested. He wanted to know. ”What is this big secret?”

I fidgeted awkwardly; I did not know what to say.

 Oh yes Father, I’ve been dreaming about this eye, and not just any eye – an eye surrounded by beautiful obsidian that sparkles and calls me to save Limor and blah blah blah. But anyway I know this is completely bogus but I cannot stop dreaming it. Can you help me?

I did not have anything else to say so, naïvely that is exactly what I told Father.

It was only when I allowed myself to look up after this foolish display that I realized I had made a really, really dreadful mistake.

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