Through My Fingertips

Dakota is an orphan girl with unknown powers. She uses her powers to make a living such as robing. One night, she was seen using them. What she soon realizes is that she has become a piece on a chess board living a dangerous game.


2. Nightmares

                    She was falling- falling out of an endless red sky. The sky was so red it might have been painted with blood. Dakota felt her fear rising fast, threatening to seize her. Beneath her, she could see nothing. Her arms were stretched out, desperately trying to grab for something to stop her from falling.


                    And then she heard it. She heard them before she even saw them. There was a steady beating of a thousand wings and small bat-like creatures came at her like a swarm of bees. Coal black skin covered each limb that ended in claws. Red merciless eyes smiled at her from deformed skeleton heads. Black rugged wings sprouted out of their backs.


                    All at once, she felt their claws sink into her skin as they started pulling and ripping through the white dress she wore. She screamed and tried to hit one off her arm but more of them gathered and ripped through her skin. Then she felt a paralyzing pain as one creature sank it's teeth into her back. Like poison, she felt a dark fire burning and tearing at her from the inside.


                     Then in a second, they were all flying off her as if assessing their damage. That's when her heart stopped. Most of her skin had been clawed out but that wasn't what terrified her. Where the skin was torn open, there was coal black skin. Her skin started to peel off as if it was paper being blown away. Suddenly, there was a painful buzzing in her ears. She felt her heart beating slower and slower, each beat feeling like ice running inside her. There was a loud snap and she  threw her head back, screaming. Was it her spine? There was something inside her. It was trying to break away against the flesh of her back. Each beat of her heart made it grow an agonizing inch taller until it came out of her- black wings that were the color of darkness. And when she opened her eyes, they were filled with a bloody red color.



                        Dakota gasped as she came awake, panting and sweating in her sheets. She hurriedly took out a flashlight she kept hidden under her pillow and shone its light to her arm. Relief sank in her as she saw her skin wasn't black. It took her minutes to calm down and she gazed around her hideout. All the while she repeated to herself that it was nothing but a horrible nightmare. It had felt so real that she was shivering. Throughout the night, sleep never claimed her. She was afraid of becoming a monster.

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