Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


12. Out

Kayleigh's p.o.v


Honestly my head is going to die if i keep hearing bangs and whacks


We all sat up slightly confused


It was coming from the lift doors we were being rescued, i looked at harry and he smiled back

Harry - were getting out of here babes

Everyone was confused

Hanna - did you just call her babes?

Louis - i believe he did

me and harry kept blushing

Niall - so are you two together

Grace - i think they are

Olivia - well its sorta obvious

Zayn - guys personally i think we should let them answer

Liam - so are you?

Harry - yeah were together it happened last night but we wanna keep it a secret


The door rattled as our rescuers tried to get in


Harry's P.O.V


I cant believe were getting out, all the girls needed a bit of help considering they were really tired and havent eaten, well neither have we but they seemed weaker, Kayleigh took off Liams hoodie and gave it back to him !

Niall - i cant wait to show my girl to the world

Olivia blushed and grabbed Nialls hand and he kissed her on the cheek

Zayn - okay remember Harrys and Kayleighs relationship stays secret

Everyone nodded and i felt really glum when Kayleigh let go of my hand


Liams P.O.V

Right well im with Joanna know and im quite happy about that, yes i still have a couple feelings deep down but there disappearing quickly, all the girls stepped back so it went Olivia, Grace, Kayleigh, Hanna and Joanna, they all held hands as the light came though, a small gap i can see a few ambulances paramedics body guards and screaming fans! lots of them


Niall's P.O.V

 Well here goes nothing Liv let go of my hand so she could be with her friends which i understood, the boys and me stood infront of the, in some way it felt like we were protecting them, inch by inch the doors began to slide open, cameras began flashing everywhere and girls were screaming outside, i felt a hand grab mine, i turned around and saw a panicked Olivia, i pulled her into a hug and she buried her face into mine and i tried shielding her from the bright lights, i couldnt do anything but whisper

Niall - everything will be fine i promise

i felt her smile, i hope i can keep that promise, i heard what some girls do when their favourite celebrity gets a girlfriend!

Zayns P.O.V

Hanna had her friends hands, the doors were wide open and everyone was in view, the paramedics saw the girls and pushed past us and helped the girls over to the ambulances for check up, niall had gone over to, to check Liv who had broken down in tears, bless her, Louis was with Harry talking to press and fans, Liam was explaining everything to the producers, i was about to go check Hanna when 5 girls came jumping up and squealing excitedly.

girl 1 -omg zayn i love you so much

girl 2 - your the best yeah

yeah im not bothered, im happy with the support i sighed stuff and took pictures both by the press and fans, but the only thing that stayed in my mind was Hanna

Louis' P.O.V

After dealing with fans and press i suddenly remembered Grace, i was about to go and kiss her when i remembered Hanna, i walked away and typed in hannahs number and pressed the green button

Hannah - hello

Lou - hey han is me

Hannah - oh hey i have something to tell you

Louis - me too

Hannah - you first

Louis - well i was going to erm...

Hannah - going to what?

Louis - can you go first please

Hannah- fine i was going to ask if we could break up

Louis- really?

Hannah- yeah i have alot of things going on and i dont want a boyfriend right now

Louis - okay

Hannah - your not annoyed right?

Louis - me? no course not i was going to do the same actually

Hannah - oh really

Louis - yeah are you annoyed

Hannah - no im okay

Louis - can we still be friends

Hannah - yes of course

Louis- okay i was starting to get worried

Hannah- yeah anyways i have to go

Louis - yeah ok i will call you later

Hannah- yeah sure bye

louis - bye

I hung up and put my phone in my pocket, i smiled happy that we could be friends, i walked over to everyone Grace looked at me questioningly, i nodded and she smiled, i instantly ran over to her and pulled her into a hug, picking her up and twirling her around, she explained that the doctors said we would be okay we needed food and sleep, i hugged her again this is perfect!


Olivias P.O.V

The doctors were nice, i was probably the weakest cause i broke down crying although Niall had a firm hold of me, the doctors handed me a blanket which Niall wrapped around me and pulled me into a hug, and they handed me some water and food

Doctor - here this should make you feel better

I had some water and them gave some to Niall, and everytime i pulled out a biscuit i broke it in half and gave one half to Niall

Niall - thanks, i have to go and find Zayn will you be okay for a minute?

i nodded slowly and he kissed my forehead to find zayn

Hanna's P.O.V


After the doctor checked everything, i wanted to find Zayn but i turned and saw Dan there, oh i should have mentioned this Dan is my boyfriend and i planned on breaking up with him now, he looked really worried but i ran up to him and hugged him

Hanna - i need to tell you something

Dan - can i ask you something first

Hanna - yea

dan - have you been stuck in a lift with them for 2 days?

Hanna - yeah why?

dan - so you havent spoken to Macauley yet?

Hanna - no why

Dan - oh dont worry hes just stirring up rumours

Hanna - like what?

Dan - it doesnt matter

Hanna - yes it does hang on

Dan -what are you doing?

Hanna - Im calling him

Dan - dont he snatched my phone

Dan - ignore everything he says

Hanna - i will i just want to know

Dan - NO he grabbed my arms and looked into my eyes

Dan - dont call him okay?

Seeing him like this made me a bit scared i nodded and he let me go, seeing my chance i turned around and ran as fast as i could to Kayleigh who was chatting to Niall and Zayn

Hanna - quickly ring macauley and ask what hes saying about Dan

She gave me a questioningly look then shook it off and got her phone, dialing his number and held the phone up to her ear, looking around Dan had noticed i was gone so he disappeared and so had most of the fans, but people were still talking to the press, i must have zoned out because when i looked at Kayleigh she was looking at her phone.

Hanna - so whats he saying ?

Kayleigh - more like whats Dan done!

Hanna - what are you on about?

i grabbed her phone to see Dan making out with some blonde girl with his hands all over her, i stood there frozen when i felt two hands wrap around my waist, i looked up to see Zayn smiling at me

Zayn - you dont need him

Hanna - i know

i smiled and gave Kayleigh her phone


Grace's P.O.V

So as long as we eat and sleep properly we should be fine, me and Louis have kissed a few times since we got out so people know were together, people also know about niall and liv and hanna and Zayn!

i walked over to Liam who was sat eating biscuits, and slumped next to him

Grace - you okay

Liam - yeah

Grace - liar

Liam - she wont hate me will see?

Grace - she shouldnt do if she does then ill break her legs

he laughed

Liam - fine well i have Jo now anyway so im feeling better we smiled at each other then Louis came over and helped me up, i looked at Liam and saw he had gone back to his biscuits and Jo is walking over to comfort him

Grace - everything is fine he looked up and smiled, and started talking to Jo before she kissed him, well i think their together now hopefully

Kayleigh's P.O.V

Niall was explaining what the doctors told him and Liv

Kayleigh - so plenty of food rest and water?

Niall - pretty much so anything we didnt have in the lift we needed

Kayleigh - oh so TV phone signal, showers make up

Niall - yeah i get your point, just food water and rest then deal with everything else

Suddenly harry appeared next to us slightly out of breath.

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