Forgiven and never forgotten

Liam and danielle are so excited once they realize they're about to become parents. But is Danielle forgetting something, something that may change Liam's mind about being a father? It'll take a certain someone to make her remember. Follow them along in this journey of love and betrayal.


2. The Dance

It was the night of Louis and Eleanor's anniversary party. It was also the night I would give Liam the news, the news that would change our lives forever. "Dani come on we're going to be late!" Liam shouted from the bottom of the stairs. I stood there in my shot knee length pink dress with the one black rose pendant at the top. I wanted to look amazing tonight for the father of my child. My hair was in it's normal curls and I had my smokey eye makeup with peach shimmer gloss. "Coming li li!" I said loudly walking down the stairs. I look at Liam standing in the doorway, he looked amazing. He had a black pants on with a light grey blazer and a white shirt underneath. His hair which was recently cut frames his jawline perfectly. "You look beautiful Danielle." I loved hearing him say those words with that sweet and sensitive tone of voice. "Thanks babe, you look very handsome." I told him. We got in Liam's car and drove to the club that Louis had bought out for the night. He wanted this to be nice for Eleanor since it was there 3 year anniversary. It was very packed inside filled with our closest friends and family. "Dani!!" I hear el scream as she was running towards me. "You guys made it. " I smiled and nodded. We continued our conversation of random things. Music started playing it was but I could barely hear it. Liam walked to me and held out his hand "come on babe it's our song." he said with a grin. I listened carefully the. I realized it was I'll be by Edwin McCain which was our song. I stood up and walked with to the dance floor. We danced slowly as I rested my head in the crook of his neck. As we swayed back and forth I knew this was the moment. "Liam" I said faintly. " yea dani" he said looking at me with those big brown eyes. " I need to tell you something. "What is it?" "I'm...umm I'm.." my words stammered as this proved to be more difficult than I thought. " What dani?" I gazed at him and slowly said " Liam I'm pregnant." His eyes grew wide, then they filled with tears. "You aren't happy?" I said holding back my tears. "This is the happiest I've been since I met you." He kissed me softly. We continued to dance throughout the night. We were on our way home when Liam chuckled to himself. "What's so funny?" I asked. He smiled and said " I'll always remember tonight as the dance." I skilled at him and we drove home.
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