Our Summer Stuck In A Lift With One Direction (Completed)

This story is about 5 girls who end up getting stuck in a lift with one direction,and they all spend the summer together! Who does Liam chose when he falls for 2 girls in the end? Or Will Jo move on?


1. Broken

Kayleighs P.O.V


I know most people will think i'm mad but i've never really liked the band one direction, yeah i suppose they can sing and Harry is kinda cute but no they're not the best, my name is Kayleigh and i have 4 best friends. Olivia and Hanna would go head over heels for them, Grace and Jo, not so much. Hanna likes Zayn, Olivia likes Niall, Grace Likes Louis and Jo likes Liam, i suppose i kinda like Harry just not a lot?


So me jo and Grace were getting dragged towards the lift to go and see one direction on the X Factor tour we all managed to fit in cause it was surprisingly big I was wearing my purple jack wills jacket blue top, white skinnys and nude ballet flats with a black handbag. Hanna was wearing bright blue skinny jeans a red top and a New Look white simple jacket, no one bothered with a bag they shove everything in mine! Olivia was wearing her new Maxi dress we all bought her for her birthday, it is a halter style and went down just below her knees, she had black flats on. We put grace in bright green skinny jeans and a purple jacket with a white top and flats, we refuse to go in heels as we are all clumsy and will fall! Olivia - Oh my gosh i'm so excited i cant believe it this is the best birthday present ever Grace - i know right louis will look the best Hanna- no no no lou will look good but zayn will look AmaZAYN!


as they got into another argument over who looked the best (i lost count at how many times this has happened) all i could do was wish this night was over, i wanted to go and watch the pact a new horror film! Suddenly the door lift opened to reveal 5 good looking boys stood there they looked familiar i just dont know where from, i looked at the others to see if they had recognized them but they had their mouths open with day dreamy eyes.


The first one looked the oldest he had dark brown hair and blue eyes, he had a striped shirt on with braces/suspenders and had bright blue trousers on with TOMS The boy next to him looked similar but his hair was lighter and shorter he was wearing a checkered shirt and a pair of jeans, he also had a black hoodie that was too big for him The boy next to him had light brownish hair full of blonde highlights slightly spike wearing light blue jean shorts with a half buttoned up baby blue shirt The boy next to him was most tanned, his hair was fully black spiked up, he looked like a model wearing his trackies and a plain get top, i could see out of my eye that Hanna had her guy! the last boy was the one that caught my eye he had dark brown curly hair and a big grin revealing his dimples which made him look cute, he obviously liked jack wills too, he was wearing a purple jack wills hoodie and jeans he must have noticed me staring because he winked at me!


Liams P.O.V


I couldnt believe my sight me and the boys ran away for a laugh and now were standing infront of 5 beautiful girls, the blonde one next to me looks the sweetest but harry will hit on her first, i also like the girl next to her though she also had blonde hair and had a nice smile. I cant believe were in a lift together, im nervous because its an awkward silence, i hope one of the boys do


Harry's P.O.V


This is slightly awkward situation that girl likes Jack wills i recognised the logo on her Jack wills jacket, i dont think they recognize us or if they do they are good at acting or they arent screaming girlie fans. i cant stop looking at the blonde one on the right, i wanted to say something to break the silence but i dont know what to say Louis -well can someone say something? this is getting boring i actually love this guy this might be the part where we get to find our their names so thanks to Louis we all got introductions i found out their names i dont think they know who we are


Kayleigh's P.O.V


I leant back against the lift side, there names, they said their names were Liam Louis Niall Harry and Zayn. they are pulling our legs cause thats what one direction are called. but they cant be can they? i felt my legs give way making me sit down

'Grace - you okay?' i nodded im pretty sure they didnt believe me and hanna slumped beside me

Hanna- spill the beans and tell me whats wrong I looked at her then the other girls i gave the boys the 'i know who you really are' look, they looked worried, Liam recognised this and put one finger on his lip this confirmed it. i looked at my knees i was in the same lift as one direction


Zayn's P.O.V

Thank god, well i should thank Louis as it was his idea to run away form the make up artists he suggested we go muck about with the lifts and i was the one that didnt want to go, now 5 girls are in the lift i take back every word! Ive bagged Hanna, she looks perfect which i should also thank louis, i cant wait to find out more about her, i cant concentrate her hair, eyes and smile...wow

Hanna -ZAYN! She snapped her fingers in my face crap, i was day dreaming

Niall - its okay Hanna he day dreams when he sees a girl he likes He winked at me and i glared at him hoping she wont get what he meant.

Hanna- you like me? Crap she got it, i nodded slightly,i blushed so i had to turn away gosh niall was going to pay for that, i think he likes

Olivia because he cant stop looking at her, but im not going to say anything yet just incase he doesnt like her in that way! Although Kayleigh knows who we are, liam told her not to say a word, and she hasnt so thats good! i turned around and saw hanna smiling


Hanna's P.O.V


OMG he likes me a gorgeous guy likes me, hold on you have damn...crap!

