A Box of Laughter

Just things to brighten up your day and make you laugh. Hopefully . . .

Some material not suitable for younger readers.

Leave some jokes in the comments and I might put them up and give you a mention ;0)


2. My Favourite Long Jokes

- So our house was robbed three times this year and my mam got upset and said "If they break in again, we'll have nothing left in the house" and I turned around and said, "No mam, if they break in again, we'll have to give them a frequent burglars card."

- My parents were having a debate about our faulty shower and eventually I got sick of it and told them to dry up.

- I was in a restaurant lately and I ordered a dessert and the waiter came down with a blindfolded horse and i said to him "What are you doing? I said mascarpone."

- My dad is always throwing milk and yoghurt in my face but I've gotten used to it. It happens on a dairy basis.

This next joke is one for the nerds and the science buffs out there.

- A proton, a neutron and an electron are working together in a table quiz and they get to a question that stumps them. So, after a while, the proton gets it and the neutron and the electron ask him "Are you sure?" To which he replies, "Yeah, I'm positive." So then they lose the table quiz and the electron gets really upset and won't stop sulking. Eventually, the other two get angry and shout at him, "Oh, stop being so negative!" Afterwards, the trio go out drinking and the neutron offers to pay for the round. So he goes up to order and just as he's about to hand over the money, the bartender says "No charge"

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