Forgiven and never forgotten

Liam and danielle are so excited once they realize they're about to become parents. But is Danielle forgetting something, something that may change Liam's mind about being a father? It'll take a certain someone to make her remember. Follow them along in this journey of love and betrayal.


4. Who do you love ?

I knew I had to tell Liam. But I wouldn't do it alone, but with Niall. I sat in the kitchen with Liam when there was a knock at the door. "Hi Niall" Liam said while closing the front door. "I came here to talk to you and dani asked me to." We all sat in the living room, Liam in a chair and Niall and I on the couch. "Are you guys alright?" Liam asked. I felt my tears starting to form in my eyes as Niall began to speak. " Do you remember when you and Danielle had that huge fight?" Niall asked. "Yes unfortunately. "Liam said with a sigh. " Well you see...she stayed the night at my place." Liam seemed confused. "Yea I know." Liam said. Niall looked at me and then back at Liam. "We started drinking just so she could take the edge off and well..." Niall's voice trailed off. I looked at Liam and he had a look on his face, and it was then I knew he figured about what had happened between Niall and I. "What are you trying to tell me?" Liam asked his voice cracking. As I was about to speak Niall stopped me. "Liam the baby might be mine" he said nervously. Liam then let a single tear fall from his face. He stood up and looked around the room, trying to process it all. Niall stood up and walked towards him. "Liam it'll be alright" Niall began to say. Then next thing I knew Liam's fist connected with niall's jawline causing him to crash into the small coffee table, smashing the glass to pieces. I immediately got over to Niall as I saw his arm bleeding. As I was abou to wrap a towel around his arm, I was yanked off the floor by Liam. He pulled me by wrists and threw me against the wall. "How could you dani?!?" He shouted. "Liam it was a...was all I could say before it happened. I felt this burning and stinging on my face. My vision went blurry as I questioned the situation in my head. "Did Liam just hit me?" "Did I deserve it?" I stood there with my hand on my cheek and tears rolling down my face. He gave me a look and sniffled loudly. I felt my heart drop. He asked me "Who do you love?" I stood there in silence. Even though Liam and I had experienced so much, I had this connection with Niall. Liam backed away slowly with tears in eyes. His eyes said so much. They said he had been betrayed, that his heart had been ripped from his chest. He walked out and I let him. I heard the car drive away and I didn't know what to think. "Did I just lose him forever?" "Does Niall love me?" "Who do I love?"
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