I can't remember how I ended up here or how I got here...all I can remember is farther carressing my sister in his arms, and him leaning down to me with tears in his big brown eyes and telling me to run...run and never look back. So I did, I ran until...I don't know what happend and I'm not sure that I want to know. So I think that I'll just walk and hope for the better...I mean it can't get that much worse...can it?


1. Which way?

What's happend to me I don't understand, why am I here...where is here, what has become of my farther, my sister...my sister probably the kindest person I know, but probably the most care free and idiotic person in my whole town. She has short black hair and crystal blue eyes that twinkel in the moon light, my farther on the other hand has matted blonde hair with streaks of hazel and sky blue eyes that are very deep set in his face. I have jet black hair that is almost below my waist and is made up of curls with violet coloured eyes that my farther said were like tennis balls. I seemed to have the biggest eyes out of all the girls in my class. I wonder what their doing now their probably tucked up in bed sleeping and dreaming of the wonders that await them in the morning. Not me I'm just wondering around the what seems to be empty woods.

All I want is to be in my farthers arms with my sister beside me...I can see a hooded figure darting in and out of the shadows I turn around and start to run in the other direction I can hear footsteps behind me...there getting closer I could feel my heart beating faster then it ever has before...I could now see the hooded figure he was beside me racing along, thats when I realised that he wasn't running after me but something was chasing him...and now me! 

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