Look after you

Larry stylinson


1. Sleep well love

Louis P.O.V.

I was tapping the table with my finger as I looked blankly at the bedroom wall. Suddenly I heard someone ringing the doorbell. I got up from the bed I had been sitting on and rushed to open the door, because I knew who was at the other side of it. I opened the door, smiling, and said,

”Hello m-”

”Don’t”, the curly haired boy answered. His hair wasn’t though curly at the moment, since it was a downrain outside. Harry was soaking wet and I noticed he was really tired and exhausted. I was worried, and tried again,

”Harry let me get you a-”

Harry looked at me sharply,

”I said, don’t. Just – just leave me alone, Louis.” he spat at me.

I shut my mouth, realizing he was being serious. Harry pushed me out of his way and tumbled to the sofa, dropping his briefcase to the floor next to him. I looked at him for a minute, heavy-hearted. I gave up and knew that Harry wasn’t in the mood to talk, or do anything, but sleep. I went to our bedroom and got a blanket for him. I placed it on top of the boy and smiled a little, I could tell he had fallen asleep. I stroked his cheek gently,

”Sleep well, love”, I whispered quietly, placing a kiss on his forehead. I didn’t feel like sleeping, so I took a seat on the sofa that was at the opposite side of the sofa Harry was sleeping on. I looked at Harry deeply, admiring his every feature, from tip to toes. The same many thoughts were going through my head, that I had thought before. What had I really done to have someone in my life as perfect in every way as Harry? I – I didn’t even deserve him. I took my head to my hands. I loved Harry too much. I felt tears to come down my face, as I had all these thoughts in my head. I realized the day I met Harry, was the best day in my life.

”What’s wrong Lou?” I heard Harry asking. I didn’t know if I had imagined the worry in his voice or if it was real. I lifted my head and didn’t dare to look Harry in the eyes.

”It’s nothing, really. Just go back to sleep Harry, I know you’re very tired.” I said, knowing Harry noticed I had cried. He got up and came carefully next to me.

”Hey, do you expect I can just let it be when you’re crying?” he said, lifting my chin up, so that I looked into his eyes. I could hear a little concern in his voice. I looked away and shook my head.

”It’s just the fact that I will never be truly yours. I’m sorry Harry.”

I didn’t know was it because I was tired that I was so open, but i knew I wouldn’t normally say that. Harry blinked and suddenly hugged me. I responded the hug, but I didn’t really know what he meant with it, until he started to talk.

”Louis Tomlinson, you might now know this, but you are the most perfect thing in this world. No one is as important to me as you are. You don’t have a reason to be sorry. I am yours completely and always will be. I’m so sorry I ever was mad. I love you, boo bear.”

I stared at him in disbelief. I didn’t think I had ever felt happier.

”I – I love you too, Harry”, was all I could say. I hugged him tighter and didn’t move anywhere for a while. Actually, I could’ve been there until the day I died.
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