Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


24. Eddie

2 months later


Harry's p.o.v


me and lou had just got back from the shops to pick up something that i had ordered a while ago, we walked into the house and went into the lounge, Kayleigh was sat on the floor playing with Eddie, i walked over to her and sat next to her, i gave her a kiss then gave the baby one, i lent back and she leant on me, i looked at Louis who nodded and left, closing the door behind, i turned to Kayleigh who was smiling whilst watching our child play with a playset Liam bought him the other day, she looked up at me

Kayleigh - why are you looking at me like that?

Harry - just happy your back

she smiled

Harry - what you doing later

Kayleigh - nothing why?

Harry - whats eddie doing?

Kayleigh - nothing, now tell me why!

Harry - fancy going out for dinner?

Kayleigh - the three of us?

i nodded and she nodded back

Kayleigh - sure i cant see anything wrong with that

i smiled and fell back on the floor, and Kayleigh followed, i was about to say something when i felt two hands crawl up my legs, i was going to jump as they came closer to my crotch but i looked down and saw Eddie crawling up, i smiled and he crawled onto my chest and put his head down,Kayleigh stroked his head, and we stayed like that for half an hour when Louis walked in

Louis - woah am i interrupting?

i shook my head

Harry - just a bundle

louis - oh cool

we laughed and he reached up and scooped up eddie, all the lads are now uncles and the girls are aunties, but they call themselves god-dad's and mums, Kayleigh sat up and i followed, we both stood up and she walked to the door

Kayleigh - what time?

harry - err..5?

she nodded and left, i looked at Lou who was holding eddie

Harry - well looks like uncle lou is in charge now

Louis - what?

Harry - gotta get ready

Louis - its half 3

harry - so? have fun

Louis - what?

before i could reply i was out of the door, rushing upstairs to get ready


Kayleigh's p.o.v


5 o clock came quicker than expected, Niall advised me on what to wear considering Olivia was gone to visit her parents and he picked up fashion tips from her, i smiled as i walked out the door holding harry's hand, we got into the car and drove off Dinner went by slowly and we both took it in turns to feed Eddie, we finished and we only had our drinks to finish up before he stood up

Harry - Kayleigh?

Kayleigh - yeah?

Harry - ill be back in a minute

Kayleigh - okay

he smiled and walked off and went to talk to the waiters so i began playing with eddie

Harry - done

Kayleigh - what did you do?

Harry - requested a song

Kayleigh - what one? before he could answer, J'adore + One Direction Stuck Together began playing,

i smiled and let the memories come flowing back, i closed my eyes and let the moments play back, when i opened them harry and eddie were gone, i stood up in shock and was about to rush off when harry, on one knee, and eddie, on his knee blocked my path. I sighed in relief and sat back down

Kayleigh - what are you doing?

Harry - everytime i look at you i miss a heartbeat, you complete me, i love you and when you left it broke my heart, literally i was so shocked i couldnt believe it, id lost an important thing in the world and it was my fault, but when i saw you with eddie it was the happiest day of my life and i cant thank you enough i felt tears well up in my eyes, i leant down to kiss him but eddie interrupted it with a burp, we both laughed

Harry - ruin you daddys moment ed thats okay

eddie laughed and i picked him off harrys leg and sat him on my leg

Harry - where was i?

Kayleigh - not sure

Harry - well i know i havent gone too far

Kayleigh - huh? why what do you mean?

Harry - cause i havent shown you this he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small blue box

Harry - ive just pulled out that box havent i?

i was in shock but managed to nod

Kayleigh - uh huh

harry - crap

Kayleigh - what?

Harry - i was gunna say something else but i forget, so i guess its out he looked into my eyes and i looked around and saw everyone stopped eating and watched us

Harry - will you marry me?

i let a few tears fall down my cheek before nodding and smiling, he smiled and slid the ring on my finger and everyone started cheering


1 year later


Kayleigh's p.ov

Hanna - you look incredible

olivia - only cause i chose it for her

grace - with whos help?

i smiled as i let my best friends double check the dress, today is my big day, the wedding, the newspapers found out quickly and everyone was happy

 Kayleigh - gosh im nervous

Hanna - you'll be fine

Kayleigh - well you were worse on your wedding day Oh i forgot to mention, Hanna got married to Zayn there wedding was so sweet, and right now i should mention after this wedding Olivia and Niall are next, Grace and Louis are engaged and he proposed before the wedding, Jo and Josh, well im not really sure whats happening with them we havent been told yet Then there was a knock on the door knocking me out of my thoughts, Hanna rushed to get it

Hanna - it was niall

Kayleigh - yeah?

hanna- there ready

we nodded and we all went outside, the girls were my bridesmaids obviously, because i dont speak to my parents they were giving me away, kinda, it is weird but i wanted it to happen we stood at the back with the doors closed as soon as the wedding march began the doors opened, everyone stood up to see me walking down with my best friends, it was strange i hate attention anyway but this is just made, Harry was at the front with Lou standing next to him, when i reached them louis gave me a hug and i thanked him, and turned to the girls Hanna look Harrys hand and put mine in his

Hanna - now this is a message from us all, if you hurt her we will break your neck, got it styles?

a few people laughed and he nodded

Hanna - good

I hugged Hanna Jo Olivia and Grace and they went to stand with everyone, and Liam had hold of eddie. the ceremony went SLOW! but now and then harry would squeeze my hand

vicar - i now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride

Harry - do i have to?

everyone laughed and i hit him, he spun me around and leaned into my ear

Harry - i love you Mrs Styles

Kayleigh - love you too mr styles

people aww'ed and he leant closer and gave me a kiss, he grabbed my hand and faced everyone and we walked down the aisle when we got into the limo, harry spoke to the driver before getting in

Kayleigh - what did you say to the driver

Harry - nothing i shook it off when the limo stopped Harry got out and helped me because of the dress, i looked up to see the driver took us home

Kayleigh - werent we supposed to be at the party

Harry -so?

Kayleigh - everyone will wonder where we are

Harry - so ?

he opened a door and pulled me in, there were rose petals everywhere i jumped in shock and jumped into his arms

Kayleigh - this is perfect

Harry - no your perfect i laughed and denied

Kayleigh - this is perfect

Harry - were perfect..

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