Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


14. Argument

Well it turns out Jo isnt with Liam, she is now going out with Josh Devine the drummer, dont think liams to happy though.

Nialls P.O.V

Everything will be a bit easier now we have swapped numbers the press were trying to get an interview but our tour direction came up

T.D- weve called for a limo, its downstairs, take the girls home and get some rest

We all lived in the same house, no adults, it was amazing, i dont want the girls to go back to theirs, i want them with us, we all went downstairs and squeezed in the limo Grace and lou were holding hands so were Hanna and Zayn instead those two were being affectionate, i had my arm around liv.

Unfortunately Jo had gone off in another car someone came to pick her up, i think it was Josh, but all i know is Jo was going to see josh for a while so we may not see her for a bit which is upsetting.

Liam was on the phone and kept glancing at Kayleigh, i felt sorry for him, he really liked her although so did harry, i decided to text zayn to wind him up

To: Zayn

Get a room!!

i pushed send and a few seconds later zayns phone went off, he pulled off Hanna and checked it and laughed and began to reply

From: Zayn

Coming from you! look at liam he looks proper :'(

we ended up having a interesting convo now and then hanna would try and look but he wont show her

Niall - i know he liked her

Zayn - but so does Harry

niall - what about jo?

Zayn - i heard she got with Josh thats why she isnt here now

Niall - oh! do you think shes better with liam or harry

Zayn - i dunno you?

Niall - same she looks good with harry but its tearing liam apart,

zayn- we can all see that by now hanna was getting a bit annoyed,

i gave him a quick nod and he smiled put hos phone away and turned back to Hanna, suddenly the limo came to a stop and the door opened to reveal our chauffeur, he helped up out and Liam went straight inside, Hanna and Zayn stood there having 'fun',

Harry and Kayleigh walked up the path slowly, holding hands, whilst i grabbed Olivia by the waist and she giggled, i was about to kiss her then i realised only 7 of us got out, i let go of Olivia and peeked through the window, and saw Grace and Louis in the middle of a make-out session, i pulled away and ran over to Liv

Olivia - what was that about

Niall - Louis, Grace dont go near the car. Scarred for life, enough said.

we both laughed and she linked her arm through mine and we began walking up to the house

Zayn's P.O.V

When we all were sitting down in including Grace and Lou, we all sat in silence, the liam stood up

Liam - im going to bed night we all said night except harry who sort of grunted when liam left Kayleigh jumped off harry and he stood up and faced her

Kayleigh - what was that about

Harry - what?

Kayleigh - everyone else said night and you said nothing

Harry - i grunted bad move

Kayleigh - oh cause that means so much

Harry - yeah it does

Kayleigh - it means that much to you

Harry - yes

Kayleigh - fine well then concentrating on my friends means ALOT to me too

She stormed over to Liv and niall and sat in between them

Kayleigh - jesus why am i always interrupting you two? im so sorry

Harry - fine

he said back down his face red with anger but me and the boys could tell he was more upset for fighting, and Kayleigh looked the same, we sat there in an awkward silence til good old Lou broke it

Louis - who wants pickled tea?

We all stared at him

Louis - carrots?

 we continued staring, Niall started talking and then we all slowly joined in, except Kayleigh and Harry, then Kayleigh stood up

Kayleigh - im getting a bit tired now can i go to sleep?

Louis - i will show you the guest room

she forced a smile and him then followed him out, harry tried to say goodnight but she ignored him before Hanna went and sat next to him

Hanna - give her time to calm down

He nodded and a tear fell down his cheek

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