Stone Cold

I wrote this ages ago and only just thought to put it on here....

This is the story of a young girl trying to rid the world of a terrible race called Glonds. The Glonds have stone skin and are mighty warriors who hav conquered Earth. Can she get the case to Frankie, the human boy who the Glonds adopted as there King, before its too late. Or will Glonds roam earth forever?


4. Claustraphobic

I'm not gonna die.  I'm not gonna die. I keep telling myself this in the hope that its true.  Somehow I know it isn't.  I can't move nor can I think straight.  It's like a brick wall has been put up around my mind slowly closing in on me.  I fight against it but its no use, the invincible wall keeps decending upon me.

I can't keep sitting here whilst I'm slowly being crushed.  After all my claustraphobia was gonna kick in eventually...and there it is! The walls loom over my minds eye casting a shadow of despair on me.  In a fit of rage I charge the wall.  Then another, then another.  Before I know it I'm out of control bouncing round like a rubber ball in a box.

I'm putting all my effort into it but inside I know its useless.  Inside my inside mind.  I laugh in my head at the thought.  I must be going insane; you can't laugh at a time like this. 

Then I had a thought.  In the 800m race at sports day a few years ago I had came third in the girls of my year; eighth  if you include the year above (who we were racing with).  Now to some that may sound impressive but not amazing but if you knew me you'd understand.  I'm not reallyathletic.  Scratch that I'm terrible.  But I remember sitting like a loon in the middle of the field meditating.  Yes thats right, I meditated.  I pictured a massive swirling ball of power being drawn up through my body.  I held it in my hands; the way they do in movies. Then thrust it through my chest.  It was wierd but I actually felt the power surge through me like adrenaline.  But that wasn't it, you don't get adrenaline sitting in a field.  I could picture the purple liquid heading through my veins to all the far stretched places of my body filling me with power.  It worked then so why not now.

With all my might I pictured that orb; imagined it shattering those walls.  When I looked down I saw that orb with my own minds eye.  It was so beautiful.  Its captivating colour gave me a rush of excitement as I chucked it at the walls.

They shattered into a million pieces reflecting light like glass.  My mind was free to roam the land of the living again.  Free like a bird.  Or so I thought...

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