Don't leave me

Emily feels like her life is falling apart! Her best friend has become insanely interested in boys along with all the other girls but she doesn't feel anyhting and she starts wondering whats wrong with her. She just wants things to go back to the way they were and she wants to keep Lilly safe!


1. Why won't things go back to the way they were!

Dear diary,

             Lilly and I have always done everything together. We planned a future together aswell! Planning dream weddings in the same church and dream houses right next to eachother. We planned to share a little shop in Lomdon and go to the same university! How stupid can you be? I really believed all that, i thought as we gpt older nothing would change. I thought Lilly would always stick up for me and protect me. I thought we'd still dress alike and laugh when we said the same thing at exactly them same time. I thought out families would still go on holiday together but i was wrong. Again. 


Lilly smokes now. And last week she had her ginger bouncy mob of beautiful hair chopped off into a ragged, pixie look. Of course she looks effortlessly beautiful and elegent as she always has and probably always will but thats not whats worrying me. It's why she's doing it that worries me. She's doing it for Elliot. She adores him and she thinks he loves her. Dear diary this is going to sound so mean but i'm sure i saw him making out with Lindsey McFail behind the bike sheds. Of course i haven't old Lilly. She's either throw a fit, break down, or both! Whatever the outcome i just want to keep her happy! She' not eating either. She's dangerously thin! I'm worried about her diary! I have begged and pleaded ith her to eat something but she claims she is. She's not though. She's just living on cigarettes  and candy flavoured lip gloss! Even her tightest tops and apnts hand off her bony body! By accident i walked in on her the other day when she was getting changed and her ribs and spine were clearly visible. Her shoulder blades look like, well blades that are about to slice through her skin.


I don't know what to do. What with her dietng, rebelling and unawareness of her boyfriend's actions i don't know what to do! She's always been the strong one, the one making all the desicions but now it's left to me amd what with all the bulliesgetting at me wherever they can it really doesn't help! I just want things the way they were with no boys, no cigarettes and no diets! Just dolls, plaits and picnics! Why do we all have to grow up! Because even thougb Lilly has her own life i feel like she's wrenched a part of mine away from me and tossed it to the side.


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