Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


25. The Happy Ending

Harry's P.O.V

i took a deep breath and sat in the back room preparing for what i was about to do, i knew most people wouldnt be nervous, but for some reason i was bricking it, i felt sweat on my hands as i stood up, i looked at the door, Kayleigh walked in smiling 'everyones waiting Harry' i nodded and i think she sensed my nervousness and smiled and she quickly kissed me to calm me down Kayleigh walked over to Grace, Hanna, Olivia and Jo were all married now and some of the fans didnt like it at all but we have to get used to it, its completely normal to us now, they all went around thanking guests

louis - OI styles your monsters hungry

i turned to see louis holding Edward, in his arms and eddie smiled at me, i smiled and took my boy in his suit, i reminded myself of course he was smart, it was his christening as soon as i had hold of him he began playing with my hair which made me smile, his hands were really soft Niall appeared next to us holding chocolate digestives, eddie tried jumping out of my arms into his, i was shocked but niall took him off my shoulders

Harry - only give him a few, and dont let those biscuits ruin his suit

louis and niall made an oooo noise and began teasing on how grown up i sounded, in all fairness i had changed since the wedding and eddie

Louis - yes dad

Louis loves teasing so i had to hit him on the head

Harry - behave or go straight to bed

when we get in i tried making my voice go deeper and manly but we ended up laughing whilst eddie made crumbs all over his suit, im dead, but oh well ill blame niall Hanna Jo and Olivia walked over and gave us a hug, Grace was messing around with Kayleigh, when the rest of them walked over, Hanna Olivia and Kayleigh were teaching Jo and Grace how to thrust, like Louis as they say, gosh they are strange especially considering we were at a christening. it looks like grace got the hang of it quickly and everytime they see each other they will thrust no matter where they are, gosh what have we let ourselves in for.

Vicar - gather round its time

All the girls split, and Kayleigh went and stood beside the vicar, i took eddie off niall and tried taking the biscuit

Harry - eddie gimme the biscuit you cant have water on your head whilst eating a biscuit it will get all wet let go

i had to whisper and tried taking the biscuit off him, he bit my finger and poked his tongue out, i was trying to get the biscuit until i realised everyone was watching, i looked at the faces especially Kayleigh's gosh im in trouble

harry - he wont give me the biscuit

i had to say it innocently, a few laughed and Kayleigh came over to us, eddie reached out to her and she took him from my grasp

Kayleigh - two seconds

I looked up and before i could say anything Kayleigh handed me a half eaten covered in slobber biscuit, she smiled and walked off and i laughed and followed after about 10 minutes we were watching the vicar talk and do the ceremony, we could tell Eddie wasnt liking it, i hated seeing him cry, and the look on Kayleigh's face she didn't either Niall crept closer to where i was and he pulled out a cheese cheddar, Niall gave me one and told me to give it to eddie i reached forwards handing him the biscuit and he instantly grabbed it and began nibbling away, a few people chucked and made awwing noises,

I looked at Kayleigh with a i-just-won-the-biscuit-argument look on my face she smiled and shook her head when everything was done, eddie was carried over to the front of the church, he asked for the future god parents to walk up Liam, Niall Zayn and louis were the god-fathers and Hanna Jo Olivia And Grace were god-mothers, everyone did some writing and Kayleigh and Me had to say a few things, Niall snuck eddie another biscuit! Then we all got in the car and drove off,

The rest of the evening passed quickly, i smiled and walked up the stairs carrying eddie in my arms, i heard Kayleigh follow behind into his room, she held the blanket back and i placed him across the bed covering him tight Eddie stirred and opened his eyes and looked up at us two 'i love you mummy and daddy i felt my heart melt and i gave him a kiss on the head ' i love you too' i stood up and Kayleigh gave him a kiss on his cheek ' i love you too baby' a smile appeared on his face before closing his eyes and went back to sleep, me and Kayleigh got changed and hopped into bed, she snuggled into me and i smiled to myself, this was seriously too perfect!

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