Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


21. Hanna and Zayn Gone

1 week later

Liam's P.O.V

I suppose were trying to deal with the fact, Hanna and Zayn are gone, they havent been answering our phone calls or texts, were just all sat in the lounge, Harry and Kayleigh were on the sofa he had his hands on her belly Grace was on louis' lap and talking quietly, Jo was with Josh, and Me Liv and Niall were playing bowling on the wii

Liam - get ready for a super shot

Niall - show off

Olivia - just bowl liam

Liam - ok im bowling jeez

i was about to make a killer shot when i was interrupted by the doorbell, Grace jumped up

Grace - ill get it we all nodded and i went back to my bowling, a few seconds later Grace appeared followed by to everyones surprise, Hanna and Zayn, we all ran to them and gave them a huge hug

Niall - ill go and get some drinks

Louis - so where did you go

Zayn - we went to go see Hanna's parents but got bored and missed all the fun so we came back

Harry - its good to have you back

Liam - yeah its been boring

Hanna - well its a good thing im back

Zayn - excuse me?

Hanna - okay were back!

we laughed and niall walked in with cold orange squash we all took a glass and held it in the air

Olivia - lets make a toast

Kayleigh - to what?

Grace - to hanna and Zayn back

Harry - yup and Kayleigh

Kayleigh - what about me?

Louis - he wants to make a toast for you

Kayleigh - but im not hungry

we all laughed and harry kissed her on the cheek

Harry - im not going to make you toast but im going to drink to you

Kayleigh's face looked like she had no clue what was going on

Kayleigh - oh im confused

Zayn - forget it just raise your glass

Kayleigh - okay thats easy

Liam - to zayn hanna Kayleigh Harry, Olivia Niall Me, Louis and Grace everyone tried to repeat but we ended up in a muddle and began laughing

Kayleigh - im getting tired

Harry - wanna go to bed? s

he shook her head

Harry - sure?

Kayleigh - not really, i wanna go to bed but i dont at the same time

Harry - that makes no sense

Kayleigh - yeah it does,

i think she faced everyone

Kayleigh - right?

we all looked at each other then shook our heads but Hanna stood up

Hanna - come on you need your sleep and so do i, so im coming with you

Kayleigh - fine

Zayn and Harry helped Hanna and Kayleigh get up to their rooms, so its just me and Grace, Niall and Liv went into the kitchen

Liam - so glad Hanna and zayn are back?

Grace - yeah life can only get better at the moment

Liam - what about Kayleigh

Grace - what about her?

Liam - shes pregnant

Grace - so?

Liam - the band

she paused and looked down, before she could answer everyone walked in, minus Hanna and Kayleigh

Grace - our band has to split everyone jumped in shock

Harry - no! Louis - you cant!

 Niall - why!

Zayn - its not right Olivia stood up

Olivia -shes right

Louis - how?

Olivia - think about it, one is pregnant and the other has an illness that makes her weak, we cant go on

Grace - shes right, half of our songs are jumpy dance style, we wont be able to jump and dance about with a baby and fainting spells

We all sat down except Grace and Olivia who walked to the door

Olivia - were going to talk to Hanna and Kayleigh

Grace - see you later we nodded and they walked out

Louis- so....there splitting up then?

Niall - sounds like it

Zayn - you know what they're like when they decide to do something

Harry - they wont change their minds

Liam - cant we try?

niall - it wont work

harry - its getting late im going to bed

Louis and Zayn stood up

Louis - same

Zayn - me too night we all said night and niall looked at me

Niall - you okay?

Liam - yeah why wouldnt i be?

Niall - well all the pressure is getting to the girls, i was wondering if it got to you too

Liam - nah im good

Niall - want a drink

Liam - sure we went into the kitchen and got some beer

Niall - to the end of a beautiful band

Liam - to the end of a beautiful band

we clanked our drinks together and drank to all the memories of our brother/sister band


Kayleigh's P.O.V


Harry helped me up in our room and i went to sleep, i woke up with a gentle knock on my door, i rolled over to see Harry fast sleep, i pulled back the covers and stood up, and walked to the door. i opened the door and was about to scream when i felt a hand over my mouth, the person pulled me into the bathroom and shut the door, when the light came on i saw Grace, Olivia and Hanna sat around

Kayleigh - can you tell me why im here

Olivia - our band is splitting up or it needs to

i froze but i could see where they were coming from

Grace - you okay?

