Through My Fingertips

Dakota is an orphan girl with unknown powers. She uses her powers to make a living such as robing. One night, she was seen using them. What she soon realizes is that she has become a piece on a chess board living a dangerous game.


1. Nightfall



                  A freezing wind cut her face and she sank deeper in her jacket. She was wearing a black leather jacket that kept her shielded from the cold July evening. The roof she was perched on gave her a clear view of the part of the city that was still awake. She could hear the music booming from inside a club. From the position of the moon, it was two hours past midnight.

                It was taking long but Dakota knew she had to be patient. Such things took hours. You always had to plan it right. She always wanted things quick but she understood the way it worked. It wasn't her first time doing it. The rich always loved playing in the night.

                There. Her victim. Or rather, victims. She stood slowly and carefully went over to the edge of the roof watching them. There were two men. One of them was tall and muscular. He had arms that seemed like they could break her bones- which would never happen considering what she was. The other was a bit shorter and less muscular but he was wearing such fine clothes and an expensive-looking watch that she was pretty sure was meant to impress girls. And she was impressed to the point of her lips curving into a menacing smile.

                  The men turned to another alley and they were out of sight. Dakota hoped down the edge of the roof and landed gracefully on a smaller building. She ran quietly to its edge. The next building was a bit higher and she swiftly picked up speed and jumped up the building. She peeked below the roof and caught sight of them. Smiling with excitement, she stalked them like a predator stalking its prey. In one quick movement, she jumped off the edge and went straight down.

                    Dakota dropped all her weight on the rich man and heard him exclaim in pain as he went down while she rolled over to the side and caught her guard in a position like a cat. The buff man seemed shocked but caught himself and angrily came at her with a knife he pulled from his coat. She felt her powers burning in her but she suppressed them and kicked up at him that was too fast to be human. Her kick caught him to the side of his head. Had she focused her power to her feet, she would have smashed his skull. Luckily for him, she was such an angel.

                   Giving him no chance to regain himself from her kick, she jammed her elbow to the back of his neck and he sank to the ground with out another word. That was fast. Maybe she should have played a little bit more with him. Oh well, business was business.

                    The other guy was staring at her and when she turned to face him, he suddenly dashed for the knife but she was faster. Before he could even steadily point the knife at her, she kicked it and sent it flying.

                    “Bitch!” he cursed as he cradled his hand to his chest. His face was a mask of rage. Curling his hand into a fist, he clumsily punched at her which she dodged effortlessly. She knocked a hard hand to his chest and he went backwards.

                    “Me? Baby, I'm the sweetest thing you've ever seen,” Dakota grinned.

                    The man cursed again. “What do you want from me? You want my money?” He stuffed a hand into his pocket and got his wallet. He pulled out his money and in his other hand he brought out a silver lighter. He lit the money on fire. He threw it at her and the wind carried it away. It landed to the ground burning to ashes. “Go get it, psycho bi-!”

                     Before he could even finish the word, she lunged at him with inhuman speed and lifted him up by his shirt. She held him up against the wall. Shocked consumed his face. “H-How did you do that?”

                     Dakota ignored his question and she smiled her most sweetest yet sinister smile at him. “You were saying?”

                     This time, the man seemed truly afraid of her. Dakota hated the way her heart seemed to sway a little when all her victims looked at her like she was a monster. The thing was, she was a monster. She had been one for a very long time now. She wasn't sure if she even had a heart anymore. It was there alright. She could hear her own heart beating fast in her ears but she was pretty sure that was all her heart was- an empty shell keeping her alive. Love and compassion were long dead inside her. All she felt for the man was pity.

                    “Tell me, how much does that watch cost?” Dakota guessed that his watch was one really expensive one. She looked at him and smiled. He didn't have to say anything. By the way his face had turned, she knew she had guessed right. “Pick: Your life or that watch. I'll give this choice to you only once.”

He took his watch off and she brought him to the floor. Suddenly, he reached out angrily for her neck but she turned out of the way, grabbed his arm and twisted it. He cried out helplessly. She punched him hard enough to have him unconscious but breathing and he fell to the floor.

                      Dakota clapped her hands together and observed the mess she had created. She smiled, satisfied with her work. She liked her job clean and easy. She picked up the fallen watch and placed it in a pocket inside her leather jacket. Just in case she could get something out of it, she took the silver lighter too.

                      She left the scene quietly and secretly, stuffing her cold hands into her jacket's pockets. Her dark hair kept flying as she started to run into the safety of the darkness. Tonight she would sleep and tomorrow she would get her prize. Dakota would flee from the scene but never forget it. When you were as low and dirty as her, you could never really forget everything you've done. It always stayed in your mind, reminding you of the monster you really were. Even her dreams would remind her. No one knew of the power she kept and although it did show a bit in the way she focused her energy to her speed, she knew her secret would always be safe. Even the clouds had blocked the stars from witnessing another one of her horrible actions.




But one thing Dakota didn't realize was that someone had seen her.







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