Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


17. She Slept With Liam, but did nothing!

Hanna's p.o.v

i held a breath and he paused

Simon - your going to be busy because im signing you to Syco

I think my heart skipped a beat, my mouth dropped and zayn gave me a hug, its a good thing or i would have fell over!

we all gave them a hug and Simon shook our hands again

Simon - i hope you realise this wont be easy! you will have to put in alot of effort

we all nodded

Hanna - we cant thank you enough

Grace - yeah if theres anything we can repay you let us know

Simon - you work hard, earn hard then i will be happy we all nodded

Simon - now im sorry i have to go to a meeting but if you could come back at 5:00 today

he smiled and we walked out and we all cheered

louis - my bellys hungry

kayleigh - same i havent eaten since...since...since i cant remember we laughed, we all decided to make our way back to hte cars and go to Mcdonalds, Kayleigh looked at me

Kayleigh - can i ride in a car with you

Hanna - why ?

Kayleigh - well it wasnt the best journey up here with them so i was wondering if i could come with you I walked over to Zayn and asked

Hanna - Zayn babes can Kayleigh come with us in your car

Zayn - why? i only just remembered he didnt know anything about Kayleigh and Liam, but i can trust him

Hanna - because its really awkward for her she slept with liam but didnt do anything but still slept with him and harry doesnt know and shes finding it horrible he stared at me trying to soak it all up

Zayn - sure

i smiled and gave him a kiss before walking over to Kayleigh who was chatting with Louis

Louis - look one day he will find out then... i cut him of

f Hanna- Zayn said thats fine

Louis - what is?

Kayleigh - Thanks ill be there in a minute

i smiled

Hanna - okay I left Kayleigh to explain why she was travelling with us from the look on his face im guessing he understood, he was sweet to her. she gave him a hug then left, harry watched downhearted as Kayleigh came over

Kayleigh - okay lets go I smiled and got into the car, she went in the back with Niall in the middle and Olivia next to him i slid in the passenger seat by zayn and he smiled

Olivia's P.O.V

For some weird reason Kayleigh decided to come with us although its probably to do with Harry and Liam, so it wasnt awkward, We got to Maccy D's and managed to squeeze around a table so we could all see eachother and chat, a few fans came up to us but thats alright.

Louis - so a record deal, how does it feel?

Grace - words cant describe it

She kissed him and he put his arm around her smiling, the order or who sat where was like the list, i sat next to Hanna who set next to Kayleigh who sat next to Liam,who sat next to Jo who sat next to Niall who sat next to me who sat next to harry, we were on a circular table, so we could see each other

Harry - so you looking forward to it?

Hanna - no we just went through all of that to get bored

Niall - trust us those meetings get boring the boys nodded

Liam - definitely but its easy to get away from them though

the girls looked confused

Kayleigh - how?

They had a major stare out for a minute before harry put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, poor Kayleigh she made such a hard decision, i dont know how she chose him, although i still have a feeling she likes i am still , Niall put his arm around me and whispered

Niall - you okay?

Olivia - yeah why wouldnt i be?

Niall - its just you keep zoning out and your either looking at Liam harry or Kayleigh

Olivia - i just know something that could destroy Harry and Kayleigh's relationship for a while

He looked confused Niall - what do you mean I hesitated but gave in when he gave me puppy eyes

Olivia - she slept with liam

his mouth dropped damn you puppy eyes

niall -really?

Olivia - yeah but dont say nothing, they didnt do anything, she needed someone there after her argument with Harry, and they shared a bed, i think its cute

Niall - you think its cute when shes going out with Harry?

Olivia - well sort of its harsh, and all by judging by the look on her face i think she may still like Liam

Niall looked at Kayleigh who was looking at her food, downhearted

Niall - maybe someone should talk to her

Olivia - not yet, Kayleigh is one of them girls who needs to be left alone otherwise she will turn vicious

Niall - how vicious?

Olivia - were all fully trained kick-boxers which is kinda how we met, we started when we were around 4

Niall - ah

Olivia - yeah

Niall - im not getting on the wrong sides of your guys, ill leave her alone for a while

Olivia - yeah me too

Kayleigh stood up

Kayleigh - i...i..i need the toilet excuse me

Liar, we all nodded and Lou looked confused, so i pulled out my phone and text him

Olivia - i know shes with harry and trusts liam but go check on her please he nodded and stood up

Louis - im going to get more food

We all nodded and went back to talking about our contract


Kayleighs P.O.V

Okay i lied, i didnt need to go to the toilet, i went outside and sat on a nearby bench, i got fed up of seeing liam so down and i cant stand the way that harry just rubs it in, maybe i should split up...


