Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


16. Performance for Simon

Kayleighs P.O.V

Im seriously going to kill the guys for this, we were all sitting in the lounge after the longest shipping trip ever, there must have been well over 400pounds worth of clothes on the floor, we were trying to find something to wear for meeting simon, i was so nervous, i was sitting on the sofa with my legs over harry, he must have felt me shaking as he pulled me closer and whispered

Harry - you cold ?

Kayleigh - nope just nervous

Harry - you will be fine promise

He winked at me, i have to admit i do get comforted by his winks, i smiled to prove i felt better

Harry - i have something for you

Kayleigh - what?

Harry - follow me He stood up and pulled me to the kitchen

Kayleigh - so what is it?

 He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box and gave it to me

Harry - open it I opened it slowly, once it was fully opened i saw a gold necklace with a ruby rose on the end, it was beautiful every time the ruby caught the light it, glistened, i slammed it shut and gave it back

Kayleigh - i cant take this he pushed it back to me

 Harry - yes you can and you will

i looked up and he flashed a winning smile, he leaned in and i smiled knowing what was coming next, just as we were about to kiss Louis walked in

Louis - sorry am i interrupting?

Harry sighed and pulled back

Harry - no you go right ahead Ouch sarcy much!

Louis - okay I couldnt help but laugh as Louis went and carried on, grace walked in and took a quick look at louis fetching carrots, harrys face and the box, and my pleading face then she walked over to louis grabbed his arm and pulled him out

Louis - what are you doing

Grace - giving them two some peace

Louis - but harry...

Grace - no but harrys, now come on carrot boy

Louis - actually its carrot man, its a mixture of carrot boy and superman...carrotman! Grace laughed

Grace- whatever come on

Louis - fine they both walked out, harry turned to me about to speak when louis burst in again, harry sighed

Harry - what now?

Louis tried to look innocent

Louis -forgot my carrots He walked and picked them up, gave us a smile as he walked out and shut the door, i burst out laughing, i took the necklace and held it out to Harry

Kayleigh - put it on me will ya?

i smiled his face lit up, he accepted it and turned me around, i moved my hair out of the way, i felt his soft hands put the necklace around my neck, with he clipped it together he let it drop onto my neck, he spun me around and kissed me, i couldnt stop laughing though and pulled away laughing more

Harry - you just ruined the moment

i was still laughing

Kayleigh - im sorry

i put my arms around his neck and he secured his around my waist

Harry - I love you Kayleigh

Woah! Woah!!? where did they come from, me and the L word dont go well together

Kayleigh - err i love you too Harry

He kissed me again and then took my hand and pulled me into the lounge and i sat next to him, he put one arm around me and the other one in his lap, i cant believe i actually said it! i havent said it since my ex, as much as i liked Harry, i wouldnt normally go that far, would i ?

Hanna's P.O.V

Something was wrong with Kayleigh we can all see it, ever since shes come back from the kitchen with harry shes been quiet and daydreaming, time for the best friends to get in the way, texting would be the easiest

Hanna- oi slag whats up?? ;) xx h

er face formed in a smile when she read it, harry tried to read it but she didnt let him see

Kayleigh - nothing im fine xx

Hanna - LIAR! ;) x

Kayleigh - Nothing its something small

Hanna - so it wont hurt to tell me, so spill babes :P xx

Kayleigh - Harry used the 3 words with the L one in the middle xx

hanna - :L xx

Kayleigh - i know :/ x

Hanna - what did you say

Kayleigh - i love you too xx

 Hanna - your a beaut blonde idiot ;) x

Kayleigh - i know i havent said anything like that since the ex who shall not be named

Hanna - i know babes, we cant change the past, but you need to ask yourself do you <3 Harry? xx

Kayleigh - i dunno xx

Hanna - give it time xx

Kayleigh - okay :P x

Hanna - now lets get some clothes sorted

Kayleigh - okay thanks :) x

Hanna - anytime x

we put our phones away and we began rummaging through the clothes, she found a blue hoddie and lobbed it at harry, and pulled out, mid wash denim ripped jeans, she took the hoodie off Harry and went to get changed

Harry - can i come?

She smiled and shook her head and he sulked. I grabbed bright blue trousers and a simple top and a new look jacket, and followed her, i found her crying on the bottom step, gosh i hate seeing people like this

Hanna - whats wrong?

Kayleigh - nothing

Hanna - you thinking about 'the ex who shall not be named'

and she giggled slightly

Kayleigh - partly, hanna can i ask you something

Hanna - sure

Kayleigh - would you tell zayn if you slept with his best mate but didnt do anything?

