Stone Cold

I wrote this ages ago and only just thought to put it on here....

This is the story of a young girl trying to rid the world of a terrible race called Glonds. The Glonds have stone skin and are mighty warriors who hav conquered Earth. Can she get the case to Frankie, the human boy who the Glonds adopted as there King, before its too late. Or will Glonds roam earth forever?


3. Stone Cold

The boy rushed over to the girl that had helped him. “Kat, hold on in there!” he cried. He picked up her rock solid body and carried her home. “Oh Frankie dear, what’s happened?” Kat’s mother asked when she saw the dead body of her daughter. Margret (for that’s what the plump woman’s name was) didn’t know of the Glonds and hopefully she never would. “How is she?” Margret asked not realising her only daughter was gone from the world of living. Frankie replied “Stone Cold”.

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