Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


19. Good News And Bad

Hanna's P.O.V

I woke up on the sofa with a splitting headache, Zayn was asleep on the floor next to be and i smiled to myself, he stayed with me because he cared, i slowly sat up and walked into the kitchen the lights are off so i kept quiet, i walked to the fridge for a cold drink as i closed the door i heard a sob and froze on the spot and it carried on gently crying, i turned and checked the kitchen, nothing there, i was about to shake it off when i saw that the door to the conservatory was open, i picked up a spoon and held it in defense although i dont really think it would do alot, i put my head up to the door and listened, the crying continued although it didnt sound like a boys, i slowly pushed the door open and walked through to see Kayleigh bunched up on the floor in the corner with her knees to her head, she was crying and i walked over to her

Hanna - whats up she looked up and quickly wiped her tears

Kayleigh -nothing just something in my eye

Hanna - why arent you upstairs with Harry i thought he apologized

Kayleigh - he did and im fine about it and everything else too

Hanna - no your not

Kayleigh - your the one with something wrong with you

Hanna - its not my fault i fainted

Kayleigh - i was on about the spoon behind your back b

ut that too i quickly hid the spoon and sat beside her

hanna - ok i thought it would protect me somehow

she laughed

Kayleigh - what exactly would you do if it was a burglar?

Hanna - hit them?

Kayleigh - with a spoon?

Hanna- okay you win that one

she smiled

Hanna - so are you going to tell me whats wrong, or better still that day when you went out with liam, why did harry wind you up ?

Kayleigh - the ex, jack

Hanna - what did he say?

Kayleigh - i told him jack was a player and he said that 'jack could have found someone different' but he meant it in the way that jack could have gone for someone else but i took it the wrong way, it was my fault

Hanna - babes its never your fault

Kayleigh - really? im pretty sure i over-reacted

Hanna - but you said you didnt

Kayleigh - thats cause i was over-reacting we both sat there a bit confused, we normally have blonde moments like this its completely normal.

Kayleigh - i should stop confusing us then she clutched her stomach

Hanna- you okay?

Kayleigh -yea just feel a bit sick thats all

Hanna - same but i fainted so thats my reason

Kayleigh - yeah well you may have a reason, ive got a coincidence

Hanna - what?

Kayleigh - the day the argument with Harry happened but made up with him the next day, that was the day i started feeling like this

Hanna - nerves?

Kayleigh - honestly your more stupider than me

Hanna - i dont get it though

Kayleigh - nevermind, will you come to the doctors though when everyones awake i wanna check something

Hanna - yea sure i could do with a check up too, i feel so weird

Kayleigh - me too

Hanna - okay lets go to bed then yeah?

Kayleigh - ok

i stood up and pulled her up too, we walked to her room and i went back downstairs to zayn he was awake and on the sofa

Zayn - where were you?

Hanna - taking Kayleigh upstairs shes been feeling sick for a few days so i helped her to bed

Zayn - harry?

Hanna - asleep

Zayn - okay now come over here

i walked over to him and snuggled into his warm body as he put a blanket over us

Hanna- oh Kayleigh is going to the doctors because she wants to check something, and i said i would go too and see if they can sort out my fainting business,

Zayn - sure but lets go to sleep for now yeah?

hanna - okay night love you

zayn - love you too


Harry's p.o.v

i woke up to see Kayleigh still fast asleep next to me, i didnt want to wake her so i slowly climbed out of bed and went over to my wardrobe, i was about to close the doors after chucking some clothes over my head, i felt two dainty hands reach around my waist, i grabbed hold of them and turned around to see Kayleigh smiling up at me

Harry - morning beautiful

Kayleigh - morning

she smiled i winked and gave her a kiss

Kayleigh - oh im going to the doctors

Harry - why?

Kayleigh - err...just check up

Harry - do you want me to come

Kayleigh - please

Harry - okay but can we have breakfast first im starving

Kayleigh - of course she pulled out white ripped skinnys and a small top

Harry - i heard it will be colder today

Kayleigh - fine she walked to my half pulled out jack wills jumper and slid it over her top, she sort of stole which she sometimes wears to bed now

Harry - perfect i jumped off the bed and grabbed her by the waist and slung her back on the bed, she laughed and tried to escape

Kayleigh - i thought you wanted breakfast

Harry - your tasty enough i laughed and pulled the duvet over us


Kayleighs p.o.v


i walked downstairs leaving harry upstairs, and went into the kitchen to see Louis trying to make toast, he was about to shove a knife in the toaster, when i ran to him and whisked it out of his hand

Kayleigh - No lou! lemme make it for you!

