The Blackout Competition

this is a shorter version of the blackout i have entered into the northumbria competition


3. the blackout


7th June 2014 9:00pm

He pushed the door open. Music blasted out, people were chatting and dancing from floor to ceiling, a huge buffet table sat at the side full of pink grapefruit punch, chocolate moulded into rabbits, sandwiches etc.

Then he saw her, she stood up on the high stage and spoke. She gave a speech thanking everyone for coming, and then she said 4 words that would change her life forever.

The man took out his phone and typed 1 word, ‘NOW’. The light suddenly turned off and screams where heard from every corner of the room. Then suddenly a faint light appeared, the front door was open and there was a silhouette of a person dragging what seemed to be another person.

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