Stone Cold

I wrote this ages ago and only just thought to put it on here....

This is the story of a young girl trying to rid the world of a terrible race called Glonds. The Glonds have stone skin and are mighty warriors who hav conquered Earth. Can she get the case to Frankie, the human boy who the Glonds adopted as there King, before its too late. Or will Glonds roam earth forever?


1. Encanto Recitiamo

Her sharp eyes stared forward at the crumbling wall.  ‘An unlikely spot for an entrance to a Glond hideout’ she thought.  Her mind ran through the likelihood of the possibility she had been deceived but quickly abolished it under the terms that her source is extremely reliable.  She quickly whispered the phrase ‘encanto recitiamo’.  The already diminishing wall crumbled away to reveal a long stone tunnel.  Cobwebs hung from the low ceiling casting creeping shadows along the dimly lit burrow.  She had to remind herself to duck as the Glond race are a lot smaller than the human race so build their ceilings vastly lower.  She stumbled through the indistinctively lit tunnel sending mice scurrying into the shadows.  Once she dropped her precious parcel creating a cloud of dust to appear furthermore resulting in her having a coughing fit.  Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.  She had only recently recovered from the meel sickness and every now and then it came back on her.  She hurriedly gathered up the parcel then checked her pocket-watch – 8:34! She only had 6 minutes or she would be late.  She scurried along the passageway almost walking into a sticky white cobweb!  Finally the light at the end of the tunnel grew until she was left blinking in the brightness while her eyes adjusted to the light.  She then stepped through an old antique door.  Awaiting her were what appeared to five statues with red glowing eyes.  Yet things are not all as they seem as in fact it was five particularly vicious Glonds. 

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