Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


6. Awkward Situation

Nialls P.O.V

Im a genius, it was my idea to play truth or dare, so far ive got 3 kisses one from Hanna and 2 from Liv, Louis has had 2 kisses and hugs from Grace, Zayn has had 5 kisses from Hanna and only 2 were dares, liam has had hugs from all the girls and a kiss from Liv, and Harry has had a hug from Hanna, its been mostly dares with only a couple truths

Niall - right i think we need to do some serious truths now

Louis - i agree Grace- whos turn was it last

Hanna - mine

Niall - ok so Hanna calls the shots

Olivia- oh dear

we all laughed

Hanna - i wont be that mean i promise

She looked around i had a funny feeling she was going to question Harry or Kayleigh about their little fling they have

Hanna- Liam Or not Hanna- how do you feel about Kayleigh?

Everyone looked at Liam waiting for an answer, you could tell he was having a long think

Liam - well i suppose....shes pretty and has an alright personality

Kayleigh - you think im pretty? Oh dear Harry wont like this

Liam - well yeah, there are many girls that look worse Harrys fist clenched but i think only me and Liv noticed it

Kayleigh - okay then i have to admit there are girls miles prettier than me

Harry - arent

Kayleigh - what?

Harry - nothing

Harrys fists were still clenched as much as i love this gave i dont want the band in arguments

Niall - okay next question

Louis - yup liam your mark Liam thought then turned to Kayleigh

Liam - Kayleigh how do you feel towards Harry

Oh no this is going to end in tears or broken bones, we all looked at her, and she looked at her friends as if asking for help, they recoginsed this little plea and came to her rescue

Hanna - why does it matter

Liam - i had to answer mine

Grace - doesnt mean she has to say at the moment

Olivia - and besides you didnt have to answer

Jo - yeah you kinda chose to

Kayleigh - ill answer its okay

We all looked at her, im surprised shes going to answer 

Kayleigh - i fell that i like harry as a mate

Harry looked at her with a blank expression

harry- a mate?

im going to be thinking this so many times but oh dear again

Hannas p.o.v

I dont think ive ever seen one of my friends in an awkward situation like this so time to save her again

Hanna- look everyone shut up, its Kayleighs decision if she wants to say anything just leave it at that Now Kayels no arguing and come over here and sit now!

She came and sat between me and Liv and everyone drifted off into their own little conversations so i could have mine without anyone listening

Hanna - so little miss liar, how do you really feel for sir curls over there

She blushed at the sound of his new nickname

Kayleigh - like i said i like him as a mate nothing more

Hanna - yeah yeah and i love meat!

Kayleigh - but your a veggie

Hanna- well its because we both have told lies blondie

Kayleigh - 1. your blonde too and 2. whos we? mine was the truth

Hanna- yeah sure and i love sprouts

Kayleigh - but you-..

Hanna - shh look what im trying to say is you like harry, and jo likes liam you just dont know it yet

Kayleigh - i dont Hanna- seriously your the worst liar ever

Liams p.o.v

I cant believe i said that i do like her but i think i like jo too, actually i like them both, oh gosh, well Harry is bound to get the girls anyway he always does so if i speak to Kayleigh i better keep the volume minimum or Harry wont be happy

Liam- do you hate me?

Kayleigh - no course not why would you think that?

Liam - well you know...

Kayleigh - no im blonde i dont know

Liam- never mind then

Kayleigh - okay

She shivered, wait shes cold.. er not good, thank god im wearing a hoodie, i took it off and gave it to her, she looked at me and smiled accepting it and putting it on, it was massive on her which was quite sweet she tucked it over her legs so she was fully covered, she put both of her arms around one of mine and whispered

Kayleigh - thank you

Liam - its okay you need it more than i do Oh gosh, what can i do i am falling for Jo but then theres also Kayleigh, to be honest i think she suits Harry

Harry's p.o.v

She took his jacket! and shes actually wearing it and gets got her arms around his! i cant believe it, i cant believe myself though im acting like im with her, i feel like i have to protect her, everyone is falling asleep , Olivia, Niall Grace Louis Zayn Hanna Jo and Liam have literally dropped off time to ask Kayleigh a question

Harry - do you prefer liam?

Kayleigh let go of Liam and turned to me

Kayleigh - cant you to get over the fact i want you both as mates

Harry - okay fine theres no point pushing her cause it will make her more angry

Harry- goodnight she looked at me and smiled

Kayleigh - night Harry

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