Stone Cold

I wrote this ages ago and only just thought to put it on here....

This is the story of a young girl trying to rid the world of a terrible race called Glonds. The Glonds have stone skin and are mighty warriors who hav conquered Earth. Can she get the case to Frankie, the human boy who the Glonds adopted as there King, before its too late. Or will Glonds roam earth forever?


2. Fighting For Survival

Their eyes flared as they saw her. She saw what was hidden behind them – a young boy with a large jewel around his neck. He mouthed sorry to her and looked her in the eyes. She charged. The stone skinned warriors were on her in a second. Her last action was to chuck the parcel at the adolescent boy in the seat behind the action before she was stabbed by one of the warriors. Her skin became solid and tinged with fateful grey. He opened the brown paper package and put his jewel in the case that had been hidden inside. In an instant all the Glonds on earth were transported onto their home planet at last. Their reign of terror had ceased.

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