Forgiven and never forgotten

Liam and danielle are so excited once they realize they're about to become parents. But is Danielle forgetting something, something that may change Liam's mind about being a father? It'll take a certain someone to make her remember. Follow them along in this journey of love and betrayal.


1. A man's sleep

“Liam….” I said quietly as I tugged on the convers wrapped around his head, “Liam…” i said a little louder, “lia—”

“WRAHHHHHH” He screamed as he flipped his body on top of mine, I fell beneath him landing in the bed of soft white sheets.

“Oh my god! That was scary!” I shouted at him as I playfully hit his bare chest with my hands, I leaned back and wiped a tear from my eye as my laughter subside, “oh god, that was scary…”

He laughed sweetly and planted a gently kiss on my cheek, “I didn’t want it to get to that but a man’s sleep is not to be played with.”

I laughed once more and placed my hands onto my cheeks puffing them up like a cute little squirrel, “sorry, but—never mind I’m not sorry, but I was getting impatient.”

He laid his body down onto mine, with his arms resting on my stomach and his chin touching the space between my bosoms,    “why were you getting impatient?” he asked as he lightly drew little hearts into my skin.

“well,” I said as I rolled my eyes, “we were supposed to go the outdoor zoo this morning remember.?”

His eyes opened wide as a shower of guilt feel onto him, “oh that’s right! I’ so sorry! I really am, please don’t be mad,” he rambled.

I reached to his mouth and gently pinched then together, “but it started raining, and they close when it rains.”

“oh, okay!” his cheeks lifted high into a smile causing his eyes to pinch together, I couldn’t take it I was melting. Why was he so cute? Why did my boyfriend resemble a cute forest animal?, oh my god why? “So what do you wanna do instead?” he asked, he leaned his head down pressing his lips onto the side of my breast, his hand crawled down to my waist slowly lifting me off of the mattress.

“well I was thinking,” I said seductively, “we take all the covers, and pillows, and cushions and we put them on the floor…”

“Oh floor, never done that before.” He said excitedly as he layered my breasts with kisses.

I smirked to myself, pleased with where this was going, “annnnd, Weplaythatgamewherethefloorislava! And build a fort!!!” I guffawed, as I rolled out from under him and dropped myself to ground as l had a laughing fit.

He leaned over the side of the bed and sighed loudly, “you know just how to bring a man down, but if building forts makes you happy let’s do it.”

“really?” I asked surprised that a 18 year old would actually like this idea.

“yeah, im totally up for it.” He smiled

“oh okay then!” lets get to it!

I Jumped up from the floor and put on a an old t-shirt as Liam began going through the linen closet taking out random blankets and pillows, and little square thingies.

He walked over to me and toke me my the hand and we walked down into the living room, “help me dishevel the furniture”

“ermmkayy!” So for a few minutes we began pushing the furniture all around the room having it evenly spaced out, when we were done he stood up on the sofa, and I stood on the leather leg rest.

“Okay!” he shouted excitedly as he threw the square thing all the way at the other end of the room beside the back door leading out to the garden.  “Whoever gets to the door first wins!” he shouted.

“wait!” I yell as hes about to jump off of the sofa casing him to fall back, I laughed as I pointed at him and chucked a pillow at his head,.

“you’re very cruel” he pointed out.

“What do we get if we win!”

He stood up and placed his hand on his hip looking extra sassy, “you get a…. A BIG ASS KISS!” he shouted.

“that sounds great!” I laughed

“AND make it all sloppy, and stuff!” he joked.

I shook my head and placed my hand on my forehead, “okay go!” I shouted

I caught him off guard and once more he fell into the sofa, I leaped off of the leg rest and onto the ottoman, “im gonna beat you !” I teased.

I then jumped from the ottoman and onto the love seat opposite from him then to the coffee table, “how are you doing this so easily!?” he asked, as he pulled his body like a slug from the sofa to the second ottoman.

“Dance honey!” I shouted, I watched as his rythemless foot swept across the floor, “Bah! You lose your foot! The floors made of lava! You only have one foot!” I laughed obnoxiously.

I made my way to stand on the small table across from a very dramatic Liam, “go one without me” he whispered quietly as he pretended run out of air, he reached his hand towards me and toke on last fake death breath.

“okay….Bye bitch!” I laughed as I turned to jumped away, but he caught me by the waist and pulled me onto the enormous ottoman,  I fell onto of him knocking the wind out of him, “opps” I said sweetly as I leaned into him and kissed him.

“hey not fair, you didn’t win…”

I rolled my eyes and laughed, “as if you were going to win??”

“you never know” he said pretending to be hurt, he sat up and I shifted off of him.

“baby, you may be all alethic and stuff but you dance like a damn elephant okay.”

He placed his hand on his chest, “okay now that’s hurtful, and you don’t know what im capable of.”

Without warning he jumped off of the ottoman and raced to the door, “haha I win!”

“What? No! that’s cheating, and plus your dead now! The lava got you.

“The lava can’t get you when you’re this cool.”

“oh god no,” I ran over to him and placed my arms around his neck, “okay mr. cool guy. You get your kiss, do your damage.” I winked at him.

“I get to kiss your lips?” he asked.

I frowned “of course dumbie.” He hiked me up onto his waist and dropped me onto the sofa.

“we played your game, its time for my game.” He said seductively as he whipped off his shirt.

“I’m so glad we didn’t go to the zoo.” I laughed

He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss, “me too!” 

Everything seemed so right with Liam. "This is so perfect just the two of us." he said with that witty

And charming smile. In my head I wondered "How do I tell him that the two of us, will soon be the three of us?
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