Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


3. Who Will She Choose?

Louis P.O.V

Well that could have gone worse, it could have gone better to, Grace Hanna and Olivia forgave us instantly, Jo is on the verge of forgiving us, but her and Kayleigh took a bit more of persuasion, oh well everything is okay now, she admitted she prefers Harry to Liam, and Liam is stuck as he thinks he likes two people, and now we are back into the awkward silence, again.

Looking around i see Hanna sat between Zayns lets say they have been laughing for ages it looks like they have been together forever, which i know they havent they just look it.

Olivia is sitting with Niall with his arm around her shoulder and she is snuggled into his chest,

Then at the back its Harry, Kayleigh Liam then Jo, i do feel sorry for Jo as we know she likes Liam and Liam kinda likes her and Kayleigh bless, but now Kayleigh has to choose.

Liam or Harry Shes not the only one with the choice, i have to choose Hannah my long term relationship or Grace, but i cant decide there both perfect in their own way, i think i need to talk to Grace and get to know her a bit more, although i fell like i have known her for ages, ok louis, time to make conversation, i turned to Grace, i think its best if i whisper

Louis- so who do you think Kayleigh will choose?

she looked at me, i thought i had struck a wrong nerve until she smiled, oh her smile, she has a million dollar smile, i bet if she walked into a dark room and smiled the whole room would light up, just thinking about it made me feel a weird click, i have to kiss her!

So not caring about what the others would say or do, i pulled her face towards mine and before i knew it our lips collided, ive never felt this way, not even to hannah, ive realised now im going to split from her when we get out of the lift, Hannah is a pretty girl she can get any guy she wanted.

As we pulled away slowly we kept our faces close, my hands were still holding her delicate face, she smiled and blushed, we broke our gaze and saw 8 faces with wide eyes and mouths open, they were shocked, but i dont care, im falling inlove


Kayleighs P.O.V

 Well that was awkward and embarrassing me saying i prefer harry even though its true, i think Liam is showing true feelings for Jo, but to make things more awkward Grace and Louis are together and he is saying he will break from Hannah as soon as we get out of the lift I pulled out my blackberry and began to play a game to pass the time!

Harry snatched my phone and moved to sit in between Grace and Olivia, i give up that kid wont stop!

Kayleigh - give it back harry now!

He smiled and started typing on my phone, i hope he realises that i have no pictures of him,

Harry - no, Lou do you have a pen?

Louis looked just as confused me

Louis - no why Harry ignored the question

Harry - does anyone other than Kayleigh have a pen, a sharpie or something permanent?

We all looked confused until Hanna opened her big mouth

Hanna- i do its not a sharpie but its permanent

Harry- perfect

I shot her a glare, shes dead she went into my bag and pulled out a black permanent marker and handed it to harry

Olivia - why do you want a pen Harry smiled at her them looked at me

Harry - Louis Liam hold her down shes not going to like this

I turned my head and then saw Liam and Louis hold me down just like Harry said but why a pen? if he draws on my face he will die, celebrity or not, Harry opened the pen and put it closer to my phone, oh no, if he even thinks about it hes dead! i glared at him but he could only laugh, revealing his dimples, wow there kinda sweet...wait what am i thinking?

Kayleigh - Harry if you even touch my phone with that pen you will be dead

Everyone laughed, they obviously had no idea what he was going to do

Harry - i wont do it, on one condition

Oh dear here it comes, the conditions, how come where ever there are conditions theres trouble?

Kayleigh - what?

Harry - what do i want from you? tricky one this is there are so many options

He was grinning like an idiot, well a cute idiot, oh my gosh why am i thinking this, im not falling for him am i?

Harry - i want a kiss

Kayleigh - cheek?

everyone was smiling trying not to laugh, we all know what hes going to say

Harry - lips obviously, but it has to be better than Louis and Graces or otherwise no phone I cant believe im going to say this

Kayleigh - FINE! but i want to make sure i will get my phone

Harry - Fine here

He put it in my bag but gave my bag to Grace

Harry- there i dont have it after i get my kiss Grace will give you your phone wont you Grace?

She nodded but i could tell her facial expression said something like ' i wont give her her phone back until she says she loves him' Harry moved back to his original spot in between Louis he looked at me with his green eyes, he lent in i couldnt feel myself doing the same, our faces were millimeters apart wait, i dont want to kiss him, i stood up and hopped over his legs and sat inbetween Liv and Niall

Kayleigh - sorry to interrupt

Harry looked disheartened, i smiled teasingly to my surprise instead of saying something harsh back he smiled, well time to get my phone back, i looked at him then at grace then my bag! he did the same and we both lunged for the bag whilst Grace screamed, we both held the bag and i pulled it close and everyone just laughed, i pulled out my phone and shoved it in my pocket, i placed my bag back down then looked at Harry who was talking to Louis, why am i doing this?

I dont like him do i ?

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