Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


2. Being Put Under The Spotlight

Kayleighs P.O.V

Ok just breath everything will be fine we will get out of this mess!

Kayleigh - what are you doing get off me

Harry - sorry but i wasnt the one who grabbed me when the lift broke

Kayleigh - well you were the nearest so i grabbed you for support

harry - sure whatever you say next time grab your new boyfriend what is he on about?

Kayleigh- i dont have a boyfriend

harry - what about you and Liam

Kayleigh - were just friends im allowed to flirt, you of all people should know that I looked away i was right in the middle of 2 friends fighting, liam stayed quiet whilst everyone watched Harry to see what he would say, he opened his mouth to say something but then we heard a crackle

voice -hello is anyone there? one direction? boys? i know you cant reply and are any of you injured? we have sent for someone we dont know how long they will be hang on. we heard muffled voices then another voice came on

voice 2- boys its simon OMFG simon cowell i looked at the girls whilst simon and another voice which was probably some sound technician talked about how it would take 2 days to get someone and....wait what! 2 DAYS! t

his is unbelievable Grace had taken her shoulder off louis and looked angry to be honest i dont see why we should be nice to them they never gave us hints, although i knew the other girls didnt and i felt sorry for them

Zayns P.O.V

Great our covers blown, they know who we are, i dont think the girls are happy Hanna shifted out of the lap and is now in the middle of Olivia and Grace, who have lost physical contact with niall and louis, louis looks upset!

Kayleigh has moved from harry although it was obvious that she would i know she would kill me if i said it out loud but they look like a cute couple

Nialls p.o.v

Well done simon the girls are in tears, this is really awkward

niall - look were sorry that we didnt tell you

The girls gave us all looks which were hard to understand if Hanna hadnt have smiled i wouldnt know what they were thinking, she looked at zayn and he faintly smiled, at least she forgiven him I moved and sat in between Olivia and Grace, Olivias facial expression hasnt changed since they found out

Niall - you okay?

Olivia - yeah just shocked she smiled and i smiled back atleast she was okay, thats the main thing for me


Hanna's p.o.v

well that explains a lot their faces, voices everything really i still cant believe they are one direction, niall said sorry, it looks like liv has forgiven niall, Grace is on the verge of forgiving Louis hes saying so many stupid jokes, i can feel myself laughing at the stupidity. Kayleigh Jo Harry and Liam may not be so simple they are both stuck in the middle, Jo likes liam and liam likes both of them he told me a few minutes ago but hes not sure, and i forgive zayn.


Grace's P.O.V

Ok if i hear another one of Louis terrible jokes im going to end up slapping him but i cant hes got a girlfriend!

Louis - so are you sure your okay?

Grace - yeah why wouldnt i ?

Louis - were in one direction

Grace - so?

Louis - so arent you bothered

Grace - of course i am your brilliant and its still weird

hanna- no zayn is

Zayn smiled

Olivia- how many times do i have to tell you girls its my birthday i decide Niall wins

We ended up getting into an argument about whos the best the boys couldnt help but laugh,

time to put Kayleigh under the spot light

Grace - Kayleigh you decided whos best

she blushed we all knew she likes harry even if she denies it

Kayleigh - well i dont know you all good

we all laughed and harry smiled, she will say she likes him before we leave even if i have to force it out of her

Hanna- Rate Harry out of 10

Ha this will get her, Harry looked at her expectantly

Kayleigh - err well you can sing but your not the best guy in the world

little liar - you can see the disappointment in his face

Grace - well with all the pictures on your wall of him id say you choose 11/10

she glared at me blushing, i smiled back out of the corner of my eye i could see a small smile creeping onto Harry's face


Olivias P.O.V

 To be honest i have forgiven niall its not his fault, they must have thought we would scream and go nuts, Hanna and Grace have forgiven them and so has Jo but Kayleigh is putting up a fight, as usual, we all know she likes Harry its getting her to admit it thats the problem

Hanna - i have to agree with Grace there oh and dont forget the drawings in your books and journals

i didnt know she drew pictures of him but i swear she doesnt have pictures of him on her wall! i shot them a questioning look and they gave me a 'just play along' look, i smiled to myself what are best friends for eh?


Harry's P.O.V

Well this is interesting, they all say Kayleigh has pictures of me on her wall and in her journals, she doesnt look happy with her friends

Kayleigh - no i dont i would never want him anywhere

I really hope she didnt mean it

Harry - well i wouldnt want to have pictures of you anyway

and with that i turned my head away from her and began talking to Zayn, Hanna was giving me weird looks and Grace was talking to Kayleigh behind, i knew she was still next to liam, i have to sort this out, i turned to face her my face deadly serious

Harry- Rate liam out of 10

everyone went quiet we all looked at Kayleigh waiting for answer please let it be a lower number, she looked at liam who was looking at his fingers

Harry - well? She looked at her feet before speaking quietly

Kayleigh - less than you

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