Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


15. she's had an argument with Harry

Liams P.O.V

I couldnt bare to be in that room with him anymore, i stormed out as calm as i could and was about to walk up the stairs when i heard shouting from the lounge it sounded like Kayleigh and Harry, im dreaming, they will never split up, shes his, end of. i decided to get a drink to calm myself down, i found a carton of orange and downed it all in one, i walked back out into the hallway when i saw louis and Kayleigh walk out of the lounge,

Kayleigh looked like she was about to cry, she saw me and ran into my arms for a hug i held her tightly i looked at louis who tried to mouth

Louis - shes had an argument with Harry

so it was their voices i head which made me pull her closer

Liam - what are we going to do then?

Louis - well i was showing her the spare room

Kayleigh - can Liam show me?

i smiled and looked at louis who nodded

Louis - good that means i can get back to Grace

Kayleigh thanked him and gave him a hug, when louis had gone i decided to get her upstairs, she was still crying so i carried her, she was the lightest thing ever, she wrapped her arms around my neck, i felt a bit like superman, i put her into the spare room and laid her down

Liam - night i got up before she called

Kayleigh - liam? i turned to face her i walked over to her and bent down so our heads were at the same level

Liam - whats up?

She stared at my eyes for a minute

Kayleigh - dont leave me

liam - well okay i sat down on the floor and she raised an eyebrow

liam - what?

Kayleigh - sit on the bed dont worry

i thought about harry but couldnt argue against her so i sat on the bed, and she lifted the arm that was closest to her and she snuggled in to me, if we were both single this would be fine but shes with my best friend, i cant betray him! Kayleigh - thank you liam

Liam - no problem

Kayleigh - im sorry too

liam - for what?

Kayleigh - the whole harry situation

i couldnt say anything for a while

Liam - its okay

Kayleigh - no its not i know how it feels to be you,

Liam - alot do dont worry

Kayleigh - too late already am i smiled

Kayleigh - could you take off your top


Liam - why?

Kayleigh - its really annoying me

more thoughts came in but i quickly slipped off my top and threw it off the floor

Kayleigh - night liam

liam - night

she fell asleep after a few minutes and then louis slowly open the door and his face dropped

Liam - she wanted me to stay

louis - well were going to bed

liam - is she asleep i cant see her face l

ouis - lemme check, look its owen wilson naked she didnt do anything and i looked confused

louis- what her background is owen wilson?

liam- shes asleep then

louis - yeah shes asleep more than grace at the moment

Liam - grace?

Louis - yeah she fell asleep on my bed a few minutes ago i thought i would quickly check on Kayleigh

liam - well i carried her upstairs and she asked me to stay

louis - its fine with me just dont tell harry

liam - werent going to

louis -night

liam - night lou


Louis P.O.V

Im sure that Kayleigh and liam didnt do anything she just needed a friend and she trusts liam i went to my room and saw grace awake

grace - where did you go

louis - to check on Kayleigh

she got up and walked to the door

louis - what were you doing

Grace - going to see her

Louis - no!

Grace - yea shes my friend i need to make sure shes okay

louis - trust me shes in good hands

grace- what do you mean?

louis - when i left her she was crying, liam carried her up the stairs and she didnt want him to leave so he is lying with her but we cant tell harry

grace - promise me they did nothing

louis - promise

grace relaxed and went to bed i had only just realised my shoulders tensed

, i went back into bed and slid beside her, i woke up to find Grace gone, i ran out to see Niall Zayn Harry and Liam, they were arguing over something

louis - woah whats going on

Liam - well Jo came back last night she broke up with Josh , oh and the girls have gone!

Niall - i woke up and Liv werent there

Zayn - me and Hanna were so close and i dont know how she could have gone anywhere

harry - oh i bet you were, at least you saw yours, i had no idea where Kayleigh went

Louis - have you checked downstairs

They all shook their heads, niall was about to speak when a voice started singing downstairs, then more voices joined in they were singing, JLS - Love you more, i looked at the boys they went into their rooms and came out with weapons, i looked at them and raised an eyebrow Harry had a baseball bat, niall had a blown up sword, zayn had a golf club and liam had a tennis racket.

Louis - seriously niall a blown up sword?

niall - its the best i have

louis - right its probably just the girls ?

Liam - you dont know that

Louis - listen these so called burglars have the voices of angels

zayn - so?

Louis - so which people stayed here last night and have the voice of angels

It took them a few minutes but they finally got it they all laughed at how stupid they had been, we went downstairs quietly and heard all the girls we didnt want to disturb them, we saw Jo washing up, Olivia and Hanna drying up and Grace and Kayleigh dancing randomly, we were standing there watching them when Jo turned around

Jo - ive finished

she stood there unable to speak we all burst out laughing as the girls turned to face us and went bright red!

Olivia's p.o.v

oh gosh they have just heard us sing, now there laughing, once they stopped Zayn went over to Hanna and kissed, Grace and Louis hugged Niall came over from behind and grabbed me, Liam took hold of Joannas hand and they walked off probably just to chat, and Harry slowly walked to Kayleigh

Harry - er hey

She looked at him then at everyone she gave me a pleading look i nodded and turned at everyone

Liv - right guys OUT! these two need some privacy

Hanna - but

Liv - no buts out!

we all went into the lounge so they could sort everything out

Liam - you girls were good

Hanna- we were?

Zayn - yeah

Niall - we truly mean it Olivia- yea but we were messing about suddenly harry walked in with Kayleigh hand in hand, which is a good sign, harry sat down and pulled her on his lap, im guessing everythings sorted

Harry - what are you on about?

Liam - the girls singing

Louis - shall we?

they all nodded

Olivia - what are you on about?

They ignored me and louis pulled out his phone and typed a message

Louis - ive done my bit

they boys laughed while i stared at Kayleigh's Jo's Hanna's and Grace's confused faces, then Louis' phone went off he answered it and all the boys leaned in so they could hear

Louis - Hello...yeah positive...tomorrow...ok...thanks bye

he hung up and let his phone fall on the floor

Hanna- will someone tell us whats going on?

Louis - why certainly, you girls have a chance to get a record deal with Simon because your performing infront of him tomorrow

We all stared in disbelief, us, perform, simon cowell. TOMORROW! this is going to be a long day and night!

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