Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


13. They Dont Give up

Harry p.o.v

fans dont give up do they?

ive signed loads of things and my arm is killing, i saw Liam on the floor with jo i was about to go and clear the air between us, when 3 girls came squealing all the usual stuff, although the first looked kinda cute, wait i cant think that i have Kayleigh now, well i did, she sort of disappeared, i turned around and saw her talking to niall

Harry- sorry i have to go

they didnt look happy but i managed to slide through them and ran over to Kayleigh and Niall, i was out of breath but alive

Niall - you okay?

i nodded

Harry - yeah im fine

i looked at Kayleigh

Harry - are you okay?

Kayleigh - yeah why wouldnt i be?

Harry i dont know with all the press i was making sure that they hadnt got to you

Kayleigh - why would they get to me?

Harry - because of this...

i grabbed her face and pulled her in our lips met in two seconds, it took her a few minutes to realise what was going on, as we pulled away we could see the flashing lights of the press we were about to kiss again when niall popped inbetween us

Niall - this is the most open secret ive ever heard

we laughed and i pushed her hair behind her ear and gave her a quick kiss before turning slightly letting my arm rest on her shoulder, we stood there for a few minutes while the press took photos then lou came up holding Graces Hand

Louis' P.O.V

 I always knew Harry couldnt keep a secret, and seeing him leave loads of fans to kiss Kayleigh like that my point was proven, it was super cute of him though, i saw Grace stood with with Niall chatting away, i walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss on her head and grabbed her hand

Louis- lets go see dumb and dumber

Grace - Niall and Liv?

i laughed

Louis - beauty and the beast

Grace- Hanna and Zayn?

we laughed

Louis - no blondie and sir curls

Grace - oh kayleigh and Harry?

Louis - yea

she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to Kayleigh and Harry who were hugging and laughing not caring about the press

Louis - so good secret guys Kayleigh and harry laughed and he kissed her head

louis - okay lets exchange numbers so we dont forget each other

Harry - kayleigh already has my number

Kayleigh - i do?

Grace - she does?

Louis - does she?

Harry - yup check it if you dont believe me

She pulled out her phone pressed a few buttons and laughed

Kayleigh - Sir curls aka the amazing Harry? your joking! we all laughed typical

Harry - i wanted to jazz it up a bit Grace looked confused

Grace - when did you get her number

Harry - do you remember when i was about to give it a make over with Hanna pen i put it in then

Louis - ooh cool

We all pulled out our phones and exchanged numbers

Liam - guys we gotta go soon

Louis - yea sure gimme your phone

Liam pulled out his phone and handed it to me

Liam - why? i typed in all the numbers

Louis - so you have everyones number

He looked at Kayleigh and smiled and she smiled back, Harry must have seen this because he began to whisper in her ear, i dont know what he said but it worked, she stopped smiling and turned to Harry wrapping her arms around his neck.

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