Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


10. Harry + Kayleigh....Be Apart

Harry's P.O.V

That actually hurt so much, i look around and Kayleigh and Louis were staring at me with blank expressions

Harry - er it was the lifts fault for being in the way

Louis - thats my excuse

Harry - how is it i had it first

Louis - didn't, i whacked my head earlier, which is why me and Kayleigh are awake

Kayleigh - the idiot was trying to get comfortable

Harry - i know the feeling

There was an awkward silence, should i tell her, i looked at lou who was very sneakily looking from me to kayleigh, i can see his point but im too nervous what if she rejects me? that would be pure embarrassment!

Louis- so...guys im tired night lucky guy i wish my life was simple

Harry - night bro

Kayleigh - night lou thanks for earlier

she smiled

earlier? has she been talking to him behind my back? maybe it was about me, or liam? a few minutes passed and louis was asleep already

harry - are you tired?

Kayleigh - a little what about you?

harry - same i don't think i want to go to sleep

Kayleigh - why im shattered

harry - well go to sleep

Kayleigh - i don't want to

Harry - neither do i

Kayleigh - well why don't you want to?

Harry - i would ask you the same thing

Kayleigh - your right you could ask but might not get an answer

shes feisty

Harry - ouch you've touched my nerves

Kayleigh - no i haven't im sitting over here i cant reach shes so blonde, im going to cry

harry - its an expression baby, something only intelligent people can work out

Kayleigh - so definitely not me then ?

Harry - nope not you we both laughed

Harry - do you wanna move so we wont wake anyone

Kayleigh - how we cant go outside the lift

Harry - no i mean like do you wanna like....lie in-between my legs so you know...we don't have to speak loud she raised an eyebrow and a smile smile crept on her mouth

Kayleigh - crap excuse there Harry

Harry - i didn't mean it like that

Kayleigh - did

Harry - didn't

Kayleigh - did

Harry - didn't

Kayleigh - trust me i have met millions of guys like you

Harry - i didn't mean it like that honest

Kayleigh - yeah you did

Harry - i know i did

she stared at me with a blank expression, along comes another awkward silence

Kayleigh - really? don't lie to her Harry

Harry - yeah, but i understand its a crap idea

Kayleigh - shut up and open your legs.

Harry - you moaned at me for something sounding bad then you come out with that!? she giggled

Kayleigh - i know i moved a bit so she had some space as she climbed over everyone and plonked in-between my legs, i put my arms around her waist as if holding her to make sure she won't escape

Kayleigh - so what do you wanna do? Harry - well theres not much we can do!

Kayleigh - good point i smiled to myself as she lean't back into my chest, completely relaxed, without realizing i put my head on hers, we must have looked so complete right now, and no one was awake to see it, i preferred it that way, she sighed gently and then i sighed back, then we burst out laughing, Hanna moved slightly she was literally lying on top of Zayn, i wish i could do that

Kayleigh - they look cute don't they i sighed again

Harry - yeah they do

Kayleigh - and Lou and Grace

Harry - and Liv and Niall

Kayleigh - and Jo and Liam, oh and us

OMG! did i just hear that right? she said we looked cute, i was speechless she finally said it

Harry - in what way?

Kayleigh - what do you mean?

Harry - well were friends and there all in relationships with each other,

Oh i forgot to mention we got Jo and Liam together

Kayleigh - who's to stop us?

Harry - not me

Kayleigh - i'm pretty sure i'm not

Kayleigh's p.o.v

i cant believe im saying this, its all just coming out, theres no stopping now

Kayleigh- and itwouldn't work out

Harry - of course there are all the fans

Kayleigh - obviously and we would be apart for ages

Harry - yea we would and it would put strain on everything that we could have

Kayleigh - true

Harry - we just weren't meant to... Harry + Kayleigh....Be apart

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