Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


7. Have You Ever Been Lying Down With Your Eyes Shut But Wide Awake?

Kayleigh's p.o.v

Have you ever been lying down with your eyes shut but your wide awake? well i had to because the boys are all awake are quietly talking, and how come i always wake up in Harry's lap?

i have to stop, maybe if i stay quiet i can hear their conversation

Niall - well you have to decide its killing her

Liam - i might aswell give up, im kinda falling for Joanna anyway

Louis- you sure?

Harry - you dont have too, i will let you have her if you want her

Liam - i do like her but im falling for Jo more

Harry - well we cant keep arguing over her

Louis - well done now first to say her name gets her GO

Harry + liam - Kayleigh

Zayn - shh youll wake the girls

Niall - and me

Zayn - your already awake shut up

Niall - oh yea

Louis- your more blonde than Kayleigh sometimes and thats saying something

RUDE! im not that stupid anyway stay cool and carry on listening

Niall - well Olivia mine and thats that

Zayn - fine but Hanna is mine

Louis- dont touch Grace!

Liam - hello? can we get to the main problem

Harry - shes wearing your hoodie

Liam - shes on your lap how much more can anyone want

Harry - i could sit like this forever her on my lap but it wont happen when she wakes up everything changes lets face it, she wont ever like me

liam - no its okay you like her and she obviously likes you back and i like Jo anyway so now its my turn to get Jo

Louis - honestly just decide who has her

Liam - Harry

Niall - well thats sorted we will help Kayleigh fall for Harry while liam gets Jo

Zayn- but she hates Harry

Louis- let me talk to her

rest of the boys - NO!

Louis - woah wheres the faith in the carrots?

Niall - outside the lift

Zayn - but were inside

Liam - ill talk to her

Harry - wont that be awkward?

Liam - no she will listen to me

Zayn - hes right out of all of us she probably trust him the most

Niall - okay so we decide Liam does the talking and we will get the other girls to help

Harry - cheers ok so now everyone is trying to get me with harry. Grace

Niall - well im going to sleep

Zayn - same im tired night guys

They all say goodnight and settle down, i was about to open my eyes when i felt soft fingers run through my hair and i knew it was harry, he slowly came to a slow and whispered in my ear

Harry - sweet dreams

Louis was the only one awake obviously cause he talked

Louis- nah thanks bud

Harry - i was talking to Kayleigh

Louis - shes asleep? she wont hear you

Harry - so what she doesnt know cant hurt her Louis - what do you mean?

Harry - look if shes awake she wouldnt let me do this

I didnt know what he was doing until i could feel his breath on my face, i felt his soft lips gently brush my cheek

Harry - see?

Louis - maybe you should tell her how you feel

Harry - i cant

Louis - lets here the non-existent excuses then

Harry - well youve seen how she acts towards me

Louis - so? trust me talk to her

Harry - fine but dont expect a good outcome

Louis - whatever night bro

Harry - yeah night

Harry's P.O.V

Kayleigh looks peaceful lying there, i wish we could stay like this forever, i havent known her long but i feel like we were made for each other, louis has fallen asleep already, hes sorta flopped on Grace, they look like a match made in heaven, i hope i could be the same with me and Kayleigh, maybe.

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