Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


18. The Years Later

1 year later

Kayleighs P.O.V

Ok so mine and Harrys relationship didn't work , but i started going out with Liam first we kept it a secret but in the end everyone found out, its not our fault, harry wasn't please at first but just like everyone else he was going to have to face the facts, we were all living in the same house so it made things easier, and more awkward for getting to work, our band is a huge hit they love us and the boys helped us promote as much as they could, simon agreed to give us a 5 year contract we all put in extra hours and it paid off, we had all finished dinner and it was mine and Louis turn to wash up, i was washing and lou was drying

Louis - so just think this time last year we were stuck in a lift with everyone and you were hating us i laughed

Kayleigh - yeah life was easier back then

louis - what do you mean

Kayleigh - well i didnt have to worry about harry or liam then

Louis - well you did kinda i looked at him confused

Kayleigh - no i didnt

Louis - yeah you did

Kayleigh - how?

Louis - they were both fighting over you

Kayleigh - oh i saw that but it werent bad

louis - true

we finished the dishes when i was done i emptied the bowl of water and sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor and he pulled me into a hug, i love this boy , he was the older brother i never had

Louis - well your with liam now and harrys fine with it

Kayleigh - no he isnt

Louis - well he hasnt murdered you or liam yet so id say hes fine

i laughed

louis - see now theres the fine Kayleigh

Kayleigh - i suppose...Lou who do you think im better with?

Louis - well i dunno, you look good with liam but harry really cared

Kayleigh - and liam doesnt care?

Louis - no its just Harry cared that little bit more as long as you dont mind me saying this stuff i shook my head

Kayleigh - no if i had to hear it from anyone id want it to be you he smiled and hugged me

Louis - now come on lets go watch a film and eat ice cream

he stood up and pulled me up too, he went and pulled out ben & jerrys cookie dough ice cream , my favourite i smiled and grabbed 2 spoons we walked into the lounge where Harry was sitting flicking through the channels board, Louis plonked next to him but moved so there was space between them Louis - come on sit you butt down now before i eat the ice cream myself I smiled

Kayleigh - But i have the spoons Louis pulled one out of his pocket

louis - i knew you'd do something like this so i came prepared i sighed

Kayleigh - now i have to put this one away

Louis - nope harry can have it Harry looked down and i did the same, i looked at louis who winked the little git, he could tell that i still had feelings for Harry , i think everyone could

 Kayleigh - okay but i choose what we watch

I gave harry the spoon he looked at me and i ended up getting lost in his eyes, his hair, his smile

louis - KAYLEIGH!

he snapped his fingers infront of my face, i must have zoned out

Kayleigh - sorry bit tired

louis - go to sleep then

Kayleigh - nah lets just watch the film

Harry flicked through the channels til we came to forrest gump, it had already started by a few minutes

Harry - wanna watch this?

Louis -YES!

I laughed and shrugged, harry smiled and put the remote down, Louis hogged most of the ice cream, half way though i shivered and Harry looked at me.

Harry - you cold?

he had to whisper because louis had fallen asleep holding the ice cream

Kayleigh - a bit he reached behind him and pulled out a blanket which we always kept there, he put it around us both so we were covered in it, i stared at him

Harry - as friends i smiled and leant into him for some reason instead of feeling like he was a friend it felt like he was much more, it felt wrong but right at the same time, i closed my eyes and lead there with my head on his chest my mind turned back to the times we had in the lift. Zayn and Hanna flirting, how i kept interrupting Niall and Olivia (i still do), Grace laughing at Louis, my first kiss with Harry.

i opened my eyes and looked at Harry, i looked at Lou who was fast asleep and everyone had gone to bed or gone out, i looked at Harry who smiled and leaned in, i felt myself lean in to, our lips met and instantly began dancing.

Harry's P.O.V

I felt guilty cause of Louis but i dont care, our lips ever left, i pulled her onto my lap still wrapped in the blanket, words cant describe how i feel, then she sat up

Harry - whats wrong it took her a few moments to answer

Kayleigh - Liam

i looked down shes right, we just made out while she was with liam guilt ran over me, although i felt i had got a bit of revenge because he stole her from me, he removed the best thing from me i got up and the blanket fell on the floor,she picked it up and wrapped it on louis, she stirred but remained asleep, she took the ice-cream and spoon then looked at me, i walked up to her and stroked her cheek she looked down and i slowly let go then walked off upstairs to bed!