 Zayn - so you single? I looked around to see Olivia in the corner talking to Niall you could tell she adores him, Grace and Louis were giggling in the corner, Harry was hitting on Kayleigh, she is so stupid she doesnt know when someone is doing it thought, and liam and jo are having a normal conversation. oh wait i forgot zayn i looked back at him, oh god he said something and i forgot

hanna - sorry what did you say i sorta zoned out

zayn - doesnt matter something stupid I wonder what he said i hope hes single


Olivia's P.O.V


Niall is so sweet although i recognized the name i mean his face, hair, voice oh god im dreaming too much, ive got niall on the brain, wait what one am i on about? obviously the gorgeous one infront of me, what other nialls are there? oh yeah the one in one direction, but hes not as lush as this one


Nialls P.O.V


Sometimes i hate being famous it puts so many things on hold and difficult to get, if i was going to date Olivia then she would get more press attention and she looks like a shy one or she wont like or want press attention. Although we have to be careful considering Kayleigh knows who we are she didnt say anything to the girls, i think, they had a little whisper session a few seconds ago but none will say what they said but while they talked we boys bagged our girls with a few small disagreements.


Louis' P.O.V


I am the most geniusest genius that you can ever meet, it was my idea to run and muck with the lifts and now the boys were secretly thanking me!


Louis - so i believe a thank you is in order

niall - 110% thanks lou

zayn - agree

Harry nodded

Liam- no signal and he pulled out his phone

harry - im fine without signal as long as ive got you he gestured to kayleigh she gave him the wierdest look meaning 'back off'

kayleigh - i would pay a million pounds for you not to say that again i am really clever

Hanna -so what are you guys doing here? seeing cher or something? we all looked at eachother and kayleigh laughed we all knew why, we told them our names and they had seen our faces and heard us but they havent recognized us only Kayleigh, that must mean they werent here to see us

Louis - so do you have any boyfriends? they all exchanged looks

Joanna - we would rather not say at this moment considering we know you Olivia - yea for all we know you could be really fit mass murderers Niall laughed, he obviously likes her, his face lights up as soon as he looks at her

Niall - im pretty sure were not mass murderers

Zayn - were the sort of guys who will save you!

Liam- were like supermen i had to laugh, i always think im superman Liam was on his own whilst Jo was talking with Louis and Grace laughing along, i told liam to sit down, and he slid down beside me we were really close i wrapped my arm around him and put my head on his shoulder.

Harry had enough and went over to speak to Jo quietly and sometimes they would glance over. I looked at liam and he looked down at me i smiled and he smiled

Liam - will you tell me if youve got a boyfriend or are you agreeing with your friends

Kayleigh - well they are my best mates but im agreeing with them

he looked downhearted

Kayleigh - if i said i will think about it will it make you feel better?

he smiled

liam - 100%

kayleigh - then ill think about it

we both sat there smiling

hes so beautiful


yes he is he has gorgeous eyes

no i dont like liam!

jo likes him i cant do that!

yes you do you love him!

no im not i will never fall in love again!

forget your ex hes a stupid guy

no he wasnt i dont like liam

see i didnt think about him then and you still thought about him, face it liam is yours but hes famous

kayleigh - what would you say if i asked if you had a girlfriend

liam - i would say no?

kayleigh- oh well i think jo likes you

liam - well are you going to ask me?'

Kayleigh - fine Liam do you have a girlfriend?

Liam - no i do not

he smiled

 Kayleigh - oh thats okay because im single too we both smiled and harry looked at me when i said that

Grace's P.O.V

Louis was halfway through a joke when harry sat but Jo and us lot

lou - you okay man? tell your bromance bro

Gosh hes so cute i moved louis head so he could see Liam and Kayleigh together, having a small chat!

harry- i dont like her like that im not interested

Louis- your nose is longer than the carrot i ate earlier Harry looked embarrassed

Harry - okay so i wasnt joking, i told her but shes with Liam now

Joanna - she knows i like him she wouldnt do that maybe shes being frie-...crap! louis smirked

joanna - i cant keep my mouth shut can i ?

we shook our heads and made sure liam wasnt listening he moved turning around pushing a button on the panel, one day that thing will break because niall and zayn kept slamming them as fast as they could

Harrys P.O.V

I cant believe it i knew she didnt want to be with me, i was pushing the buttons on the lift, i could feel myself hitting them harder thinking about Liam, i felt a hand on my shoulder i turned to see Kayleigh stood there, i looked over her to see Louis Grace olivia and Niall trying to get me to talk to her properly, Hanna and Zayn were chatting away and Jo went over to speak to Liam I looked back at Kayleigh, i really liked her but i cant hate her shes so... BANG!

The lift jolted to a stop and the lights began to flicker it took me a few minutes to see Kayleigh cuddled into me and my hands around her protectively

Louis- What the hell was that?

he had Grace on his lap she must have jumped half a mile

We kinda ignored that making sure we were all okay, but the lift isnt, its not moving, i can feel Kayleigh shake, shes so cold i pulled her closer hope she wont kind. Grace climbed off Louis and sat beside him, Louis is holding Grace and she is holding Olivia and Niall and Zayn and Hanna were together in the corner huddling, Liam and jo were holding hands holding each other scared. We settled on the floor and decided on one thing, the lift is broke and were all stuck in a lift together, with 5 beautiful girls and there stuck in a lift with one direction!

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