Random Thoughts of Elegant Intrigue

A book of random poetry. A selection of short poems that I have scribbled over the years. These are from a book I call 'the orange book' for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy them!


15. Aeons of Gloom

Irreverently wishing for certain discomforting thoughts,

To leave my tortured soul alone;

If I did not know better,

I might think my love life a humorous anecdote,

Amid some putrescent play,

A tragedy of jellified words,

Practiced and fluent,

Alluding to a pathetic player,


This cloven emoting is well wasted,

On an audience of indifference,

And relinquished disgust.

Yet, turning the page,

With a sly grin and a colourful thought,

I wonder,

Could this drama have a story book ending?

I find myself again lost to reality's cursed kiss.

The music plays on, 

Through aeons of gloom,

Steadily speeding from memory to memory,

Not lost,

But inserted into this moody prose,

Scented with alvarose,

And a little happy grandiose pride.

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