1 year later


Grace's p.o.v


me Kayleigh Olivia Hanna and Jo ran off stage laughing that was on of the last gigs supported by one direction, the news said that we were like a brother/sister band but it would be weird dating your brother and sister, i was still with louis, Hanna and Zayn and Liv is with Niall, Kayleigh is with liam and none of us like it but we gotta get on with it, we ran to our dressing rooms laughing, the boys came in and we were still laughing, they had exited to the right so we went off on the left, and it took a few minutes for them to catch up, we got changed into our party stuff and got into the limo taking us to the after part, when we got there, lou and harry ran off to get drinks, Liam walked off leaving Kayleigh and Jo went off not long after, oh yeah her and Josh arent together either they didnt work out, Niall and Liv walked off together outside as it was too loud, Hanna and Zayn slunked off into a corner, Kayleigh and me stayed together but we went off to find Lou and Harry and they came up to us, Lou gave me a drink and Harry gave one to Kayleigh

Kayleigh - oh its okay i could have got it myself

Harry - no no

i insist they smiled and she accepted the drink they stood close, and remained eye contact i have to admit they have been very close lately, always together, mucking about, song writing, probably spending more time with harry than liam, i pulled louis close and whispered in his ear

Grace - is it me or are Harry and Kayleigh getting really close now?

he stared at them harry had his arm around Kayleigh and she had her hand resting on his shoulder

Louis - they are quite close but they always have been

Grace - no they were close i admit but not like this, shes spending more time with Harry than i am with you and were always together

louis - Ouch but maybe there just so close friends

Grace - i wanna believe that

Louis - if it helps ill talk to Kayleigh

Grace - okay and ill talk to harry

Louis - okay tonight?

Grace - yeah now?

Louis - yup

we smiled and gave me a kiss

Louis - love you

Grace - love you too he walked up to them and went straight through them splitting them up he grabbed Kayleighs arm and walked off dragging out with him, she called for Harry and he went to help her til i grabbed his arm and stopped him

Harry - what?

Grace - nothing i just wanted to check on you and kayleigh he looked confused

Harry - what about us

Grace - nothing its just you two are quite close

Harry - yeah so

he kept looking down at the floor, liar

Grace - well okay

Harry - is that it?

Grace - yeah for now

he turned and was about to go and find her when i grabbed him again

Harry - what?

Grace - leave her for the moment lou went to talk to her and you know what they're like when they are having a private conversation

Harry - yeah i suppose

Grace - lets go outside for a bit

he nodded and we went outside to avoid press

Grace - are you sure everythings okay

Harry - yeah

Grace - liar

Harry - well Kayleigh is acting quiet lately

Grace - i noticed hence the reason lou has got involved

Harry - she'll tell him everything

Grace - exactly...

he cut me off my standing up covering my mouth

Harry - but she cant tell him everything i looked confused

Harry - theres something she cant tell anyone he removed his hand and looked around making sure no one was watching

Grace - but what cant she tell

Harry - shhh!

he put on finger on his lips and i did what he said, we heard someone or two people walk out the back of the club he pulled me down, i gasped but he put his hand over my mouth again, we turned slightly and peaked over the chair. it was dark so they couldnt see us but the door lights lit them up, it was Liam. He was with a girl and it werent Kayleigh, it was someone who looked familiar, they began making out pushing each other against the walls...wait thats Jo!

Harrys fists clenched and he was about to stand up when i pulled him back down and put my hand over his mouth to stop him shouting nasty things, but anger was clear on his face, he wasnt happy, we looked back over at the pair and Jo and liam walked off down the street when they were out of sight we sat in silence for a few minutes then stood up just as we did Kayleigh burst out the back of the door followed by Louis, i pulled harry back down our hands remained over our mouths

Louis - Kayleigh!

he ran after here she finally stopped and fell on the floor and began to cry, harrys spare hand grabbed mine and i felt his squeeze it hard every time he saw Kayleigh saddened face. louis sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug, cause it was a quiet night we could hear everything

Louis - its ok , i promise just calm down shhh

he began rocking her gently while she cried, i looked at harry i could see it pained him to see her like this, it hurt me too

Kayleigh - but hes a horrible fat cow! i never wanna see him again

Louis - you dont mean that just calm down your safe now


Kayleigh - no-one said he was going to be here

though she pulled apart from louis in frustration and put her head in her hands, he pulled her back close again though to comfort her

Louis - i know if i knew he was going to be there i would have done something

Kayleigh - i know

louis - just calm down no one is going to touch you whilst im here i smiled, good old protective Lou.

