Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


23. 3 years Later

3 years later


Louis' p.o.v


ok as much as Kayleigh might have annoyed me but i did miss her, we all do, its been 3 years! 3 long years, if she had kept the baby it would have been born ages ago and it would be happy and healthy, Hanna, Jo, Grace and Olivia continued to support us and watch our concerts Me Harry Liam Niall and Zayn ran off stage after waving at the audience, we had just finished another concert, there are all nice but i do which we had Kayleigh here with us, all the others miss her, Harry was terrible at first but now they have all moved on, its like im the only one that hasnt given up on the fact that one day, any day she will return and we will be a family again, we were greeted by the girls, towels and bottles of water, we all walked backstage all the girls became part of our touring team when they split up

Grace - right you have 30 minutes to get changed and sorted then you have to meet and greet

Grace became our clothes designer, and she also had Jo helping her out

Grace - go!

they all nodded and rushed off pulling the girls along with us, we reached the stairs, we had three flights of stairs we were about to start but the girls all sat down on the floor

Niall - what are you doing?

they pointed to their shoes, they had heels on, we paid them to put heels on cause we know how much they hate em, harry tried them on once and instantly fell over

Grace - im not moving

Louis - take them off

Olivia - feet will get cold

Zayn - we will carry you

Jo + Hanna - oh no you wont

a few months after Kayleigh left the doctors rang asking if Hanna could go for an operation she went and we were so close to losing her but she fought through it and is on the slow road to recovery, yes as you can guess as soon as she found out she instantly wanted to do things for herself again, she refused to use lifts, she will walk, she wont let people give her piggy backs, she'll run, she refused order food, she'll cook and nearly burn the kitchen down, and we all sighed

Harry - well theres a lift over there they stood up

Grace - lets go

we all walked over and liam pressed the button, usually people would have taken this time to enter but we all stood still, last time any of us went in a lift we all met each other, but last time with had Kayleigh with us, a few seconds later we stopped and looked confused

Liam - we cant be there already

zayn - that was fast suddenly a door opened and a young woman was holding a baby, she was wearing white ripped skinny jeans and a jack wills jacket, just like Kayleigh used to, she had her blonde hair held up in a high ponytail, her fringe was half over her eyes and pushed it back quickly, her face was priceless as she stood trying to take in who we were she looked down

?? - sorry ill get the next one we all nodded except harry who grabbed her arm

Harry - theres space for you, you know

?? - yeah but then it will be a squeeze

Harry - so?

he winked and she blushed, i sighed and shook my head as i realised that no one other than me had realised who it was.

Harry - come on it will be fine

she nodded and he helped her in grabbing her by the waist for his so called 'support' the lift doors closed and Zayn pushed a button, i turned to Niall

Louis - push another button

niall - why? i moved out of his way and looked at the blonde girl who entered the lift

Louis - time to relive

everyone looked confused but she smiled and smiling back i began pushing random buttons, Grace tried to stop me but i carried on

Grace - what are you doing? we will get stuck again, and what do you mean re-live?

she paused then turned to the blonde, everyone looked at her as it finally clicked

Grace - Kayleigh Is that you?

everyone gasped when they realised, she looked to the floor and bought her baby closer

Harry - Kayleigh ?

Niall - Kayleigh ?

Zayn - Kayleigh ?

Liam - Kayleigh ?

Hanna - Kayleigh ?

Jo - Kayleigh ?

Olivia - Kayleigh ?

Louis - finally

i sighed deeply and they laughed and Kayleigh looked up

Kayleigh -hey

before any of us could say anything the lift jolted and stopped, Grace looked at me with a raised eyebrow

Louis - what? the moment needed it

she shook it off and turned to Kayleigh who was in the corner hugging the baby tightly

liam - is that the baby

she looked at him and nodded

Niall - can we see him or her?

she looked at niall and smiled

Kayleigh - its a boy

he smiled as she passed the boy to him,niall took him and held him close, Olivia and Hanna stroked the baby's face awwing, harry turned to her

Harry - whats his name?

Kayleigh - edward

Harry - thats beautiful

Kayleigh - i named it after his daddy

Harry - me?

Kayleigh -Whats your full name? 