Hanna - well aslong as nothing happened and i had a good reason then yea i suppose so

Kayleigh - wouldnt you be scared if he left you I had to think about this Hanna' thats a risk i would take, can i ask you something now?

Kayleigh - yea

Hanna - why are you asking me this she looked up and me

Kayleigh - ive slept with liam OMG! Is all i can think

Hanna - are you serious

Kayleigh - yes but we didnt DO anything

Hanna - okay thats it we will sit here til you told me everything

Grace's P.O.V

When Kayleigh And Hanna walked in they had got changed they looked great but Kayleigh had puffy eyes, i looked her and she mouthed 'later' i nodded and left it at that, Kayleigh sat between Harry and Liam, gosh she must be confused, we found out Jo and Josh have got back together they just had a small argument! anyway theres only so much Kayleigh's little brain can take, Zayn Hanna Liv and Niall were taking the other car, they journey was silent til lou put the radio on, Justin bieber - boyfriend was on Oh i love this song i started dancing, and lou looked at me wierdly and i stared at him confused, he nodded his head to the back , iturned around to see Kayleigh giving me an evil look, but it was also a confused look ,Harry and Liam were both looking out of the window, i remembered how she likes both of them and i quickly changed the station Mika - stuck in the middle came on, i turned and Kayleigh folded her arms, i panicked and changed it again, lemar - what about love? today isnt my lucky day!

Louis began pushing all of the buttons, justin bieber and sean kingston - eenie meenie, avril lavinge - when your gone, james blunt - your beautiful, sugarbabes - about you know,! i dunno how it happened but when louis pushed one of the buttons the radio turned off, we say in silence

louis - well that solves alot of things

we pulled up to a huge building, i turned to see Kayleigh with a wide mouth

Grace - catching flies there Kayleigh ?

she shut her mouth and linked her arms with mine, Jo Hanna and Liv linked around and now were in one big chain

Grace - well girls here we go we smiled and went into the building which could change our lives forever!

Olivia's P.O.V

I was sat outside simons office shaking, i mean seriously, i cant believe it, the simon cowell ,im going to faint, however the boys went off to sort out business for their album. which was bad cause i needed a hug right now!

Olivia - how you feeling

Kayleigh - terrible

Olivia - i know the feeling i...

Kayleigh - no you dont, you dont know how it feels when harry says he loves you but the night before you slept with his best mate liam

i was shocked,

i knew she liked the both but this was too far,

i was about to speak when simons PA walked out of the door

PA -simon will see you now

We all exchanged looks and walked up to the door and the PA shut the door behind us, simon stood up and shook our hands, i was so starstruck

Simon - so the boys tell me you can see

Grace - well...

Simon - well lets see if your worth the money he went and sat behind his desk

Simon - entertain me we all looked at eachother smiled and sang our hearts out

Harry's P.O.V

Ive never been so bored in my life, me Niall zayn liam and louis were sitting in a circular table with our album producers directors video crew and everyone we worked with, i wanted to see the girls, i looked at the boys who were bored, i sighed, thats it im leaving, i stood up

Harry - i need the loo

they nodded and i walked out and text louis

Harry - get out here and bring the others

Louis - working on it A few minutes later the boys walked out, Zayn and Liam covered with pen, nialls hair a mess and louis looked like he had been crying

Harry - do i wanna ask?

Zayn - well me and liam had a pen fight,i got niall in a headlock and Lou...

Louis interrupted as usual

Louis - my fish died

Harry - again?

he nodded hes so strange its cute

Harry - im surprised it works everytime We all laughed

 Niall - so where are the girls?

I shrugged

Liam - simons office

We all just stood there nodding with cheeky smiles on our faces, we all ran off to find simons office

Kayleighs P.O.V

We decided to cover One Direction, which is actually quite funny, we thought it would be easier if we sang a certain person, i sang Harrys (obviously), Grace had Louis, Hanna had Zayns, Olivia had Nialls and Jo had liams and we all sang moments!

it was our favourite song! at first we didnt sound to great it was nerves but when it got to the chorus we heard the door open behind us, but no one turned around, i heard footsteps and behind appeared Harry Liam Niall Louis and Zayn, they began to sing with us, simon didnt say anything, when we finished we hugged and thanked the boys and then turned to simon, i hate it when he shows no expression, Harry grabbed my hand and i smiled and then simon looked at the floor.

Simon - well you girls a brilliant singers...and you get on great with the boys Oh crap its obviously a no Simon - i have made a decision, and im sorry to say that...

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