Kayleigh - promise?

Louis - i promise we wont let anyone hurt you, Grace Liam or Harry or anyone else I shuddered at Liams name, harry pulled me into a hug and whispered

Harry - im sorry

Grace - for what?

he ignored it and stood up he walked over to Kayleigh and Louis and they looked up and saw him, Kayleigh jumped up and ran into harry's arms, he pulled her close, i walked our and over to louis who stood up and he looked at me

Louis - jack

Grace - oh tell me later

he nodded and we both looked at harry and Kayleigh who were still hugging they pulled apart and Harry looked at me questioningly i knew what he wanted to do, i nodded and turned to Kayleigh and she looked confused

Harry - theres something i...

he looked at me then back to her

Harry- ...we have to tell you she looked at me then at Harry

Kayleigh - what ?

poor girl harry looked at the floor, he didnt want to hurt her again but she had to be told

Louis' P.O.V

I dont have a clue whats going on but its confusing me a lot

Grace - tell her Harry

Harry - i cant

Grace - do you want me to?

He nodded and let go of her but she grabbed his hand he smiled at kayleigh and squeezed her hand

Grace - um...liam...liam sorta..eer

Kayleigh - liam what?

they remained quiet for a few seconds

Kayleigh - guys what did liam do grace looked at me and whispered in my ear

 Grace - you tell her...Liams gone off with jo and it werent pretty 

i stood there froze to the spot, now i can see why harry and Grace dont wanna say anything to her, especially Harry, although i have no idea how im going to do any better, i turned to Kayleigh

Kayleigh - please tell me

Louis - liam cheated on you with Jo

she looked like she was about to cry but no tears fell, she stood in silence,

Harry pulled her into a hug but she let go and walked over to me, i thought she was going to hit me and say i was wrong but instead she hugged and i hugged her back and she whispered quietly in my ear

Kayleigh - i cheated on him too

god all this cheating my head is going to explode, i continued to hug her but winked at Grace and she nodded and pulled harry towards the club door

Grace- come on they will be with us in a minute

Kayleigh let go off me and went to harry

Kayleigh - no we stood shocked except harry and Kayleigh who held hands

Grace- what? Louis- am i missing something

Kayleigh - yea i was gunna tell you earlier but got distracted

Grace - no surprise

Kayleigh - well when i was with liam...do you remember saturday nights when i was going to see my parents we nodded and she turned to Harry

Harry - do you remember on the same night i said i was with a friend

oh no, me and Grace exchanged a look i could tell she was thinking the same as me we slowly nodded

Kayleigh - well i was with harry H

arry - and i was with Kayleigh

we stood there shocked, i guess i was trying to take it all in

louis- well now thats out, can we go back inside everyone nodded except Kayleigh who reached into harry's pocket and pulled out his phone H

arry - what do you want my phone for?

Kayleigh - well this time two years ago you took mine and threatened to write on it so im borrowing yours i laughed she was right, back in the lift when harry took her phone, she pushed a few buttons probably sending a text then turned to harry

Kayleigh - you can have it back on one condition

Harry - what?

Kayleigh - i get a kiss

we all laughed this is what happened when Harry asked Kayleigh and now shes doing the same he went over to her and he put his hands on her waist

Harry - cheek?

she smiled he laughed and kissed her on the lips, i turned to Grace

Louis - lips it is

she laughed and walked back into the club leaving Kayleigh and harry together


1 year later


Olivia's P.O.V


Our band is doing great, we have another tour but were all sitting in the lounge watching tv, Grace and Louis were hugging and me and Niall were on the floor, Hanna was lying on the sofa with Zayn and Kayleigh and Harry under a blanket on the arm chair, Liam was at the table writing a song, and sat with jo, they are now together, Kayleigh is back with Harry and their relationship is stronger than ever, we were listening to the UK Top 40 because we done our first Colab J'adore and One Direction made a song together and was released yesterday we called it Stuck together as most of the things that happen in the song happened to us in the lift, this was it, they were going to announce second and if we werent second we were first, we all stood up and held hands getting ready for the radio presenter to tell us R.

