Forgiven and never forgotten

Liam and danielle are so excited once they realize they're about to become parents. But is Danielle forgetting something, something that may change Liam's mind about being a father? It'll take a certain someone to make her remember. Follow them along in this journey of love and betrayal.


3. I Remember

It had been two days since I told Liam about the baby. Tonight we decided to tell everyone. We had already told our parents but now it was time to tell the rest. They all sat in the living chatting about different things. "Alright everyone, we have an announcement." Liam said proudly. " What's up mate?" Harry asked. I then stood and put my arm around Liam. "Everyone, I'm pregnant." The room was silent for a moment then filled with screams of excitement from Eleanor and the boys. "I knew you had it in you liam." Harry said chuckling. I could tell everyone was happy for us but something about Niall seemed odd. After everyone started talikng again I pulled Niall into the kitchen. "Niall are you alright?" I asked. "Aren't you worried or scared?" he asked with his voice shaking. I gave him a confused and questioning look. "You don't remember do you?" he asked. "Remember what?" I asked him. "If you can't remember, then I'm certainly not going to remind you. " he said in an angry and upset tone then he stormed off. What was he talking about? What didn't i Remember? I brushed it off and then later that night as they were leaving niall was in the living room helping to clean up. I washed dishes in the kitchen when I heard Niall laugh. That laugh triggered something and it all came back. 2months ago Liam and I had gotten in our biggest fight ever. I went to Niall's becuase he's the only one I knew could help with Liam. At niall's flat we realized it was very late so I just stayed the night. We began to get close and we did have alcohol. I snapped back into reality and realized what Niall was talking about, why I should be afraid. I ran into the living and stared at Niall, while hearing Liam talking with Harry on the porch. "Dani are you ok?" Niall asked with a look of concern on his face. I stools there frozen only able to mutter the two words..."I remember."
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