Love that will last

Rose was a normal 17 year girl until she met One Direction. This was a band she has been addicted to over two years and could never get enough of them. She bumped into them in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia that and that is when her whole life changed.


1. Rose's life

Now a lot of people new Rose. She was funny, talkative, at times could be very shy, she was skinny but she could eat 24/7. But what everyone loved about her is how she knew how to live her life to fullest. She was kind of new to where she lived. (If you count living somewhere for around half a year new.) She lived in Georgia. To be more specific Ft. Benning, Georgia. Tomorrow is going to be her 18th birthday. She is very excited, she gets to spend with her friends and family, and move into her new flat she's been saving for since she was 13. Oh and one more thing about Rose she is a huge fan of One Direction. She has been ever since she's heard there first single. Shes never seen them in concert or gone to a signing but she is still a devoted fan. Defends them in every way possible. Never a day in her life would she think she would know them or even have a decent conversation with them what he doesn't know is her life is about to change forever.
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