I turned to see Louis strolling up next to me, i turned back around and he came and sat next to me, he looked at me and started shaking his head.

Kayleigh - what?

Louis - what are we gunna do with you

Kayleigh - look if you wanna moan at me for sleeping with liam fine go ahead but you will have to get in line after Hanna And Olivia

Louis - well actually i cut him off

Kayleigh - i just told you i slept with liam didnt i

Louis -yup

i put my head in my hands

Kayleigh - oh god soon everyones going to know

he put his arms around me and gave me a hug, oh how i do love this boy sometimes

Louis - its ok i saw you i stared at him confused

 Louis - when you were asleep i went to check on you cause i didnt know whether you were okay but you were asleep on liam

Kayleigh - oh..okay then

Louis - its okay , i havent told Harry

Kayleigh - you think i should though right?

Louis - yes i think you should

Kayleigh - I dont know how to though, he wont take it good

Louis - no offence but anyone getting told their girlfriend slept with their best mate wont take it good

Kayleigh - see that way sounds so harsh and we didnt even do anything, he just stayed with me cause i didnt want to be left alone

Louis - i know but would you rather he find out from you or someone else?

Kayleigh -...from me

Louis -exactly if it came from you maybe you can discuss things, but if it comes from someone else god knows what he will do

Kayleigh - i hate it when your right

Louis - you must do that alot then we laughed he stood up and he pulled me up too

Louis - come on their waiting for us

Kayleigh - Us? whats your excuse?

Louis - food

Kayleigh - so if you go back empty handed then wont they suspect something?

He stared at me for a minute

Louis - good point, thats the most cleverest thing youve ever said

Kayleigh - pfft im always clever

he raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak but i quickly thought of something to say

Kayleigh - dont argue against that

we laughed and i gave him a hug

Kayleigh - thanks lou your the best

Louis - i know now lets go and get something to eat. i nodded and we went back inside, when we got food we went and sat back down with the others, Harry put an arm around me but i blanked out from everyone, i want to stay with harry but i like liam, but it feels like i like liam more.

Grace's P.O.V

when lou came back with Kayleigh he said he would tell me later, i knew exactly what it was about so i nodded and went back to my food, we had lunch went back to the boys house then went to the studio the boys couldnt stay so they went back home whilst we followed one of the workers to the meeting room

Simon - so do you have a band name already?

ermm we had forgotten about that and we looked nervous

Hanna - girls movement?

Liv - true love?

Grace - heart dollar?

he shook his head

Simon - we need something catchy

Kayleigh - j'adore

Hanna - what on earth is that?

Kayleigh - spanish i think?

shes so stupid, im going to cry we all began laughing even simon couldnt hold in a small chuckle

Grace - its french babe she blushed and looked down

Kayleigh - i knew that

Grace - course

we all laughed

Simon - it has potential

Olivia - how did you think of that?

Kayleigh - i dont actually know

she stood up and walked over to the shelves pulling out a french dictionary

Hanna - Kayleigh what are you doing?

Kayleigh - trying to find out what it means we all laughed

grace - it means i love you

Kayleigh - perfect j'adore j'adore j'adore, j'adore...

Grace - okay you can shut up now

she blushed and sat back down

Simon - so is J'adore is going to be your new band name, now what type of music are you going to produce?

Hanna - pop

Olivia - dance!

Grace - techno

Kayleigh - anything he laughed and turned to his PA

Simon - i hope you got that

she nodded

Simon - okay what type of song do you wanna release as your first single?

Grace - what like fast or slow

he nodded

Liv - think a fast song it would be good as a first single, then a slow one next

Simon - well it depends on how well the first does

Hanna - but if it does well then we can produce a second single?

simon - i dont see why not

we all smiled and carried on talking and came up with some ideas and decided that we would start right away and begin the next day, lou came and picked us up and we went back to the boys house, Me niall louis zayn Hanna liam Olivia Kayleigh and jo were in the lounge

Kayleigh - wheres Harry?

the boys were quiet

Kayleigh - guys where is harry!

they didnt say anything im kinda worried and Kayleigh stood up clearly angry

Kayleigh - guys if you dont tell me im going to do something to you then you will regret not telling me

they still didnt say anything wow they were brave


Louis stood up and went over to her

Louis - Kayleigh....Harry's not here

she was still mad


i stood up and went in between them

Grace - Now Kayleigh just stop!