Presenter - and fighting for first is the collaboration of j'adore and one direction with their single - stuck together, and Katy Perry - part of me he paused

R. Presenter - and second is KATY PERRY WITH PART OF ME, which means number one goes to j'adore and one direction, that radio began playing Katy perrys song

while we were jumping on each other laughing and screaming we couldnt believe it


Nialls P.O.V


We got a number one together, were great and then liams phone went off we all hushed and tried to listen so he put it on speaker

liam -hello?

Voice - hello boys girls its simon we all smiled

everyone-hey simon

he laughed

Simon - congratulations on the number one, i knew you guys would do it one day

Zayn -it was your idea to do a colab

Louis - exactly and look how it worked out

Simon - anyway i gotta go i was just ringing to congratulate you and you can have the next week off we all gave each other high fives laughing, he hung up and we all had a group hug


1 year later


Liams p.o.v


cheating on Kayleigh two years ago was terrible, one of the biggest mistakes ever shes been with Harry the whole time and i was dumped by text, i do miss her, oh and me and Jo are not together we decided to go on a break as she cheated on me with Josh. we were at home not going a lot, louis was doing something in the kitchen and harry and Kayleigh were outside, i looked at my phone 12:04 boy am i tired suddenly Kayleigh stormed in followed by Harry

Harry - i didnt mean it like that

Kayleigh - sure no one does

she came and stood beside me

 Kayleigh - i bet liam wouldnt say something like that

i was confused like everyone else

liam - whats going on?

harry - Kayleigh is over reacting

Kayleigh -me? coming from the one who said it!

he was about to argue but shook his head and walked off

liam - you okay do you wanna talk to someone?

she nodded

liam - who?

she shrugged

Kayleigh - you

she said it quietly wow she wants to speak to me? shes never talked to me except on the business and small talk, louis looked and me he stood up and everyone walked out

Liam - so what happened?

 Kayleigh - lets go out somewhere i need a drink

 liam - okay but not a lot

bartender - are you Kayleigh and liam?

 liam - yeah but keep it down were on low profile

bartender - so not together

Liam - no just two friends here for a drink he smiled and handed us some drinks after a few drinks Kayleigh was out of her head

bartender - ill call you a taxi

liam - thanks a man came over to help us

man - we understand shes you friend but isnt she going out with Harry

Liam - not for long

Kayleighs P.O.V

I woke up to a massive headache, i looked under the duvet, i wasnt wearing anything, i turned to see liam

liam - why are we together? and naked?

Kayleigh - more like what did we do

liam - i cant remember

Kayleigh - me either

liam - but were in my bed

Kayleigh - i noticed i sat up and regretted it i lay back down

liam - atleast you forget everything like you wanted to

Kayleigh -wait!

im missing Harry!

Liam - what?

Kayleigh - Harry!

Liam - crap

we sat there in silence, oh my gosh i hate myself

Liam - what are you going to do?

Kayleigh - me your naked too

liam - fine what are WE gunna do

Kayleigh - i dont no act like nothing happened?

we got out of bed getting into some clothes before we walked into the kitchen where we could hear everyone talk i pulled liam back

liam - what?

Kayleigh - wont it look weird if we walk in together

liam - good point you go first ill come down in 10

Kayleigh - ok i walked in and went over to harry, i sat down and niall gave me breakfast

Harry - im sorry about yesterday i didnt mean it

Liam walked in

Kayleigh - its ok im sorry too

i remained quiet for the rest of breakfast because my head was killing but i was feeling sick too, we all had finished, Hanna and Liv stood up and began to clear the table, when Hanna stopped in her tracks

Liv - whats up Han?

she didnt say anything she turned to face us and Zayn stood up

Zayn - babe whats wrong

she ignored it then turned slightly before her knees gave way, and Zayn caught her and pulled her up

Zayn - hanna can you hear me

She was as white as a ghost, it was scary her eyes were flittering but remained closed, zayn carried her out and put her down on the sofa whilst Grace and Lou got her a drink and blanket, he began whispering stuff in my ear but i zone out, my head hurt to much and not to mention my belly pains!

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