Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


22. At least she's free now

Harry's P.O.V

The conference went quite slow without Louis or Kayleigh around, i sighed as we kept being thrown random questions, eventually Simon walked and told everyone they gotta go, it took a while for everyone to get their stuff bur we were allowed to leave straight away, we went out of the door and came in and out into the corridor, Niall hugged Olivia and Zayn lowered Hanna onto the floor so she could calm down, the press asked her proper personal questions, Grace was pacing about trying to contact louis, Liam was talking to some people and trying to get us a week off so i should try and call Kayleigh,

i pulled out my phone and called her at least 10 times but every time i got the same response.Voicemail, i sighed as i slunk to the floor and the others did the same

Grace - can you get hold of Kayleigh?

i shook my head

Harry - no what about you? is louis answering?

Grace - nope

Hanna - maybe hes taken her somewhere to calm down, you know how much he cares for her

Harry - but he would have text me or Grace by now

Grace - exactly, but maybe he didnt want to get distracted by us and he wanted Kayleigh to tell him whats wrong without distractions

Niall - well we cant really do much at the moment without them

Liam - we could go back home

Olivia - how will they get back?

 Liam - when they are ready they will call us and we can get them

Hanna - what if they have taken one of the cars

Liam - well we dont know until we look so lets go see we nodded and stood up and walked to the cars where they are supposed to be, Zayns was there but Louis' wasnt

Olivia - see? maybe hes taken Kayleigh home for a rest

Harry - yeah

as much as i wanted to believe this i had a funny gut feeling she wasnt with him

Harry - im going to walk back home

Niall - why?

Harry - theres not enough room, and it wont take that long and i need to clear my head

they nodded and Grace grabbed Liams arm

Grace - we will get the bus

i nodded and thanked them, as much as i would love the company i wanted to walk alone and think about everything, did Kayleigh really mean that?

Nialls p.o.v


we all watched as harry turned and went home with his head hanging poor guy, i wish i could do something, wait maybe i can, i know me and Kayleigh arent like her and lou but i suppose she'd talk to me, i pulled out my phone and to my surprise after ignoring everyone else she answered, but didnt talk just listened so i took a deep breath and walked away from the others

Niall - hey


Niall - look i know your not going to talk cause your stubborn like that and i know that when things are wrong the first people you would turn to is Louis and i know its completely weird but i was wondering if you wanted to talk to me? nothing,

i was about to speak when i heard a small reply

Kayleigh - yes

i jumped but remained silent, she did talk! i calmed down and carried on speaking to her

Niall - where are you?

Kayleigh -...i cant say

Niall - okay wanna meet up?

Kayleigh - yes.

i smiled to myself, i think we are going to become closer

Kayleigh - the park please

Niall - now?

Kayleigh - yea and hurry

Niall - im hurrying

Kayleigh - ok bye

Niall - bye

she hung up and i was about to run over to the others who were calling me over to tell them about Kayleigh accepting my call and i was meeting her but then i remembered she hadnt answered theres, so i walked over calm and casual

Olivia - who was what

Niall - who was who?

Olivia - who you were on the phone too

Niall - parents oh and im going to get the bus back

Olivia - bad news at home

Niall - yeah kinda so im going to take the long way

Olivia - okay im here if you wanna talk love you

Niall - love you too

As soon as i reached the park i pulled out my phone and sent a text to Kayleigh

Niall - where are you?x

Kayleigh - swings xx

i put my phone in my pocket and ran to the swings, true to her word she was on the swings gently rocking back and forth, i jogged over and sat on the swing next to her, i looked around and there was a man walking his dog and two old people walking and a lady reading a book on the bench, no screaming girls, i smiled as i realised we just look like two average people on the swings, then i remembered what i was supposed to be doing

Niall - so do you mean what you said?

Kayleigh -...yeah

Niall - so were never going to see you again?

Kayleigh - thats the plan


Kayleigh - No buts Niall i have to go, i told louis this and im telling you, i cant stay

Niall - oh...ok i understand

she looked up at me her eyes had obviously let out alot of tears but she was trying to keep them in for me

Kayleigh - you do?

niall - yeah, the pregnancy the bands split and everythings flying out of control and you need a break

Kayleigh - a never ending one

i sighed 

niall - yes never ending

she stood up and smiled, she actually smiled theres something i havent seen in ages, i stood up and we hugged

Kayleigh - I knew you would understand

Niall - you did?

Kayleigh - yes you were the one i wanted to speak to

Niall - really?

she laughed

Kayleigh - yes thats why i answered your call

Niall - you saw the others?

Kayleigh - of course, i never let my phone out my sight

Niall - true

Kayleigh - i just thought after lou leaving me you would be the next to believe me

Niall - well i try

Kayleigh - thank you niall...for everything it means alot

i smiled

Niall - thats okay

she gave me a last hug before turning and walking away, i turned to walk away but before i began i turned quickly

Niall - Kayleigh!

she turned

Kayleigh - NIALL!

Niall - what are you going to do?

she let out a whistle and a horse appeared behind it, i stared in shock and walked over to it as she hopped on its back

Kayleigh - i think im sorted i laughed

Niall - your full of surprises you know

she laughed i smiled as she gave me a wave and i waved back, and then the horse began galloping odd, i stood there and watched her disappear in the sunset, i smiled and began the short walk home, at least shes free now!  

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