Kayleigh - FINE!

She was about to shout something which would have been so unattractive when i pulled her in for a hug she began crying no one else could here before i whispered in her ear

Grace - he cant be far away

We pulled apart and she wiped her eyes, thats when i saw harry in the doorway, his eyes were bright red and puffy, i think he had been crying too, my mouth dropped and Kayleigh noticed and turned around

Harry - im the one that should be crying

she looked confused

Kayleigh - What do you mean?

Harry - i mean what i say

Kayleigh - I dont know what your on about it was his turn to go bright red with anger


Kayleigh didnt like his anger and began to retaliate

Kayleigh - IM STUPID!



Harry - FINE!


Harry stood there shocked although Kayleigh was quite taken back realising that she might have said the wrong thing

Louis - i need a drink...anyone coming

we all nodded and ran to the kitchen, a few minutes later Harry and Kayleigh walked in, we all stood in silence as they got a drink

Louis - so...

Kayleigh went to liam and hugged him, he looked confused but hugged her back, you could tell she was whispering stuff to him because he was whispering back, Harry stared, his eyes full of anger jealousy and sadness, im guessing they are completely broken up, Kayleigh let go of liam and walked to Harry, she lifted her hands behind her neck and took off her necklace, she put it in Harrys hands and walked out, as soon as she left Harry fell to the floor, i slunk down beside him and put my arm around him

Harry - she hates me

Grace - genius

he stared me me

Grace - sorry

Harry - its ok im going to bed

he stood up i was about to say something when he spoke

Harry - forget it were over. end of

and with that he walked out with his head held low, i turned to Liam

Liam - what?

I walked up to him and got right in his face

Grace- what did she say to you?

Liam - nothing important

grace - so it wont hurt to tell me them?

he stayed quiet

liam - im going to bed

he walked out

Grace - you touch Kayleigh your dead got it?

he ignored me and climbed up the stairs to bed i turned to everyone who just stared

Louis - so overall a good day then?

I slapped his chest playfully and went to bed, later on that night when everyone was asleep i decided to go and get a drink , i put on louis top i crept up to the door there were lights on and i heard voices inside, i peeked through and saw Kayleigh and Liam in a make out session, my mouth dropped, i froze i couldnt believe it, the day she split with harry she begins making out with his best mate wearing practically nothing he was topless and she had her top off too, seriously if they were going to do that why not somewhere else, i just cant get over the face, i accidentally pushed the door a little it made a squeaking nose, i closed my eyes dreading the worse, when i opened them they were still on their make out session the only difference is he was on her! i cant believe those two , i made my way back upstairs and to walk to my room when someone pulled me in the bathroom , i tried to scream but they covered my mouth, i opened my eyes to see a tired Harry, and he let go of my mouth

Grace - wow thanks for the warning

Harry - sorry i wanted to ask you something

Grace - whats up?

Harry - your Kayleigh's best mate right?

Grace - i suppose whats up?

Harry - well i miss her already so i was going to ask her out tomorrow, take her to a film and a meal and ask her then

Oh poor boy

Grace - so why did you need me?

Harry - well i was wondering would you and lou be my wing people

i looked down and he pulled my head up

Harry - will you? please im begging you , i really miss her and ive just realised how much i care about her

i cant crush him i just cant, i looked into his eyes and instantly saw the pain, i thought of Kayleigh and Liam and what they are doing right now, it pained me to think of it, not just because its rough in many ways but the fact Harry has no clue

Grace - Harry... i need to tell you something...

Harry - whats up?

Grace - Kayleigh ... well she might not want to be with you at the moment

Harry - what do you mean

Grace - maybe she needs space

Harry - oh okay like a couple of weeks or something

Grace - yeah something like that

he smiled and gave me a hug

Harry - cheers Grace i knew i could count on you

Grace - ha its not a problem

my voice turned into a whisper

Grace-... yet

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