I Fell In Love With the Neighborhood Boy

Delanie and her sister Jaidyn have just graduated from high school and decide to get their own place little does Delanie know, she lives right next door to member of One Direction and he may be the guy she ends up falling for.


1. Chapter 1



 There I was, just standing there staring at him, my boyfriend, kissing another girl. I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. We had been dating for six months. All I could do was just stare. The only words that came to me were “I’m through with you!” and then I ran downstairs and drove home.

The rest of high school had been terrible. Chad, my ex-boyfriend, had started telling everyone I was a whore. Everyone believed him; I mean he was the star quarterback of the football team. For three weeks I suffered from bullying. Because of rumors that weren’t even true. I ended high school on a bad note but now I’m ready to move on.


-1 month later-


            I had just moved out of the house into my own apartment along with my sister Jaidyn. My mom was sitting on the couch finishing the paper work for the place while movers unpacked a truck full of furniture. “Sweetie, you sure you want to do this?” mom asked. “I am absolutely positive!” I replied with a huge grin. I looked to Jaidyn and I could tell she was excited about this too. The movers had finished unpacking and mom turned in the paper work and then got dad to help put stuff where it belongs. I looked at the clock. It was about 8:30 when dad had left and then it was just us two. We cleaned the place up and then went to sleep.

            I woke up the next morning around 10 and went to the kitchen to eat. “Jaidyn!” I shouted so she’d wake up. Her room was just down the hall from mine. I heard light footsteps behind me and turned to find Jaidyn staring at me already showered and everything. “What time did you wake up?” I asked. “About 8:30. My phone rang and woke me.” She said with a tired look. “Why don’t you shower and clean up while I run some errands.” She said with a smile and grabbed the keys. Before I could reply she was out the door. I walked into my bathroom and took a fast shower. I put on a pair of bright pink Hollister shorts and a cute white tank top. I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to the door with a questioned look on my face. I opened the door. “Hi! I heard you were new in town so I brought you some brownies!” the girl said as she noticed that we were about the same age. “My names Kelsey. I live right down the street.” She said with a smile. “Hi, I’m Delanie” I replied. “Would you like to come in?” I asked her. “Sure!” she said. She came in and sat on one of the bar stools. I set the brownies on the counter and cut us two pieces. I handed a napkin to her and we both ate the brownies. After about an hour of talking, I found out that she was 19 and she had also had a terrible break up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. The door opened and we both turned our heads. “I’m back!” Jaidyn shouted not realizing Kelsey. “Oh, hello?” she said with and odd expression. “Jaidyn, this is Kelsey. Kelsey this is my sister Jaidyn. Kelsey lives just down the street and wanted to welcome us.” I informed Jaidyn. “Hi. Nice to meet you!” Jaidyn said as she set the bags of food down. “You too. Hey why don’t we exchange numbers and I could give you guys a call tomorrow, if you want to hang out?” she said as she started jotting down her number on a notepad. I wrote down both of our numbers and handed it to her. “Well see ya tomorrow!” she said as she walked outside. I went to help Jaidyn put the food away and then we went and watched movies the rest of the day.



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