Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


5. Truth Or Dare

Kayleighs P.O.V

Wow what a strange dream i opened my eyes and saw Harry looking down at me smiling, it wasn't a dream, we were really stuck,

i turned my head to the side to see the shocking truth, I'm lying on Harry's lap, i shot up and turned to face him, his smile reached his ears so i slapped his face playfully K

ayleigh - don't give me that face Harry Edward Styles!

Harry - oh full name I'm liking it

He winked and i blushed slightly

Kayleigh - oh shut up

Harry - its not my fault I'm irresistible

we laughed

Kayleigh - yeah sure whatever

Zayn - can you two love birds shut up were trying to sleep

We both blushed but in about five minutes everyone was awake, and we decided that we would get to know each other in the morning and do something interesting in the afternoon, time passed so quickly

Niall - so lemme get this straight you girls came on the tour to see us?

Hanna - yeah but Kayleigh was being difficult she wanted to see Matt Cardle

Louis - really?

Kayleigh - well he did win and hes good looking

Harry - compared to what? I

glared at him, hes so lucky i dont slap him one day

Liam - everyones entitled to their own opinions

Liam smiled, oh yeah i forgot he liked 2 people, oh how awkward, but i smiled back

Grace - anyway lets not argue or it will only make things awkward for the next day or so, in my opinion i think we should calm down and carry on talking like before

This is why we all adore Grace, she is one of the best girls every shes always there when you need her

Olivia - i agree we should try and get along for once

Kayleigh - i try to get along with everyone, its just some people know how to be awkward

I glared at Harry and he recognized it straight away and he smiled cheekily back at me and put his arm around me jokingly

Harry - ah you know you love it for some reason i didn't wanna move,

it felt right somehow

Zayn - so thats sorted out lets play a game

Niall - but we cant were stuck in a stupid lift

Joanna - hes got a point

Louis - eye spy

oh dear louis was all that went through my mind when he said that, Grace was laughing at him, she looks so happy when shes with him!


Louis P.O.V

How come no one wants to play eye spy its like the best game, oh well Grace said she would play, im glad im with her, shes perfect

Louis - so do you wanna go first?

Grace - nope you can I love going first

Louis - ok eye spy with my little eye something thats a beauty and overwhelming

Niall -OLIVIA! She smiled and kissed him on the cheek , i guess there together

Louis - nopee but she is pretty

Grace - gimme a clue

Louis - i could stare at it all day

Zayn - Hanna! They are together now, she laughed and kissed him

Grace - eer carrots? I actually think shes brilliant

Louis - no but theres something that can outshine everything in anything they do Harry + Liam = Kayleigh

Wow they've got it bad i have to admit it was good timing though, its gone all silent and Kayleigh looked down bright red and i burst out laughing

Louis- good guess but no i thought you guys werent going to play ?

Harry - yeah well its obvious,Kayleigh was the answer so i had to say it 

Liam - look we all know the answer just tell her lou

Louis- no i want her to guess

Grace - please tell me for a brunette shes not clever, i put my arm around her smiling

Louis - oh grace, i adore how dumb you are

Grace- please tell me your just teasing

Louis - well it begins with Gr and ends in Ace

Kayleigh - i dont get it! will you just say it?

Shes so blonde, no wonder why harry likes her, we all burst out laughing at her stupid comment while she sat there confused still trying to work it out, i looked at grace and she was smiling and blushing, unlike Kayleigh she had got it, she kissed me and i could fell her smiling!

Grace's P.O.V

Hearing Louis say that was the most sweetest thing i've ever heard, it was so sweet all i could so was smile and kiss him, Hanna and Zayn are one of the most cutest couples ever shes so much happier when shes with him, Olivia and Niall are pairing up,

I think Kayleigh should be with Harry because they look cute and Harry had his arm around her at the moment they are making a joke about it acting all jokily but you can tell they are enjoying it, We also know Jo likes Liam and Liams feelings are developing for Jo its just we haven't told them yet

Hanna - aww

Everyone turned to Hanna as she made a cute face

Olivia - what now?

Hanna - look!

She pointed to Harry and Kayleigh

Hanna- hes got his arm around her Oh gosh Hanna i cant believe you have just noticed that, i looked at then two and they were both blushing, Harry moved his arm off her, well done Hanna they must have been so close until she said that.

Zayn's P.O.V

As much as i love Hanna she shouldnt have said that because its gone so awkward but funny now, Harry and Kayleigh looked cute, i suppose Hanna was only trying to help her friend out, but i still love her anyway

Kayleighs P.O.V

Cheers Hanna, major love to you, gosh i do love you but seriously? Harry moved his arm and i lost all happy thoughts.

Louis - i dont know about you guys but im getting fed up with these awkward silences, that somehow manage to get ourselves in to i had to agree with him there, although this was a good excuse

Niall - lets play truth or dare We all nodded in agreement,

i love this game, i just hope nothing gets asked thats too personal or said.

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