Random Thoughts of Elegant Intrigue

A book of random poetry. A selection of short poems that I have scribbled over the years. These are from a book I call 'the orange book' for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy them!


14. Sounding Fortunate

Sounding fortunate,

Watching a lone bird and a solitary plane,

Gliding gently through a calm blue sky,

Reflecting my mood with ironic contemplation;

I stand before an open door,

My feet beckoning my soul,

To pass through the looming portcullis,

Away from the failures of the past.

It is time to leave this self-destructing mechanism of misfortune,

To suffer on in my absence. 

Fare thee well.

Soar on, soar on,

Trouble some other poor poet's brain.

Leave mine to find a happier refrain,

One that tells of lips that speak through shivers on my skin,

One whose breath paints my neck with words that burrow deep,

Deep into my heart,

Beauty's calling smile, 

A siren on the shore of my over flowing ocean of desire.

I awake to this riddle.

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