The Hidden World

Jason is just an ordinary, lazy, underachieving college student with nothing exiting in his life, and he likes it that way. There are no problems and no dramas in his life - and no girls either. Until one unremarkable day when he meets a mysterious red-haired girl and his entire world flips upside-down. Jason thinks he is being dragged into a world not his own, a world that he was no right or reason to be in, but he soon begins to realise that he is more tightly bound to the hidden world than he originally assumed.


2. Not who I thought I was

So, obviously, for this story to have any meaning I must have eventually met her. And I did, but not for many months. It was not until February of following year that I finally had that fated encounter, and the space of time before was not a pleasant one. As the months went by I became more and more obsessed with her, slowly become withdrawn and sullen when I realised I could not catch her. Have you ever truly believed - no, knew - something, but no matter what, no matter how hard you tried, the only truth you keep coming up with is this: you are wrong, and you are likely mad. I was well beyond the acceptance stage of my insanity - still spotting her irregularly every few days, but no longer trying too hard to catch her - when, for the first time since that November day, she came within touching distance of me. Of course, the meeting was not your average boy-meets-girl scene, but it did involve a kiss.  

I was walking into town to have - of all mundane things - a haircut, in my now usual withdrawn state that almost bordered on stupor, when a scream pierced my reverie. At the sound, some part of me  twisted, and suddenly I was no longer in control . Something deep within me, something that I did not understand, rose up at the scream, a primal, almost rage-like impulse that set my feet running in the direction of the sound before I had even fully processed it. A sound escaped my lips that never had before - a feral snarl - as I raced into an up-hill alleyway towards the cry of distress. I reached the end of the alley into a housing estate, and looked to my right, to the middle of the road where I saw... Holy- my world did a somersault, my head became light and my vision narrowed, as if I were about to faint. Standing in the road, over the body of the now unconscious red-haired girl, was what I can only describe as a monster. It was the size of a small car, a quadrupedal monstrosity that was superficially similar to a huge black panther. It had spines all along its back like a porcupine, and its head was basically a huge, oversized mouth, set with hundreds of razor sharp teeth, and a two tiny beady eyes set atop it's head. Some small part of me, buried deep now, begged myself to run away. But I couldn't, I wouldn't. The other part of me, this new side of me that was baring its teeth in a wicked grin, thought only one thing:  prey. I opened my mouth to scream in terror, but instead I shouted, my voice somehow not my own - rich, and powerful. "Hey, you stupid spiny fuck, how about you fight me?" The monster turned its almost alligator-like head, its eyes narrowing at its new foe, and let loose a terrifying growl that vibrated though the concrete. The sane part of me, the small part of me that hadn't gone totally bloody insane, fainted.


And awoke to agony and blood. I suffered a moment of disorientation and looked around. What the....  It was carnage. The monster was in pieces at my feet, literal pieces; its body broken, its lower jaw torn off and its eyes missing, gouged out. I had small cuts and scrapes all over my body, and I was bleeding heavily from a deep hole in my right shoulder. I looked down to my left fist, which was grasping one of the monster's spines, the tip covered in my blood.

"Did... Did I do this?" I stammered to myself. Then I remembered the red-haired girl and forgot my pains and confusion, and ran (limped) to her. She was still unconscious, and her only wound seemed to be a swelling on the side of her head where she must have been tossed to the ground. I leaned over her, to make sure she was breathing, and was suddenly reminded that  this was the girl. The one who had made my last few months the most confusing of my life so far, the phantom of my waking and sleeping hours. And she was real. Close up, she looked even prettier: she was smaller of frame than I had assumed, but surprisingly well muscled, not the kind of muscle you gain from the gym, but rather the smooth, packed muscle one gains from a life of constant activity. She was pale of skin, which emphasised the red of her hair and that of her lips, which were full and shapely. Then, before I even knew what I had done, in an almost instinctive reflex that I cannot describe and will not try to justify, I found my lips upon hers. I did not have any legitimate reason for doing this, and no, I'm not  that kind of person. I just did it, and it just felt... right. And that, naturally, was when she woke up. For the first instant, she responded in kind, and for a moment her closed eyes softened and the kiss deepened, my heart nearly exploding in my chest while an unwelcome lower swelling began occurring. And then she stopped, her eyes opened and she made a small noise that seemed to translate to 'nuh-uh'. I leapt away, my face swiftly reddening to match the blood stains all over my clothes. I opened my mouth to somehow explain, but all I managed was an open-mouthed gawk punctuated by an odd croaking noise, What do I say? It was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? I almost laughed at the thought, but then I saw her face, and all humour drained from me. It was fury personified. Without warning she stood and stormed over to me, barbed words tumbling from her mouth. "How- how dare you! Of all the- you stupid freaking-"

"Please no, I didn't mean to. I- " I began, but halted, What? I tripped? Yeah, right. I put hands out and began to back of off slowly, but she paid no heed. Lightning quick, her fists struck out, one at my gut, one at my temple, followed by a blinding flash of pain. I fell to the ground, darkness once again covering my sight. My only thought as I slipped into the black was this: Who the hell is she? Followed fleetingly by: What the hell am I?

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