Kayleigh - yeah just shocked

Hanna - your telling me, i was halfway through a good dream

Kayleigh - yeah i know right

Olivia - okay we need to talk about this

Grace - shes right, we cant perform our songs under your conditions

Kayleigh - mines only for around 9 months

Hanna - well mine may be for a lifetime!

i looked sorry

Kayleigh - sorry

Hanna - no im sorry i shouted

Kayleigh - its ok i understand

Grace - so we going to have a press conference?

Kayleigh - why a press conference?

Grace - so all newspapers can attend and ask us questions but we dont have to answer them if we dont want to

Kayleigh - oh like about the baby and the illness'

Olivia - okay its decided ill call simon and see if he can arrange one olivia stood up slowly and left

Kayleigh - can i go to bed now?

grace nodded

Grace - need help?

Kayleigh - nah im okay

she nodded and helped Hanna to her room, I walked into mine and shut the door and climbed in the bed and cuddled to Harry, and he stirred slightly, he was sleep but he could tell i needed a hug, he lifted his arm and i crawled under, i sighed and closed my eyes, letting sleep take over again.

Grace's P.O.V


I woke up and slid on Trackies and a hoodie before going downstairs, everyone was in the kitchen eating i walked over and sat inbetween Kayleigh and Louis, he kissed me as i sat down and pulled out some toast

Olivia - i spoke to Simon he agrees with the split, and we have the conference at 4 in the afternoon the boys can have the morning off as long as they attend the conference

the boys nodded

Niall - we will be there

we all nodded and went into our own conversations, once we had finished Harry and Kayleigh went upstairs Niall and Olivia started cleaning the kitchen, they always do that but not sure why, Zayn helped Hanna into the lounge as they were going to watch a film and Liam went outside in the conservatory, he goes there to write songs, Jo was with Josh all night and she is meeting us at the conference, lou and me were the only ones in the kitchen but then he stood up

Louis - do you wanna watch a film with Hanna?

Grace - yeah you coming?

Louis - in a bit i gotta get changed

i nodded and he ran off to get changed, i walked into the Lounge where Hanna and Zayn were on the sofa

Grace - what you watching?

Zayn - toy story 3

Hanna - zayn's choice

Zayn - it was not! you chose it

i wasnt going to listen to this so i walked to them and put my hands over their mouths

Grace - shh i only wanted to know what film you were watching not who chose it jeez!

they shut up and looked at each other and i went to sit down

Hanna - still Zayn's choice

he was about to retaliate when i shot him a death glare, he pulled back and went back to the movie, lou walked in halfway through and sat beside me, as the film ended liam niall Olivia and Jo and Josh walked in

Liam - when are we leaving?

Grace - now would be good

we all nodded and lou went to the door

Louis - ill go get sir curls and blondie we laughed and he walked off, a few minutes later he walked in with harry and Kayleigh, and she had got changed into Harry's trackies and hoodie, probably over one of his tops, we all smiled as we left the house, Jo, Liam Harry and Kayleigh rode with me Louis and Olivia, Niall Zayn and Hanna went in Zayns car, we met simon and he led us into the conference room , he tried to explain what was happening

Simon - right all of the paps are there, your table is at the top ad you will be in a long line, you will be next to your partners the order is for the table is, he pulled out paper and handed it to lou and he turned to us

Louis - the order is Jo, Liam, Kayleigh, Harry, Me, Grace, Hanna,Zayn , Olivia and Niall we all nodded and walked to the door, simon turned to us

Simon - right i have to leave you here, through this door is the stage, you walk on, sit and when they raise there hands and ask the questions, remember you havent got to answer them he turned to Kayleigh

simon - i forgot to congratulate you, so congratulations

Kayleigh -thanks

he walked off and we looked at each other,

Niall - ready?

we all grabbed each others hands and nodded, when Niall opened the door and the cameras flashed at us like lightening, great!