Louis - yeah this thing hates me the toast popped up completely black , i laughed when he tried to pull them out without burning himself

Kayleigh - i can see that i moved him out of the way

Kayleigh - like i said, ill make you some just un-burnt he laughed

Louis - thanks your the best

Harry - she definitely is i turned to see harry in the doorway, he smiled at me and i smiled back, looking very sly there Louis - am i missing something?

Kayleigh - nothing of importance

Harry - nothing of importance? that was the most important thing ive ever seen

i laughed

Kayleigh - theres plenty more where that came from

Louis - hello? waiting for my toast here

Kayleigh - oh sorry Lou i turned the toast and began butting them

i felt to hands reach around my body, i tilted my head to the side and saw harry smiling down at me

Harry - your buttering something there

i laughed

Kayleigh - disgusting pig

Louis - im about to eat harry, dont put me off

we all laughed and harry moved, so i could give harry his toast and he began to eat it

Louis - right thats it, i forbid either of you to talk until ive had my toast!

Harry - fine

Louis - shh

he put his finger on his lips and i laughed, harry got a pen and paper and sat opposite lou and began writing

'im hungry too'

i smiled and began he gave me puppy eyes, i smiled and took the pen off him 'toast?' he nodded and i began to make some

Louis - this is amazing but its not fair Harry gets 3 slices and i got 2 i looked at him and raised an eyebrow

Louis - thats nice of you to offer, i would love another slice i laughed and put an extra piece in for him, when they were done i buttered them again when i got another message 'your buttering again ;) xxx' i laughed and put it in harrys hoodie, i gave the boys their toast and walked off, louis called out

Louis - where are you going?

i looked at him remembering he said we couldnt talk, he realised then laughed

Louis - just tell me

Kayleigh -to get changed

Louis - no your not

Kayleigh - yeah i am

Louis - dont you want any toast

Kayleigh -its yours

Louis - so? you can have some if you want

Kayleigh - nah im good i still feel.... oh no its coming up,

i turned and ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet, then i felt four hands on my back, Louis and Harry, Harry pulled me into a hug while Lou flushed the chain

Harry - you need to go to the doctor

louis - ill go start the car harry nodded and lou gave me a quick hug and ran off, then Grace came in and slunk down opposite and i instantly went in for a hug

Grace - oh lou told he hes starting the car

i nodded and then lou came back in

Louis - im ready and Hanna's in there too with Zayn

Harry - you ready?

Kayleigh - im not changed

Harry - i dont care lets go


Zayns p.o.v

Kayleigh and Hanna were crying on the way there, once we got there Harry and Lou carried Kayleigh out, Louis took off his hoodie to cover Kayleigh's face as there were a lot of press, he told us to wait in the car and he could come get us in a second , i agreed and put my jacket around Hanna trying to keep her warm, a few minutes later lou popped back in

Louis - okay theres alot of press

he passed me his hoodie and i helped hanna out, she could barely walk though, i put her arm over one of my shoulders and lou did the same and we slowly walked to the doctors, one we got there the doctor was already there but another doctor came up to us and took over from Louis, we sat her down on the chair and i knelt beside her

Doctor - hello im michael i am your doctor and matt is dealing with your friend

i smiled

zayn - thanks

michael - its okay its the least i could do, now lets take you to my office for an examination without all the press getting in?

she nodded

Michael - okay lets go, we slowly helped her up when he heard harry shout


we turned and saw Kayleigh had fallen to the floor he was holding her head in his hands

Matt - she will be okay, shes just fainted, lets get her into my office

he nodded and lou went over and picked up her legs and Harry carried her body

Hanna - will she be okay?

Michael - yes were going to do tests on both of you then find out whats wrong with you

Michael - im sorry but you have to leave while i diagnose the patient

Zayn - why?

Michael - health and safety

i sighed and walked out and saw Harry and Louis, and i sat down next to them

Zayn - they will be ok right?

Louis - course they will its probably a bad stomach bug

Harry - yeah we waited for ages, or wait it felt like,

until both doors opened and Kayleigh and Hanna walked out they hugged each other and then turned to us.


Hanna's P.O.V


they had taken blood samples and usual check up things and said it would be a good idea if we went back to the waiting room then we could get our information that day, when me and Kayleigh saw each other we hugged for ages then we saw the boys run over to us Harry grabbed Kayleigh and pulled her close, Zayn held me into him telling us that everything will be okay, they helped us over to louis and we both hugged him, we waited for 15 minutes when both doctors walked out

Hanna - well ?

Michael - well theres good news and bad news

Kayleigh - bad first

we all looked confused

Kayleigh - get the bad news over with first then you have the good to look forward too

Harry - make it one long sentence

Matt - fine we analysed both of you and came to a decision

Michael - im afraid you are....  

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