Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


20. I know, but im still scared

Hanna's p.o.v

Michael-.... your pregnant

Harry let go of Kayleigh and walked over to the doctor

Harry - shes pregnant?

Michael - you heard me

and then he turned to Kayleigh

Michael - your expecting a child

zayn stood up

Zayn - what about hanna?

matt- well shes not pregnant

louis - what do you mean

michael - shes ill

matt - very ill

Hanna - how am i?

i stood in to try and prove them wrong but fell to the floor and zayn bent down beside me

Zayn - so what can you do?

Michael - thats the thing theres not much we can do

Zayn - what do you mean!?

Matt - were sorry we cant do alot


Harry's p.o.v


pregnant? shes pregnant? i cant believe it,

i looked up from zayn who was carrying Hanna out the door,

Kayleigh was hugging and crying into Louis chest, i was speechless and shocked. Louis gestured me to hug Kayleigh so i grabbed her from behind, louis let go and walked out, she turned to face me her eyes were red from tears

Kayleigh - im pregnant?

harry - i know

we stood and gazed into each others eyes

Kayleigh - are you gonna leave me?

Harry - no! of course not, i wouldnt leave you if the world came crashing down she smiled and leant closer,

i hugged her back, but i sighed, shes pregnant.


Louis - p.o.v


we went back to the car, zayn was with Hanna he looked up whilst Hanna was crying

Louis - you okay?

Zayn - no can you take us somewhere?

Louis - anywhere

Zayn - i was thinking to the ferry i wanna go away for a few days to calm down with Hanna

louis - you sure?

zayn - yes just me and Hanna

 I pulled out my phone and called harry but didnt need to do anything because he already got into the car with Kayleigh and we drove to the ferry in silence, the girls said goodbye to each other

Louis - be careful

Zayn - thanks

Harry - make sure shes ok

Zayn - i will

 he turned to both of us 

Zayn - thanks for everything

we smiled and he walked over to Hanna and Kayleigh, he gave Kayleigh a hug then boarded the ferry with Hanna, Kayleigh came over slowly and hugged harry

Louis - back to the car?

harry nodded and helped Kayleigh into the car, because Zayn and Hanna werent with us

Harry went in the back, when we got home it turns out Kayleigh fell asleep on Harry, he smiled as we carried her side, we put her down on harry's bed and she stirred slightly but eyes remained shut, i bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead, it didnt mean anything, it was a kiss a brother would give his sister, she is practically my younger sister!


Liams p.o.v

i didnt see anyone arrive but when i walked to the loung louis was sitting talking to Grace

Liam - whats happened?

Louis -Kayleighs pregnant, and Hanna has a disease, but only a slight chance it will completely disappear so zayn and hanna went away for a few days

liam - shes pregnant?

louis - thats what i just said

liam - where is she?

louis - asleep

liam - oh...and Hanna?

Louis - on a holiday

liam - oh okay ill send her a text

he nodded and i walked out to the kitchen and saw Kayleigh so i walked over

liam - hey

Kayleigh - hey

liam - lou told me about the baby

Kayleigh - yeah i guess the news travels quickly huh?

then Niall and Olivia walked in

Niall - lou told us about Hanna and Kayleigh

Liam - yeah niall - is she okay?

liam - i dont know, have you spoke to hanna

Niall - no they didnt answer

liam - oh

i walked over to Kayleigh and Olivia, kissed Kayleigh's head and nodded at olivia, she smiled and comforted Kayleigh, then i went outside and sat on the grass, i cant believe she is pregnant


Kayleigh's p.o.v


Well thats put a few things on home, i told Niall and Olivia the full story when Louis and Grace walked in and gave me a hug then Niall and Liv walked off

Louis - so do you want a boy or girl?

Kayleigh - i just...i dont know

Louis - its okay you dont need to say anything


Liams p.o.v


Kayleigh rejected a hug from harry, which was a first we grabbed a drink and walked outside and sat on the bench and he sighed

Harry - what am i gunna do?

Liam - what do you mean?

Harry - well kayleigh is pregnant

Liam - i know you gotta let her deal with this too

Harry - thats why shes with Louis

Liam - exactly other than you she adores louis there like brother and siser

Harry - true i just dont want her to get hurt

Liam - no one does that is why we have to let her do her own thing

Harry - yeah

the door beside us opened and Kayleigh stood there, her eyes were red but she werent crying, i got up and walked inside


Harry's P.O.V


Kayleigh came and sat down beside me

Kayleigh - Oh harry

Harry - yes babe?

Kayleigh -the whole pregnant thing it scares me

Harry - you'll me fine

Kayleigh - i know but im still scared 


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