Louis - P.O.V


We all walked on the stage and hands were already up, we all sat down and looked at each other and they nodded, great i pick first, i scanned the room and looked for a friendly-looking reporter, and i pointed to a

woman reporter - can you tell us why the band has to split up?

i looked around and the girls looked down, as i was about to answer olivia looked up

olivia - we have a few problems which has put things on hold and would make it hard to go on as a group this time Olivia pointed to a reporter

reporter - does this problem have anything to do with a love triangle between Kayleigh harry and Liam?

i looked at liam Kayleigh and harry who were looking at the floor

Liam - there is no love triangle, yes me and Kayleigh dated once, but shes back and Happy with Harry. t

his sent the reporters wild and no longer began raising their hands

reporter - do you miss her?

Liam - erm not really were still close friends which is what i wanted

reporter - niall are you still with Olivia

Niall - yes i am, Louis is with grace, Zayn is with Hanna, Kayleigh and Harry, and Jo and Josh

reporter- what happened when the papers caught Louis Harry and Zayn helping Kayleigh and Hanna into the doctors? we all looked down

Zayn - they were ill

reporter- are they okay now?

Zayn - er...yeah

reporter -are any pairs on the verge of splitting up

Grace - no were all happy

Reporter - anything your hiding?

we all looked at each other oh you could fill a lot of books with things they dont know, the baby the illness and the cheating

reporter- will you still see each other now that the band is splitting up?

i was about to say yes when Kayleigh stood up

Kayleigh - no

everyone looked at her in shock and Harry looked up

Harry - yes we will

Kayleigh - no we wont

Harry - ill make it happen

Kayleigh - i dont want it too

everyone gasped

reporter - carry on Kayleigh

Kayleigh - i need a break from everything

Harry - even me

she paused

Kayleigh - excuse me

she pushed her chair out and walked off stage, and everyone turned to me

Louis - what? why are you looking at me?

Grace nodded to the door, i sighed and stood up

Louis - ok, im going i walked off the stage and through the door whilst others carried on questions,

Kayleigh was crying in the corner when i crouched beside her Louis - hey she looked up at me and i pulled my hoodie sleeve longer to wipe her tears

Louis - dont cry everything will be fine

 Kayleigh - no it wont, and you know it

i paused, everything was muddle

Louis - so...are you really leaving us?

she nodded

Kayleigh - i cant stay

Louis - sure you can

Kayleigh - i cant lou im pregnant, my best friend has a incurable disease the band is splitting up, the press are desperate to find out about me and Liam, my dream of becoming a star has crashed, face it my life is over

a tear fell down my cheek

Kayleigh - why are you crying?

Louis - you make it sound like meeting us a mistake

Kayleigh - no i didnt mean it like that

Louis- sure they never do right?

she reached her arm to me but i pulled back and stood up

Louis - maybe you do need to leave

Kayleigh - lou dont do this

Louis - were a mistake remember?

Kayleigh - i didnt-

i cut her off by shaking my head and walking back into the conference room leaving her alone, i walked back on stage and sat in my chair and everyone looked at me

Louis - shes not coming back

they all looked downhearted and i turned to the reporters

reporter - what happened outside with Kayleigh?

i thought about it

Louis - a mistake

then i realised i made a mistake, shes my little sis and i do call her that, why did i do that? i shoved my chair back and ran off stage to bring her back, once i flung the door open Kayleigh was gone, all that was left was her locket Harry got her for her birthday, i picked it up and opened it, it was a locket filled with 4 photos, the first one was them two hugging, the next one was of her Hanna Olivia Jo and Grace in a group hug, before they went on stage, the next on she took herself, it was a picture of one direction, me Harry Niall Zayn and Liam lying topless on the beach, and we sort of buried harry, i smiled as i let the memory fill my head, the last picture caught me the most, it was , me and her, brother and sister, i knew we werent but most people would think its weird but she was my sister, i closed the locket and walked down the hall, i didnt want to face the press anymore, i felt a buzz in my pocket, it was a new message from Harry

Harry - where are you? where is Kayleigh? are you okay?

i deleted the message and carried on walking, why did i do that? gosh im so stupid!

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