Harry - Harry Edward Styles

Kayleigh - see?

he smiled and pulled her into a hug, and held on to each other, he kissed her gently on the head and a tear fell down his cheek, they pulled apart and she turned to Niall

Kayleigh - hes a trouble maker, just saying

Olivia - like his daddy then

Harry let one hand off Kayleigh and gently shoved Olivia, we all laughed and Niall gave the baby back to Kayleigh, she took him and pulled him closer, the baby was just waking up, Harry leaned over her staring down at the baby, his boy, Edward smiled as he looked up and saw Harry and Kayleigh smiling down at him

Kayleigh - say hello eddie

edward - eh oh

we laughed and awwed

harry - hes perfect

Kayleigh - yes, and hes yours

she looked at him and they remained eye contact for a while until she turned back to him

Kayleigh - wanna hold?

Harry nodded and Kayleigh passed him over, Harry rocked him gently as he smiled a tear fell down his cheek on the baby's face,Kayleigh wiped it away and stroked Edwards face

Kayleigh - thats how i felt

Harry smiled and looked up at her

Harry - has he been christened?

Kayleigh - not yet will be soon

Harry - you wanna get him christened then?

Kayleigh - yeah is that a problem?

harry - no i wanted him to have it done

Kayleigh - good be there then?

Harry - will do

they smiled and looked at their boy, i decided to sit down and everyone did the same before harry looked up at me

Harry - wanna hold

i nodded and he passed Eddie on me and i pulled him into my chest, he instantly began tugging my shirt, i smiled and he smiled back, he had two front teeth, i laughed slightly as i stroked his cheek he grabbed my finger in his tiny hands and began waving it about like most babies do, i eventually let him go and passed him on to Grace, we all had a hold before he returned to Harry who held him proudly, Kayleigh put her head on his shoulder and sighed

Zayn - so how have you been?

Kayleigh - recently?

zayn - yeah

Kayleigh - well i work at a horse riding club teaching younger ones how to horse ride

Niall - that explains the horse she laughed and he joined in and we looked confused

Harry - what are you on about?

Kayleigh - never mind

Niall - it did look cool though

Kayleigh - i was training it

Niall - it behaved

Kayleigh - true

they started laughing and i sighed looking at my watch 11:35pm

louis - maybe breaking the lift was a bad idea

Grace - really? it did a lot of good 

Louis - snappy

she sighed and turned away but leant back on me, i put my arm around her and we sat in silence for a few minutes

niall - so

zayn - here we go again

louis - relax i got it covered i pulled out my phone

louis - oh look signal

Kayleigh - i like this life

Liam - me too t

hey smiled at each other and i called our tour groupies they answered and we explained the situation that we were stuck in a lift....again they were shocked about Kayleigh but agreed to come get us, we all waited for an hour before we heard banging on the door, i looked around and everyone got up except Harry and Kayleigh who were asleep on each other so i bent down to their level

Louis - Kayleigh?

i shook her and she stirred waking harry to, they looked up and stood up, harry still had hold of eddie as the doors were forced open and the tour people stood laughing, we walked out and harry had his arm around Kayleigh and the other holding Edward, the tour people went over to Kayleigh and started looking at the baby

Liam - so you coming home with us?

she thought about it and looked down, harry let his arm slip off her , she looked up, and her eyes looked at all of us, she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me neck, and i pulled her in for a hug

Kayleigh - your the best brother ever louis

i smiled

Louis - your welcome

Kayleigh - i wanna stay with you harry and eddie

louis - your staying then?

Kayleigh - yeah

i smiled as we pulled apart and she walked over to harry he pulled her close and rested her head on his body

Harry - you coming home?

Kayleigh - yeah

he smiled and gave her a kiss

harry - lets go

she nodded and they began walking the three of them Harry Kayleigh and Edward

louis - there they go, the three styles

Grace - Kayleigh isnt a style

i turned to her and then to the small figures of Kayleigh and Harry, they were holding hands and Harry was carrying eddie in his other arm

Louis - trust me she will be

they smiled and nodded and we slowly walked after them, she may not be a style yet to everyone else but to me Harry's already planned the wedding!

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